Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Heart The Internets

I saw the top part of this image when Mero did his Ray J Post but whoever added the second image to it is clearly doing big things.

Click for detail (no homo)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Say I Wont...

Am I the only one hoping he was going to spike the body?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Biggest Virgin Of The Year Award Goes To.....

Not her. This is the mugshot of the Mom. Read below.

So this Mom (lookin better in the normal picture obviously) was trying to get this 14 year old boy to knock her Crocs (white people version of knocking boots ® of Skip Class) and was sexting dude all kinds of crazy freaky shit until his older sister found the texts and dropped a dime on the old gal.

Article Here

Now, when you're 14 you are prolly still a virgin and a lil' scared to fuck because old gal is gonna be coming at you with some serious veteran pussy power, but you gotta rise above and give her the best 14 year old sex you can invent, homie. Even if you only muster up a little tear drop's worth of a facial that shit is still gonna get you 427 plus infinity high fives.

Otherwise, your sister, who clearly is in the lead for the Player Hater Of The Year Award, is gonna "run go tell dat" to the police and now everyone at your school is gonna look at you like you are extra double official virgin.

Let this be a lesson to all you youngins out there that think you may have a shot with your teacher, assistant soccer coach, shift leader at Dairy Queen, and some drunk older broad at a family wedding.

Just Do It.

Sarah Palin: You Betcha Trailer

Would I rather post a semi-racially offensive cat based image instead of discussing politics?


But, I truly believe that Sarah Palin makes the rest of the world view America in a less than flattering light and by that I mean that they think we are FUCKING INSANE.

Granted, this is only a trailer, but it looks very well made and even shows a balance of fairness by showing that as crazy as this bitch is she didn't just appear out of thin air.

Watch the trailer HERE

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming....

Here is Juicy J x Lex Luger's "Rubba Band Business 2" mixtape


Malcolm Jamal Warnings

We finna give these out.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meanwhile In GetBuckistan

Toby sent me this.

Shit is....

Well I don't really know what to say.

It is just on some reckless Saudi grand theft auto coked out AK 47 type shit.

After a while you just sort of get numb to the death defying driving and you're kinda of like wishing this dude would fucking crash.

Juicy J

Juicy J has been on one lately and SDTW fully supports it.

And I quoteth:

"On a bean/ drinkin' Dirty Sprite/ bout to fuck that bitch raw/ bout to roll tha dice."

Truth Speaking Missle

Design plus satire.

More goodness at SMARTCREW

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Huggin and Kissin

I'm riding with Mayweather on this one even though he raps (many athletes make that mistake though).

There is no rule that states if your opponent tries to hug you or touch gloves or kiss you for that matter that you have to reciprocate back.

The only reason Ortiz was apologizing is because he just got caught shooting a head butt at Mayweather like he was at a skinhead concert.

I mean if he busted Mayweather's eye open or some shit it would have caused a huge fiasco and could have stopped the fight with a DQ. Then everyone would be talking shit about who "could" have won.

At least with this ending we have a conclusion.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Since were on the topic of wasting money...

Why not do it the proper way?

Swing And A Miss

One of the gods (B.Powders hisself) sent me a link to this site that sells painted axes for 3 gillion dollars. If that isn't considered having someone financially piss in your face I don't know what is.

If you were to ask me if I was mad as in "U Mad?" I would have to say yes. This makes me mad. The fuck kind of bullshit world are we living in? How and why is this allowed? Who in the fuck, and I mean in the fuck wholeheartedly is dropping duckets on limited edition axes?


The shit is $26.95 at Home depot and negative free ninety nine if you have a Dad with a decent tool shed.

You might not be able to tell unless you click on the picture, but they carved the word "compassion" on this one. What kind of kush are you guys smoking? You know what that word means right? Compassion? Unless someone uses that shit to chop down a door of a burning orphanage of chinese down sydrome kids or some shit I can't possibly imagine how the word compassion can ever be used symbolically with an axe.

This is how I feel.

Of course it didn't stop there....

No no my friends they also got you covered for all your flag box needs. For $1,900 you can get a wood box with 26 wood flags in it. Just in case you need that shit. Just in case you need WOOD FLAGS? Who in the wild fuck needs wood flags homie? Who? Motherfucker explain this shit pleaaaaassssseeeee. When has anyone ever requested such an item? Not ever in ever times infinity that's when.

The people are out there starving and broke and we got people trying to slang WOOD FLAGS. How in the fuck does this company even sleep at night? 10 OC's and shot of bourbon?

