Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MTV VMA's 2011

Look at ol' Camel face trying to act like Chris Brown ain't flying around 100's of feet in the air possessed by Michael Jackson. Even Kanye and his Canadian tuxedo are captivated by Breezy.

Still none of that matters what I would like to point out is the out of pocket outfit that Kid Cudi or should I "Chocolate Renaissance" has on.


And this dude is sober now?

Sorry blood, but you need to get back on the rich man's dandruff if this is how you gonna conduct and dress yaselfs.

You look like you play on Team Blouses

I didn't watch the VMA's mind you, but Twitter and ten really stoned high school dropouts basically demanded that my homie Mero needed to so he did a recap for The Source of all the smoke and mirrors foolishness.

Read it right chea The Kid Mero On The 2011 VMA's

King Of What?

Scumbag Steve Urkel

O.G Triple O.G

Oh come on...

What a waste of perfectly good milk. Especially in this economic climate...the audacity of these bitches.

Monday, August 29, 2011

SDTW Real Headlines

Oh thank God. I was worried as fuck about that penguin.

And in other news....


P.S All of these SDTW Real Headlines come from Huffington Post which makes this shit super easy to do.

I Heart The Internets

Need a cell phone bill paid for or a utilities in someone else's name?

Holler at chur girl.

Her name is Kirsten.

Project Pat

This song has been one of my personal favorites for years.

SDTW Look Books Are For Assholes


At Hogwarts there is a lookbook photo shoot going down for some mysterious sneaker lifestyle brand.

I only can guess that the description will read something like:

"The haunting memory of craftsmanship from an eerie time before."

Like how you gonna put something that cost $78 dollars inside a castle that cost 4.7 million euros and act like they are on the same team?

That's like pulling up in a Maybach and stepping out rocking fucking JNCO's. This is like having a girlfriend that looks like Natalie Portman but has the pussyhole stretch of Pam Anderson. In other words it is not a good strategy to play "which one of these does not belong?" with consumers.

I can gurantee the Duke of WherevaTheFuckThatIs-ylvania is not walking around in a pair of these contemporary sub luxury Jordan knockoffs. That dude is probably wearing loafers made out of lamb anus that were soaked in baby shark's tears.

Oh and which one of these kicks is the collabo yall did with Voldemort?

That's the homie btw.

And that is all I really gots to say bout this right chea.

SDTW Approves: Whoever This Guy Is

Click the photo to read the comment

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saddam Hussein's Son Breakdancing

This is so crazed out it has to be true.

The motherfucker Saddam Hussein's son is poppin and lockin in a tent with all kinds of Arab chicks and shit posted around like it's just so normal ass Tuesday night at Casa De Hussein.


The shit looks like an audition for Breakin 3: Electric Infidel.

Thnx IrishPat


Honestly, I really want to dedicate so much time to this clip, but I am just in utter awe of it and feel completely speechless. I mean dude has on a U.S.A jean jacket? Babies cryin in the background? No one clapped?

Did we have this video before we invaded Iraq the first time? Like had George Bush Sr. seent this shit would he have been like "Well, breakdancing is essentially the physical embodiment of U.S democracy so maybe we should give them a chance before we blow their whole shit up."

So many questions....so few answers

R.I.P homie

Mega Banton

You probably think I am higher than giraffe pussy posting up an album cover with ol' boy running around in church pajamas.

Dancehall is funny like that. You have to drop your normal "wackness" blockers and sift through stuff like this to find the gems. Doubt me? Put this tune on pussyholes.

Mega Banton is 90's Ragga Bad Man Business to the fullness. Plus I think Jack Scorpio produced this album so nuff said there.

Propers to DigitalReggae for having the album linkage cause mediafire was acting like a mug.

Get it on the dl HERE

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I personally blame...

The X-Games and Larping for this non-sense.

Who invented this shit?

The same dude who made rolling backpacks?

Can't wait for the sk8pole X shake weight collaboration, it only seems right.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Not Bad

I Heart The Internets

Swat I'm talmbout.

Charge your tip to the game.

p.s it's worth noting that although this is brilliant the receipt appears to be from Mimi's Cafe which is one of the most ol' pussy ass restaurants I've ever seent

Supreme x Jesus

After exhausting all of the world's best brands to collab with dem boyz at Supreme went and out shined all y'all by dropping a lil' something with the homie Jesus.

Psshhhhh no big deal.

Just steady collabin' with the God of Gods. Nah mean?

Who in the holy fuck is actually gonna use this dumb shit?

Well, besides the dudes from the "Beat It" video.

You couldn't even stab a smurf with this shit. If I was squinting I would have just thought that the shit was a super religious nail clipper blade.

