Friday, January 28, 2011

Vaughn Bode Character Sheet

If you are really trying to liven up your spray dojo go ahead and get your mitts on this character sheet by the late Vaughn Bode.

It's being sold by his son in case you're apprehensive.

Check it out here

Thnx Keo

SDTW Approves

I came across this album at a music store of all places.

Imagine that, a store that actually SELLS music.

It's like funk, gospel, choir steez from 1971. I think the dude is actually Jesse Jackson's son or something.

Anyways, it was harder to find than a hooker with a soul, so I did you rotten fucks a favor and free'd it up for you.


Reggae Album Cover Art

The Big Four

As if you needed another reason not to go to Coachella.

This shit is going down right after it.


One stage.

I did not grow up on this shit and actually only started fucking with thrash in the last decade. That being said I also do not fucks with Anthrax or Megadeath (mostly cause Dave Mustaine is a mark) to be fair Lars (Metallica's drummer) is a mark too.

I'd say this is sort of a Rock The Bells for white people, but only white people go to Rock The Bells (well them and asians) so that is a poor metaphor.

At any rate it's cool to see four egotistical bands set aside their petty beef for ridiculous amounts of money.

Thx Algot

Thursday, January 27, 2011


SDTW Says...

If you do not posses talent just start a tumblr.


Expect to see these images on every "late 20 somethings cool hunter" tumblr in the next few weeks.

I don't think that means they are any less cool.

Thnx Rondi

Wiz Rad

Kaput makes shit look too easy.


SDTW Approves: FUBAR 2

Let me be real clear here.

FUBAR is one of the GREATEST movies ever made. I first saw it in 2003 on the random at my neighbor's house and thought the shit was real. Granted it is a mockumentary, but Terry and Deaner may as well be real.

Why none of you Canuck readers told me about the sequel is pretty fucking shameful.

Anyways you don't even have to wait to get your hands on it because it's already on DVD

Fucking give'r

Monday, January 24, 2011


SDTW Says...

I Hate Hater Gear

I didn't write that for irony mind you.

I rarely use the word hater. It's fucking dumb. It describes someone that doesn't really exist. Well they do exist, but their intentions are so over hyped that people have given the "hater" a permanent place in the public lexicon.

Why in the fuck.....would you wear something that brags about how secure you are that people may or may not like you or something you do?

The people that rock this shit like it's a uniform tend to ALWAYS be males, at bus stops, bumming cigarettes, have moon boot skate shoes, and usually are about 17 years old.

I walk by and see that "I Heart Haters" tee shirt or hat on and ironically it makes me think the exact OPPOSITE opinion of what they were hoping to achieve. Why? Because in less than a second I know the person wearing it is a fucking idiot. Boom. There YOU are homie. Burnt. Avoiding you for infinity.

Am I really suppose to buy the concept that you are so "burdened" with talent that a group of people has formed to criticize and or thwart your entire enterprise?

And if I were to buy into that ridiculous thought I am ALSO to give validity to the idea that you have found it more convenient to wear clothing/headwear that announces said sentiments as to alleviate you from having to have said conversations with this group?

Now entering... Marksville. Population: You

These kids are not fucking Taoists. They can not spell reverse psychology. They are fucking 17.

Me: Do you know why people "hate on you" Derrick?

Derrick: Why, dawg?

Me: Because you're FUCKING 17.

No one likes 17 year olds except other 17 year olds.

I blame rap mostly. I tend to blame rap for a lot of things.

I could go on about how using the word "hater" is a way to negate genuine criticism and how "haters" are nothing more than people with opinions that differ from yours, but why?

I can not save the young bus stop trappers from their fates.

The reality is I'm glad they have a uniform as it makes them easier to spot.

SDTW Photoshop Skillz

I don't really have any pity for people that can afford lawyers.

Large KYT

One of the best and nicest dudes that I know in the game of style writing.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sever MSK Seventh Day Project

I'd suggest watching this full screen on youtube as the visuals on this one are pretty top notch. You can see the paint bubble on the wall as it sticks. Nice touch.

Back In The Ninety Now

The mother fucking 90's. Shit was stupid simple. Life required little to nothing. Skateboard, walkman (cassette jump offs) back pack, dime bag, visine, lighter, list of friend's phone numbers (pre cell phone shit)

That was life in 1996.

At least we can still listen to the sounds of the 90's.

***Updated Link (sorry)


Special request by Brad The Boxcutta

My New Favorite Meme


This fucking guy.

I don't know the name of it, but it is 100% accurate in terms of describing the North American Suburban Wiggersaurus.

***update the meme is known as Scumbag Steve, thanks to the bagillion people that emailed me that little tid bit


I Heart The Internets

I'm not big on logo parodies, but I am a fan of internet cats and Black Flag so this gets a pass.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Heart The Internets

I see three handicapped people.

Two = mental
One = leg stuff