Monday, June 29, 2009

Visting with Unite

I stopped by to visit my long time friend and sometimes co-conspirator for all things dancehall Mr. Unite of the famous Tribe of Kings Sound. There are very few people who share all the same obsessions I do. Things like obscure 7 inch reggae records, graffiti non sense, and snapping on lame dudes, and Mr. Hugh Knight does all of those and then some.

The Arab owned liquor stores always have way better product than the usual Anglo owned and operated types. Take Bong Vodka for example. Part bottle, part bong, all vodka.

Early B cover. One of my Top 5!

Let's Chill with Frankie Paul. Or maybe not?

Easy Martin.

The original bad man.

Swap meet style dry cleaning.

One of my favorite people on planet earth. FYI that jersey is "jahthentic" if you were wondering.

Clint Eastwood

One of the best deejays to ever pick up a mic and chat.

Clint Eastwood is the wickedest.

I came up on this one when I got home. Perfect Clint Eastwood toasting over Junjo Lawes' riddims, Roots Radics on the session and a man called Prince Jammy pon the controls.

Turn up the bass and feel it.

Track List:

On The Continent
Side Kick
Sweet Sweet Jamaica
Whole Heap A Gal In A De Dance
Sex Education (Me Go Deh Already)
Blues Night
Watch Yourself Mr. Newspaperman
Lend Me Your Girlfriend
Im A Family Man


Clint Eastwood "Sex Education" Full Album

Photos of The Day by Nick McPherson

Nick McPherson is one of my favorite people on the planet. I've worked with a lot of artists/creative folks if you will, but doing projects with Nick is way better because we don't even really have to talk to each other. He just shows up and the rest is history.

Here's just a few flicks of the fury via Nick's lens.

This is my best friend Carly she is probably more creative than anyone I have ever known.

Portrait of a young man.

2 Paw? Really? You guys are just phoning it in over at the gangster dog sticker company I guess.

This is Tookie. He lives on Nick's couch during the weekend. He isn't trying to be ironic or funny. Dude is dead serious. He is also a keen expert on traveling minor league soccer team gang bangs.

Any chicken test....dead!!!


Here are shots from a graffiti book you will NEVER ever get your hands on.

TV crew has been beautifying the streets of San Diego for over 25 years and they made this book to commemorate the occasion. Instead of individual pieces they chose only TV crew hit ups for the entire book.

I have a lot of respect for these dudes just from the fact that these guys were never really embraced by "popular" graffiti culture a.k.a the internet, which makes these flicks even that much more rare to have come across. Look hard because this book will never be published.

Persue x Bunny Kitty x Aussies x Love Machine and Logan Heights

I have too many shots from my trip to post at once so I will have to post them in groups.

First up....

Here are a few shots from a small feature project I am doing with Love Machine Films and Persue/Bunny Kitty. Filmed on location in Logan Heights 1904 SD 619'er.

Big thanks to Carly and Linda and to the homies that rolled through.

I can't show you the wall just yet, but stay tuned for more.

When life gives you phone booths...

New pal Vans visiting from Down Under shouts to Aeon

Rolled tacos like no other

Golden Hills

¡Orale Los Reyes!

1 of 9 Ice Cream trucks that came by that day

2 of 9 Ice Cream trucks that came by that get the idea

Dee Dee Meow throwing it up for Logan

You got to love little kids tracing outlines from the blackbook

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still in San Diego

I'm still in San Diego so I haven't bee posting up obviously, but I have some photo posts coming soon from my excursions that will make up for it.

I caught The Abyssinians last night on the coast. Pretty unreal to see those guys. They still sounded amazing even after 30 years of doing their thing. I got footage of that too that I will post up later. Although, I didn't get any footy of the white poetry slam "dreads" getting their vibe on.

Check the clip above of o.g Abyssinians performance in the hut.

And if you still want more check the opening scene from ROCKERS

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ad of the Day


Clever? Check. Offensive? Check. Awesome? Check!


Style. Some of us are born with it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Night Dancehall

Currently at Nick's house waiting to go to my first Tribe of Kings Sunday in almost 3 years.

Watch out!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Internets

Picking a winner out of this line up is damn near impossible. I'm gonna go with my dude running from the bull. I mean look at his face. Dude is the physical embodiment of "Oh sh*t!"

Iz The Wiz

Iz The Wiz Rest In Power.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Street Where?

Just so we're all on the same page here.

Can every brand stop trying to pretend that they are all of a sudden some "sub-luxury" line that offer both "clever" graphic tee shirts and "traditional" pieces?

You aren't fooling anyone.

