Monday, May 31, 2010

SDTW Comment Of The Year

An instant classic.

Fuck Your Fixed Gear Bike

I get sent emails every day for submissions and the like. 90% of which for some reason happen to be unknown rappers trying to get me to post their mixtape or some shit.

This graphic was sent to me from Irish Pat.

He said he couldn't stand fixed gear bikes.

Fair enough.

Me neither.

Well that is not entirely true. I own one. I ride it a few times a week and like Irish Pat I was of the mind set that fixed gear bikes were for hipster fuck heads.

You: "Oh my god this is like finding out Santa Claus is not real, how could you do this to us SDTW?"

Allow me to explain. I realized that disliking bikes was pretty lame after a while. I mean using that logic you could make the same argument that cars are for hipsters.

For example:

You and a friend are walking in the city and some dude with a purple American Apparel hoodie, plugs, and a "Death Before Dishonor" chest tattoo, goes zooming by while he is listening to his dubstep remix of a M.I.A album.....does it matter if that dude was on a bike or in a car?


I mean I get it dude. The whole blog culture around bikes is a little over kill. Like close up shots of bike seats and lug nuts or whatever the fuck and I can not say I am really into the videos or brands either. I just simply like riding somewhere while listening to Slayer or Madlib and scoping out the city. It beats the fuck out driving any day.

So let's be specific with our contempt my friends.

Let us not judge SOLELY by the lowest common denominator, but by very acute and specific examples of lameness. Also as a once card carrying member of the "Fixed Gear Riders Are Just Failed Skateboarders Club" I urge anyone that may have doubts about bicycles of any kind to borrow one and see what you're missing out on.

Rest In Peace Dennis Hopper

I thought instead of just doing another RIP post I would at least makes a small tribute to one of the best artists not just one of the best actors, but one of the best artists of the last century.

The dude was a beast of all media.

To this day I will watch Apocalypse Now just for his lines.

You will be missed Mr. Hopper.

Also as a bonus to all you international heads. You probably never saw these Nike commercials because they were about American Football (not*if you just called it soccer there wouldn't be all this confusion). They featured Dennis playing a crazy tripped out umpire named Stanley. That was probably my favorite Nike campaign and really just some of favorite commercials of all time.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Can't stop listening to this one.

Big L sample all day.

I Heart The Internets

Pretty much the best thing I've seen in 28 years of life.

Thx Tobler

S.D.H.C #9

Caught these "hardcore" dudes myself at a stop light earlier today.

The dude on the left saw me aiming my phone and made that face. The other dude didn't see me because he was updating his Twitter on his sidekick. Punk as fuck broooooo.

So yeah.... we got two crust punk fails here.

One with a brand new umbrella (a fucking umbrella, homie?) and the other rocking some cargo capris feverishly getting reviews from of the nearest vegan Chinese food spot on his phone.

SDTW Photoshop Skillz

I call this one Ifinessy.

Pretty clever right?

Here's why it is so clever:

1.) I am pretty sure I am the only person that has ever used this photo in a design
2.) I totally flipped the script on this shit cause it is supposed to have Oscar Wilde on his t shirt but I totally put Morrissey in the same picture on his t shirt instead
3.) I then came up with a the best name for it "Infinessy" cause like that is basically infinity + Morrissey in the same word and shit.

So fucking epic.

I am so using this design for some sick collabo.

How To Be Tight

The part where he overdubs the nerd talking to the chick.


SDTW Asks?

Why do rappers dress like assholes?

I wrote this big long rant which of course a superb case about how brilliant I am for pointing this obvious fact out to you all. It was like 6 paragraphs long and it had several convincing arguments about how mother fucking correct I am about this shit.

After reading it I realized I had in fact wasted 30 minutes of life writing about something that will never stop. So I deleted it.

Then another thought occurred to me.

No matter how "lame as fuck" these dudes dress and will continue to dress they will always have more money than me. They most likely at this very moment are getting a blowjob by some stripper from Magic City while I'm just sitting here taking a dump and getting ready to cook macaroni and cheese for lunch.

Why does God preventing me from shinin?

Is he afraid I'm gonna shine too hard on these dudes?

He is.

That's the only logical explanation.

Sunday Jam

Props to Funk Master Bonus

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Jam

The year was 1997 and I was 16 years old. My favorite things in the world were weed, skateboarding, and hip hop (in that order) and I thought this song was so awesome.

It still holds up pretty well, but sadly I have moved on from weed and skateboarding.

Well, that is not entirely true. I still skate from time to time, but not with the care free, sunrise to sunset energy I once put into it. Maybe it was because the weed made me skate better? Maybe if I smoked weed again I could skate really good? Maybe weed makes you better at everything? Maybe weed is the answer

SDTW Approves

The dudes at GetNLoose have some trippy screen prints for sale.

Apologies for the lo-res photo, but if you look close there is all kinds of shroomarific details in these things.

Check em out brahhhhhhhhhhhh

Buy Here

Thursday, May 27, 2010

S.D.H.C #8

This came in from the super duty stealth mode agent G-Wizzy.

He said he tried to get closer, but couldn't find somewhere to park to catch this tie dye utilikilt wearing embarrassment.

I really can not describe in words how much I loathe the utilikilt.

