Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jamaican Shoot Out Death Toll Rises

Not sure if anyone even bothers to follow Jamaican news, but those retards at CNN have been posting stuff on the front page every day this week which has been kind of cool.

Anyways, you can read about it below if you want, but I can sum it up pretty quick.

This dude "Dudus" who is the leader of a gang called Shower Posse (funny name, scary dudes) has been trying to avoid getting extradited to the U.S so they can charge dude for being a coke king pin or whatever. Now news is coming that the Prime Minister used the Shower Posse (still can't get over that name, but stay with me) to strong arm votes for his party during elections.

Not one single piece of this story is really anything new to Jamaica. They have been doing this same song and dance for decades.

The only reason it is making the news is because 70 people (thus far) have been killed in the shootouts between Shower Posse and the police/govt.

Anyways, Jamaica is crazy and I am never going there.

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  1. all Junglist!, all Shower!
    I've been following this story since I first heard about it. Now they (Soldier an police) aren't even sure if he's even in the country at all. When asked about the situation, one resident of Tivoli Gardens said that 'Dudus' was a man who helped their community. She was then asked if she hoped that he would be caught, to which she replied, 'no'. It's funny. This man helped the current Prime Minister rise to his seat of power. Having your own roving civilian armies out there to ensure votes doesn't hurt either. Like you said these things have been going for decades, only now it's making headlines. Whenever I read an article pertaining to this, I always note that the columnist never forgets to mention that the violence is only occuring in the capital which is way down South (where the children used to play), far from the all-'inclusive' tourist resorts on the North Coast, which ain't the real Jamaica. Hope this episode ends soon.

  2. JLP and PNP are always up to fuckery.