Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger is one of the most imitated deeejays of all time bar none. His style may as well be a "how to" for any Jamaican youth wanting to chat 'pon the mic.

"M16" finds Mr. Ranger at his best with backing by Sly and Robbie, Dean Frazier, Ansel Collins, and Scientist who handles the boards.

The sleeve art looks like something you'd see painted on a kick ass van in Santee.

I can't really say much more about this album except that it's a staple for any one serious about good reggae.



1. Natty Burial
2. M16
3. Up Town Style
4. Sky Juice
5. Skank Steady
6. Rise & Meet Jah
7. Fist To Fist
8. Wicked A Go Run
9. Sat Upon The Rock

Lone Ranger "M-16" Full Album

For more on Lone Ranger check out:

Seattle Only

I have free tickets for the Sonics game for Monday night @ 7:00 p.m

Sonics versus the 76ers which means there is a good chance the Sonics could win.

Hit me on the hip if you want to go.

Diggin In The Links

Been slacking on posts.

Bump it.

Augor (CBS) x Revok (7th Letter) x Murakami
Ed* My vote for coolest grafiti based project of 2007

Versus new Winter tees
Ed* My good friends at Versus dropped their new line of tees last week

Saber, Retna, Revok flicks

Kacao sketch for Persue
Ed* Good luck with that one Dave

Dillinger "Cocaine In My Brain" video
Ed* I would have never believed this existed

Chuck D and Def Jam

Chuck D wants to run Def Jam
Ed* How does one fight the man if he is the "man"? Get that paper Chuck.


Persepolis is a new animated film based on a graphic novel of the same title.

Persepolis: Trailer

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rob and Big Season 3

Hate Hate Hate

The caption reads "Ironically he looks cold." Genius!

Ed* I have been practicing to be more tolerant this year. I think of it as my path to true enlightenment. The idea was taught to me by someone very influential in my industry and is essentially a life long ethos seeing as one needs to implement the principle every single day until death.

Nowadays, I hold my tongue instead of offering my opinions on brands, design, art, hip hop, music in general, movies, people, places, etc. This is been extremely hard for me seeing as opinions are not inherently wrong and I feel quite capable of making some pretty decent cases for my thoughts. So if someone isn't offering to hear the truth as I see it then I simply pass on the subject and let it go.

Now when it comes to directing readers to someone else's opinion then perhaps this concept just might be the way to make it through 2008 without actually having to write diatribes on the death of hip-hop, the lameness of unimaginative design, the plague and abundance of bad ideas, and just all out ignorance in the popular world.

So click on the link and read one of the funniest and smartest rips on hip-hop of the year.


MIMS getting owned by the Village Voice

Bombing NYC

Another chapter in the endless not to mention pointless war between NYC and graffiti.

Click below and read the article about a newly formed "Eagle Squad" that was created 3 months ago to curb or prevent subway graffiti in the city specifically on clean trains and subway tunnels.

What amazes me is that since the inception of the "Eagle Squad" they have caught ZERO graffiti artists in the act of painting trains or subway tunnels. Now without going into a full blown essay on my opinions of graffiti I think it is mind boggling how a city would fund a separate task force to curb this small fraction of the city's graffiti problem and come up with ZERO arrests and still see this as a problem that needs addressing.

It's like having a security guard in front of a store with nothing in it. There has not been one proven deterrent to graffiti in the last 25 years since the introduction of the "white elephants" and subsequent fencing off and removal of all painted cars in NYC. Even then people still have painted clean trains from time to time.

Perhaps it is the lack of understanding on the law's part. Not once have they ever asked why kids and adults risk their safety and well being to paint their name's on a wall, train, billboard, building, or sign?

With America's youth inundated from birth with advertisements and never ending consumerism it's amazing that more people don't seek self and social identity through the medium of writing on walls.

The Vicious Cycle indeed.

Article on new NY Graffiti Squad

1st Year in Seattle

Today marks the first year anniversary of my move to Seattle. Now I have no real way to tell if I could be considered a local seeing as I have only lived here for 12 months, but I have done some things that make me some what of a Washingtonian.