This guy was probably on his way to some sort of jester convention or some kind of fire spitting class.

I wish he was on his way to the AIDS factory.

Killa Quotes

He is but one of only a few rappers I never tire of.

"Niggas can't tell me a damn thing/look at my damn ring/Look at my damn wrist, look at my damn bitch....look at your dandruf"

Picture Of The Day

Broken record.

Don't fuck with animals.

Eat them, but don't tease them.

Jamaican Shoot Out Death Toll Rises

Not sure if anyone even bothers to follow Jamaican news, but those retards at CNN have been posting stuff on the front page every day this week which has been kind of cool.

Anyways, you can read about it below if you want, but I can sum it up pretty quick.

This dude "Dudus" who is the leader of a gang called Shower Posse (funny name, scary dudes) has been trying to avoid getting extradited to the U.S so they can charge dude for being a coke king pin or whatever. Now news is coming that the Prime Minister used the Shower Posse (still can't get over that name, but stay with me) to strong arm votes for his party during elections.

Not one single piece of this story is really anything new to Jamaica. They have been doing this same song and dance for decades.

The only reason it is making the news is because 70 people (thus far) have been killed in the shootouts between Shower Posse and the police/govt.

Anyways, Jamaica is crazy and I am never going there.

Read more HERE

2 Year Old Smokes 40 Cigs Every Day

*Update: Video code is acting up.

Watch Here

This is such bullshit.

His parents could should cut him down to one pack a day...tops.

Some people.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

S.D.H.C #7

My homie sent in a snipe of this fly ass whip in SD.

Dude has the parking lot on crumble.

S.D.H.C #6

These three gems came from new S.D.H.C member Jamie and all the email said was "Winnipeg...Canada's Asshole."

Pretty sure that is the lead singer of the 4 Non Blondes.

This is what goes for a national monument in Canada?

Dude is flying thanks to some help from everyone's friend dust.

Fat Joe Talks About Sneaker Licking

Way to go rap.

Sneaker licking.

Yeah that's what's up.

Rapcters are such a bummer it is ridiculous.


My dudes at IMNOTATOY just bodied the internet with this one.


I Heart The Internets

I thought crows preferred menthols?

Well I stand corrected.

I Heart The Internets

Get em gurlllllllllllllllllllll

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SDTW Needs

Madlib Medicine Show No.4: Chalice All-Stars CD

Ay yo someone find me a link to this shit.

I ain't got time to play patty cake with you internet.

I Heart Internets

The fact that someone opened photoshop with the intent of making this is mind blowing.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Slayer Covers Minor Threat

I knew about the "Guilty Of Being White" cover, but I did not know they covered more of MT's catalog.

Dubstep Bro

This made me honestly laugh out loud.

In fact, I would even say that this stupid meme was funnier than the last "Shadrack and The Man Dem" video. I was disappointed in those boy's latest effort. They showed so much potential.

"Bodies fammmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

Because Of Kim Kardashian

Slipknot Bassist Found Dead

This headline left me with two questions.

1.) Okay?

2.) If you have a turntablist in your metal band are you still a metal band?

Read Here

Graff Purge

My flickr account is a daily reminder of how much I suck at rap sprays.

Dudes are doing it.

Major high five to Aeon for that "bogan at the arcade" character. Shit is nasty.

I Heart Internets* Bonus

The internet is on fire right now.

I Heart The Internets

God I hope this really happened.

I Heart The Internets

Co-sign this like a mug.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

S.D.H.C #5

Was it that frequent of a problem that a sign had to be made?


Why the fuck is your baby in the bar?

Don't mess with Texas!

Sent in from my good friend C-Murder

S.D.H.C #4

And how long did it take before someone sent in another asshole in a utili-kilt?

2 fucking days. That is how bad of a problem it is here in the NorthWest.

I guess this dude "refs" roller derby games and braids his killer goatee in his spare time.

I also spot one of those healing magnetic bracelets.

S.D.H.C #3

S.D.H.C is already outing mark ass dudes in its first week.

This and #4 were sent in by someone who I have decided to call Agent Daytona. Agent Daytona works in a bar in a shit hole town where he pretends to be "genuinely" interested in how cool these dudes are and snaps photos of them.

This champion of retards (pictured above) goes by the nick name "Rhino".

So Rhino decided to get a Marc Ecko tattoo to let everyone know his nickname.

In that case you may as well get a tattoo of some dude spreading his two hole so people will know your other nickname homie.

The Rest Of The Rap Sprays Contest Designs

My bad for completely leaving you all in the dark on all the rest of the Rap Spray designs. I gathered all of them that I could find in my inbox. I decided to make them all anonymous just to prevent comment fuckery. Also some of the designs are from some pretty infamous "rap sprayers". I did however identify the worst entry.

Thanks to everyone that bothered to get awesome and send in some shit. I am still very disappointed in you lot because I "know" who all of you are who read this stupid blog and there was defiantly a noticeable absence of MAJOR talent that were on some "too cool" shit to get dumb and have some fun.

This gem (featured below) managed to only follow one of the listed rules which was someone had to be holding a spray can. Even that is suspect as it is a fucking Lichtenstein piece. So yeah Milton Glaser here, did us a double rap spray logo parody on a black tee. Thanks for that.