Oh my bad. I wasn't supposed to show you these. They haven't dropped yet. Oh what are they? They're nothin really dude, just some $180 pair of scissors made out of dragon's dick or some shit.

And in case you need a limited edition map...wait what? No that can't be right. Ain't no one in their right mind selling limited edition maps. Oh that's right. You motherfuckers are out of your mother fucking granola minds with this shit. Maps? Fucking maps? What kind of map do I get for $180 bucks? Does the shit tell you where to find Solomon's Mines? Can't it only be read in moonlight in the enchanted forest with the other half of the amulet?

I want whoever is responsible for this to line up so that I can personally kick each and everyone of you pretentious modern craftsmen asshole wannabes in either your dick or vagina. You will have to of course remove your wool long johns as I feel that might provide too much cushioning against my kick.

The best part is they are based in Manhattan. The fucking motherland of all outdoor activity. Of course they are. Where else would a limited edition axe and map selling boutique be located? Don't mind the looks you'll get when you walk through Soho with your candy painted axe. No one's gonna trip dawg.

No press is bad press:


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


In Badtattooville, population: whoever thought this was necessary

I Heart The Internets

That's cause his game strong, pimpin.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Fall always makes me feel all nostalgic and shittttttttt...... this clip sums up my thoughts

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Heart The Internets

You know that dude from Nigeria that emails you about how you can help him get his dead uncle's fortune?

This is that dude.

Either that or he is Bangs' step dad

1000 Reasons Why They Need To Slow Down On Graffiti Books

I saw this gem at the store the other day.

It was just a book of super random flicks that I guess you're supposed to find inspiration (bite) from for your own graffiti murals.

Not sure what that means exactly.

As far as books about graffiti compiled by someone's aunt go, it is a decent little collection of worthless productions from only God knows where. I believe you can see a spray can with angel wings character on the cover, so right from the jump you know you're in for the aerosol ride of your life.

My People (Part 10)

I know I am hard on my people (no homes) but that is because I want them to strive for excellence.

We out here.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mr. Vegas "Black And Proud"

This song most likely makes zero sense to you.

It is in response to the skin bleaching problem with teens in Jamaica. Basically Jamaicans will put lye products on their skin until it changes to a lighter tone.

The results are not a good look, but besides that it's a good Mr. Vegas tune on the "Bam Bam" revival riddim.

So get mad at that Mista Cake Soap.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

SDTW Photoshop Skillz Barack Obama Doesn't Care About White People

Hurricane Irene was over 5 days ago.

This golf course still looks like this.


SDTW Photography Part 4

Another installment of stupid shit I flick with my phone.

One of the 10 days a year we get sun in Seattle.

Shout out to the 20 people that shouted "You missed a spot" while doing this wall. You all are fucking HILARIOUS.

Trying to be artsy urban photos? Oh we got those plehbwoyyyyy.

Jurne a.k.a the 321st element of hip hop would have finished his piece faster if he wasn't so busy trying to get us all to "cypher" over his beat box.

This is what I feel like when I smoke dust blunts.

Biking to the grocery store to get hotdogs a.k.a Summer Shit

The homie has a real shitty view from his patio. I mean look at that fucking eye sore.

Check out the chillest spud on the block. Dude is posted like a thumb tack giving negative two shits about anything.

R. Crumb drawings are great. Looking like R. Crumb? Not so great.

Bridge burning.

BTM/At Large did one of those head turner spots. You really can't tell, but the shit is humongous.

The Great One? The fucking Great One? Fuck you Wayne. Fuck you and your whole shit.

I almost fell in love in the court house with this fine Juggalette Loca. Props to her for scoring the powder blue Dickies. You gotta search extra hard for those ones.

Proving once again being good at digital photography means NOTHING.

What we have here is a very complex logo going on. Bad Boy Club Meets Punk Flyer Meets Bail Bonds Company. They we're giving out free key lanyards that said Bay Boy Bail Bonds 1-800-BAIL-OUT. That my friends is branding at it's finest.

It's hard to tell because my sista here was quite chocolaty, but ma's butt cheeks was sticking out half of her shorts.

I told Mike that he needed to wear SPF 420 if he didn't want to burn, but if you know Mike then you know he's always down to burn.

Whatchyu know about that fire pole exit in the design studio mezzanine? Ya you don't know bout that life.

How did such a terrible band have such an awesome t shirt?

I don't really think you know the struggles this dude is going through. I mean he has the Juicy Couture decal covering the whole back tint window of his murdered out flat black Audi. Dude is basically putting the city on his back.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011