Since moving here I have:

- Worked at Pike Place Market for 3 months (sh*tty job)
- Been to more Sonics' games then anyone I know here save for Jason
- Beat up a bouncer at the Cha Cha(come see me for the re-match)
- Lurked at Goods and Winner's Circle for numerous hours
- Attended a Seahawks game
- Eaten tons of Seattle style hot dogs (hot dogs with cream cheese) love em
- Drank a couple gallons of coffee
- Received numerous hang overs from The War Room
- Appeared on Publik Hair and Winner's Circle Blogs
- Deemed worthy of guest list honors (much to Pheed's chagrin)
- Competed and lost in Rords of The Floor (robbed by Jason and Alex)
- Able to go outside with just a hoodie (no gloves, no scarf, no beenie)
- Delivered pizza (subsequently fired the same day)
- Out ran a cop on foot in front of the War Room
- Went to the top of that Space Needle thing
- Went to Vashon Island
- And that's about it to date

So thanks to Seattle for the good first year. I still will claim SD and solely support the Chargers in terms of football and Mexican culinary supremacy in terms of food, but this the best home away from home I could think of.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tiger Style

Tiger kills one person and seriously injures 2 others after escaping SF Zoo
Ed* Easily the worst way to go on Christmas

P.S How did he die? Oh he was mauled by an escaped tiger on Christmas in San Franciso.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Group Home

Ed* "Moms kick me out the house when I was flipping I was the man..."

Friday, December 21, 2007

Ba h Humbug (D.I.T.L)

The holidays are nigh once more. Oh joy!

Here's some links to get you through the day and hopefully through the always intolerable "office" party.

TIME Magazine has fifty Top 10 Lists for 2007
Ed* The viral video, magazine cover, design lists are all pretty good

People are spending for Jesus
Ed* Or retail isn't taking the big hit the news has been telling us

Best Rap of 2007 By Cocaine Blunts
Ed* If you like rap and don't read CB you're sleeping

Book Of Black Earth Tour
Ed* I see a San Diego stop on Jan 19th. Gyeah!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

Diggin In The Links

Ed* Above is Munga getting into fisticuffs with some dude named Deva Brat. Never heard of Deva before, but this sh*t always happens at dancehall shows for whatever reason.

Diggin In The Links:

Don't get raped in Saudi Arabia
Ed* So if you're a woman and are hanging with a guy by yourself and you both get raped by 7 dudes, be prepared to go to jail. It ends nicely though she got "pardoned".

Iraq is SO yesterday's news
Ed* Tell me about it.

Vice Don't
Ed* There's always one that's good.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Vybz Kartel "J.M.T"

Vybz Kartel released J.M.T (Jamaican Mean Time) in 2006.

This one is easily my favorite album from that year. Lots of big tunes and tons of riddims.

Track List:

1.) U Nuh Have A Phone
2.) Tight Pussy Gal Dem
3.) Guns Like These
4.) So Me A Say
5.) Bad Man Party 2
6.) Vybsy Versa Love
7.) Car Man
8.) Go Fi Dem
9.) Late Night
10.) Smuggler
11.) Gun Session
12.) Higher Altitude
13.) Dutty Landlord
14.) Realest Thing
15.) I Neva
16.) Little Miss
17.) Emergency
18.) Need You Girl
19.) Say Hello
20.) Rough Sex

Vybz Kartel "J.M.T" Full Album

Run it!!!!

Fashion Hustler

Ed* I'm surprised he didn't call it "Streetwear For Dummies"

Public Witness Program

Read up on a good new blog by my good friend Mel.

Public Witness Program

Mel has more stamps in her passport then a post office. She's tri-lingual, has better taste in music and film then you, has met Lord Finesse, buys vinyl, and is an all round style master general.

If you like French rap, gully graff flicks, international cinema, and all things NYC, then bookmark her blog.


I am sitting in the freezer a.k.a the warehouse thinking about my upcoming trip to SD. Seattle has turned into the frigid ice queen once more so going to SD is looking pretty nice right about now. Anything above 60 degrees is going to feel warm at this point.

Here's some good links from the information super highway to kill time.

One hundid.

Digging In The Links:

In depth piece on torture techniques
Ed* Another feather on Bush's cap!

Lego Train Bombing
Ed* Extremely creative idea

My pick for best book I've read this year
Ed* Do it, no no do it

Internet Juke Box
Ed* If you work for the man and have access to the internerd then you can thank me later

Monday, December 10, 2007


Wikipedia describes dubstep as:

Dubstep's early roots are in the more experimental releases of UK garage producers, seeking to incorporate elements of dub reggae into the South London-based 2-step subgenre. These experiments often ended up on the B-side of a white label or commercial garage release. Like another, more vocal garage hybrid, grime, the genre's feel is often dark; tracks frequently use a minor key and often feature dissonant harmonies such as the diminished chord. Other distinguishing features often found are the use of samples, the fact it is a largely instrumental genre, a propulsive, sparse rhythm, and an almost omnipresent subbass. Some dubstep artists have also incorporated a variety of outside influences, from Basic Channel to classical music to heavy metal.