You can't have a t-shirt that has swear words and tits on it and then make an oxford button up and expect me to take you seriously.

Leave the classics to the pros and stick with what you know. Which I'm guessing is impressing 16 year old virgin dudes with inappropriate t shirt graphics that their moms prohibits them from wearing to family gatherings.

If you really want to get into particulars about it you can see a very distinct point in popular fashion branding where the trend to become sub-luxury became the standard and a lot of companies drove up their cost per piece up drastically.

Because of their inability to produce large numbers of these new "sub-luxury" lines they created new lines with a high wholesale price per item. This led many stores that were once only carrying tee shirts, hats, and fleece pieces to cough up more money per order and they got stuck holding the tab with a whole bunch of back stock "street" inspired rubbish that couldn't move no matter how much they discounted it.

If someone wanted to buy a properly constructed item like an oxford button up or a 3 button wool jacket than that niche customer was gonna do it anyway, but not at a store that sells tongue in cheek logo parody tees and gaudy fluorescent hoodies.

It's fine to be either of those types of brands just don't try and insult us with the idea that you're all grown up now and are capable of both.

This whole "why think for yourself when you can just copy someone else" "logo flip" culture is so boring.

I'd rather see lines create something original and stop worrying about keeping up with the Jones'. It's okay to just go for it. Those are the companies that are the most fun to watch. I mean I'm sure if you offered me 6 figures to be a cornball I would sign up in a second too, but it's never to late to start being original.

Leaving On A Jet Plane

I'm making my quarterly pilgrimage back to my hometown of San Diego with Baby Zeus in tow.

He will be turning the big 3 and we have lots of action planned for the next 10 days.

Most of time will be spent eating at Phil's BBQ, lurking at Street Machine, taking Lenox to the beach and mutha f*ckin Lego Land, and a few other surprises you're going to have to wait for and see.

Posting will sporadic at best so don't hate the god if you aren't getting your usual dose of radness.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pop N Bottles

SDTW has never been ruled by one subject. I mean if you asked me what SDTW is about I wouldn't even know what to say. In a way it only serves as an outlet for whatever is going on in my head and made public via the internerd.

I still trip out that people even take the time to check it every day.

That being said: I do take the time to talk about Lenox a.k.a Baby Zeus (my son) when ever possible. Being a dad is the single most important job I've ever been given and I put him first before anything else I do.

There is no real place to turn to on the web for dads especially younger ones. Don't bother proving me wrong.

Pop N Bottles is hoping to change that. My new buddy James has created a forum basically for dads where they can here some "real talk" on subjects ranging from nesting, picking god parents, to the suck that is pre-natal classes.

If you already read SDTW and you have a kid than you have basically just hit the jackpot. On the other side of the coin if you read SDTW and are planning on having a kid DON'T! Most of you guys are scumbags and should not be breeding.

Check it out:

Pop N Bottles

Vybz Kartel

"Wha ya sayyyyyyyy.....Up to di time..."

Kartel has been ruling dancehall for a while now and I don't think he's going anywhere. Dude has been single-handedly taking on The Alliance which practically makes him a one man deejay madman.

Good for you Vybz. Now please just do me a favor and stop wearing bedazzled t-shirts with tattoo graphics and I will begin taking you a smidge more serious.

These Greensleeves "Most Wanted" Series are serious. Always a good variety of tunes for each artist.

Run it.


Vybz Kartel "Most Wanted"

Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm not big on Twitter or having people follow my every move, but I am big on sharing my adventures and the like through photos and other found bits of radness.

Follow yours truly and my partner in crime Icepick a.k.a Scrappin 4'Tay on our new Flickr account.

Most of it is graffiti related mixed in with a little bit of other non-sense.

Add us:


Quote of The Day: Bruce Lee

“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”

- Bruce Lee

Tapper Zukie

Classic roots toasting from Tappa.

Inna summer style.

Track List:

Pick Up The Rockers
Don't Get Crazy
Go De Natty
Stop The Gun Shooting
Ital Pot
Chalice To Chalice
Don't Deal With Babylon


Tapper Zukie "M.P.L.A"

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I don't usually post the end result of my trips to the skin wizard, but since Jamie King did such a brilliant job I thought a little preview was in order.

This pic is crap, but the fist has actual half tone dots in it and that sh*t ain't easy to pull off.

If you live in the greater Seattle area and want to get some work done please head to Liberty Tattoo.

Stations of The Crass

There's nothing really like Crass.


Crass "Stations of The Crass" (Full Album)

Graff Purge

The white kids in front of the BC's throw-up probably takes the cake. Also not to jock, but Dems fills are pretty ridiculous.