Thursday, November 29, 2012

SDTW Real Talk Champions

The title of SDTW Real Talk is not given out will nilly bruh.

Only the finest are awarded it.

Thnx Hollister/Akil

Saturday, November 17, 2012


The homie Remio is basically the official king of DIY at the moment. Dude has been churning out crazy amounts of zines, t shirts, hats, beanies. stickers, and more. 

I just copped a shirt for myself. 

Get something for yourself plehboi

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Van Dub Step

I was just searching for Van Damme shit when I stumbled across this.


Action Bronson Rare Chandeliers Mixtape

Dear Rappers, please learn to put more than left wrist strength effort into your album art. 

No one wants to see your bobblehead lookin' ass photoshopped into another picture of The Godfather.

Trade a designer/artist some of that "coke money" you apparently make all day for some good art like the cover pictured above.

Jurne Show @ Klughaus Gallery

One of the nicer dudes with one of the nicer styles.

NYC show up.

All info here KLUGHAUS

Keo TC5

Keo's tribute to that bitch Sandy.

Friday, November 9, 2012

100's "Closer" Remix by BSBD

Seattle's most glacial BSBD just did this remix for 100's and w/ Mondre and Nacho Picasso

Listen HERE

Seattle News

In news of the random...

I used to walk passed this guy from time to time over on "The Ave" which is by the University of Washington. He was just like a local bum/pan handle dude. Seemed nice enough. 

Turns out dude murdered someone 36 years ago and they finally caught him.

More here

Answer Me This



Monday, November 5, 2012


I just finished this piece for FOUR-PINS where I offer my opinions on "emerging" Instagram fashion trends for men.

I am writing pretty regularly over there cause it is like an actual ass website and shit.

Read it and comment



Stuntin bruh

People Whom Are Out Here

This dude

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Run Your Pockets Vol.1

This thing took WAY too long to compile, but that is exactly what happens when you try and get the Four Horsemen Of The 90's Rap Apocalypse on the same damn page.

Using the combined god knowledge of 

It was cool to get everyone's cutty 90's gems together in one playlist. The only real rules for the picks were that it had to be East Coast rap from the years 1990 - 1999.

Anyways, bump this shit in your jeep with your wiz.

Track List:

(click for bigger view)

Manson Family

Shouts to Twigs for this cut