Ed* I have only been listening to grime and dubstep for a few years but I find the genre to be a lot more creative then hip hop at the moment. This comp is a good primer for someone who's never listened to it before.

Click here for the tracklist

Download the full mix:
Science Faction: Dubstep

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Shortkut "Inna Dancehall Stylee"

So I finally learned how to post whole albums and mixes on the information super highway.

I've been wanting to post up albums for some time now and I've saved some good stuff just for the occasion.

The first mix is by the legendary Beat Junkie disc jockey Shortkut.

I came across this mix way back when and have never met anyone else that has it. Not to say it's super limited or anything, but it is probably the best dancehall primer ever crafted. Just in terms of simple riddim progression and a good blend of new riddims of the day and classic tunes.

Shorkut hits all the bases with riddims at the time including Capleton's "Who Dem" which was on (Bellyas) riddim and Sean Paul's "Deport Them" (Book Shelf) riddim which got some shine at the time when Belly dropped and even had a cameo by young goggle sporting Sean Paul and Vegas I believe.

The mix is really solid and has staple tunes like Shabba Ranks "Ting A Ling", Cutty Ranks "Limb by Limb", Sister Nancy, Super Cat, Ninja Man. Tenor Saw, Buju Banton, Elephant Man and Bounty.

Plus Jamalski even comes out of the wood works for a little drop. Where is Jamalski now? (Unite probably knows)

To download it you have to have a Mac cause it's ACC files and I am too lazy to convert it.


Shortkut "Inna Dancehall Stylee" (Full Mix)

Soon Forward

I have been swamped with work but should have some good posts coming later tonight.

Lots of music.


2 Girls 1 Cup

Ed* Someone told me that they are now posting up video responses to the now immortalized "2 Girls 1 Cup."

I mean the fact that a video can be famous enough that posting your reaction to it gets millions of hits is nuts.

Stole this clip of The Roots "response" from Nah Right Dot Com

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Ed* Nostalgia sort of makes me bias to this song. When this video dropped I thought it was the greatest Wu single at the time. It doesn't hold up in hind sight, but it's still good.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Links

Check out the newest links and friends to the SDTW blogroll:

5th Column



Monday, December 3, 2007

Clyde Singelton

There are no words in the English language to describe the comedy that is Clyde Singleton.

If you are one of the many that have crossed his path then feel blessed and if you haven't had the privelage the closest thing you can do to experience Clyde is to read his blog.

Piff Huxtable

Ed* His latest post on the Scott Storch crank call is piff

Good Ol' Cousin Frank

Cousin Frank better known to the world as Ghost (RIS) just got done painting the newest Stussy Store in Hawaii and although I don't have all the pics yet you can still see some of the pieces in the shots on High Snobiety.

Sham 69

Sunday, December 2, 2007

You say Tapper Me say Tappa

Tappa a.k.a Tapper a.k.a Topper Zukie

Taken from wikipedia:

"Tapper was the nickname given to him by his grandmother in his youth, while Zukie was the name that came from his friends' association as a young boy, their gang called "The Zukies".

In 1973 his mother, worried by Zukie's tendency to get into trouble, sent him to England to stay with some relatives. Producer Bunny Lee arranged with UK-based entrepreneur Larry Lawrence for him to undertake some recording sessions and live shows, opening for Jamaican DJ pioneer U-Roy the day after his arrival in London. Zukie's first release was the single "Jump & Twist", produced by Lawrence. Around this time he also recorded material for Clem Bushay which would later form part of the Man A Warrior album, issued in 1975."

Ed* Tapper gained a cult following after "Man A Warrior" was released by immigrants and skinheads a like. His music was crucial in bringing the blue collar folks of all colors and creed to the dance to mash up.

Man Ah Warrior includes some of his best known works and does well as an album or in single servings.


Tapper Zukie "Black Cinderella" mp3
Ed* "I'm a jack of all trade, i mon shaper then a razor blade..."

Tapper Zukie "I Ra Lion" mp3

Tapper Zukie "Simpleton Badness" mp3

Tapper Zukie "Zukie Fashionwear" mp3
Ed* "Solomon a gun day..."

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Heavy Manners Display

Here's the firts pic of the Heavy Manners display at Street Machine in San Diego.

With the brand only having been released a few months ago it is definetly a good look to get a store display in San Diego's best clothing/skate shop.

We will have more pics when it's all done.

Big thanks to: Brian, Germs, Petey, and Nick.

Lohan and 50 Cent

Two of the biggest media whores have combined forces.

50 is going to produce the next Lohan album.

Ed* "Yawnnnnnnnnnnn"

Readi it here:
Lohan x 50