I'm not a boxcutter walker myself, but if I was I would not choose to do so with an accessory from a fucking skateboard company. If you a real deal go shank mode on someone kind of a guy you're gonna want the knife to be disposable not COLLECTIBLE.

Plus how many virgin points do you get for ordering one of these shits?

250 virgin points? 1,000 virgin points?

When you open the blade does it start playing Tyler's "Yonkers"?

I bet this knife will be responsible for more E.R visits due from deep finger cuts by Asian dudes trying to play Three Streetwear Musketeers on their way to The Hundreds store than for actual stabbings.

So unless you really want to catch a body Da Vinci Code style I would suggest just going with a standard boxcutter and have your "I work in a warehouse story" ready for the laws or even better just ditch the shit entirely.

SDTW Real Headlines

This dude has just been on delusional mode for the last few.

As soon as a rapper starts incorporating guitars and skateboards into their steez it's fucking game over.

Fire your manager, stylist, and stop on the mouth kissing your "Dad".

Rap Music...

Mario Is NOT The Father

You better find a sensitive Drake listening light skinnded dude to hold you down boo.

SDTW Sensitive Thugs

I'm telling you these SDTW Sensitive Thug images are like the internet equivalent of four leaf clovers or some shit.

Anyways, my boy here getting his fake ganja dealer pose-ation on right here.

My guess was this photo was taken in Missouri or Iowa.

SDTW Posse: Expresh Letters

If you suffer from spray-itis this site will probably get you in trouble at work.

Letters, sprays, signage, random ephemera, and a bunch of ocular crack.

Get familiar:

Expresh Letters

No Ice Cream Sound #2

This is no dippy dibby mama's boy sound.

This is the only dancehall culture zine that I know of and definitely worth buying.

Check the super nice Sizzla illustration/interview and more in the 50 page zine.

Grab one from Shimmy Shimmy

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back In Time Mix By DJ Gravy & DJ Teddy King

Back In Time Mix by DJ Gravy and DJ Teddy King.

I would post this mixtape just on the strength of the cover alone.

There is not enough cartoonish dancehall mixtape covers in this world.

Great job whoever drew this.

Download Here

Keep On Walking

Watch this in another window.

I like when someone executes a good idea just for the sake of it being a good idea and nothing else.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hair Game

Shit is crucial.

Wu-Tang Is For The Children

Why post an old Wu-Tag album?

Probably because you haven't listened to this in years and probably because it is most likely better than what you are listening to right now.

Also I was watching a documentary on ODB (on my white people shit) and I forgot about how good this album was. Also the dude's first rap name was "The Wizard Of Do It Land".

I repeat:






Need I say more?

Get it HERE

I Heart The Internets

I love how Whoopi is the go to "ugly chick" joke in both comedy and rap.

It never fails.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shirt Science...


the gawd jurne dropped some back to school gear for all you spray students.

get one here

I Heart The Internets

Just let ol' gal on the plane.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seshin' With Some Bros

This video was recommended to me by Youtube.

I don't have the mental faculties right now to go in on this. So I won't.

I guess it's your lucky day stoned chubby faced asian dude.

You have been spared.

basiC.K.ally baby B.A. baked Buscemi bruh...


Robbo Fundraiser

Some of the London folks reached out and asked if I would let readers know that London graffiti writer Robbo has been in a coma for some time now and that they will be donating money from these prints to help Robbo and his family.

Prints can be purchased online at Rare Kind London

And if you live in London the man dem from Hurt You Bad just posted details for a Robbo Fundraiser which you can peep HERE

Bitches On Deck

I got bitches cuz...

Dondi isms...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SDTW Photoshop Skillz V-Nasty Edition

Perhaps it would be wise to check thine self before you were to wreck thine self.

Case 2 isms...


Done by type wizard Kel Troughton, posted on a great type related inspiration blog Expresh Letters

Krazy Eight

I still can't get over this video.

Gettin money boiiiiiiiiii

Who Gives A Shit x Completely Unnecessary

Stop it.

Nobody needs some "old timey" coffee/soup thermos and collaborative holster. The fuck is the holster for? You planning on getting into a soup shoot out in Wholefoods homie?

Never not ever has someone been like "Man, this thermos is tight, but if I just had some other way to hold it,".

Well, if we are inventing more completely useless shit why not just make a bag for your wallet? A clock for your watch? Shoe lace holders?

Now some ol' pussy ass commenter might wanna jump in with their retarded ass two cents and say some shit like "Well, what if someone was going camping and wanted to bring their thermos? Then it sort of makes sense."

Oh, yeah. Great point. I mean when you go camping all you need is a fucking thermos filled with soup and the luxury of having your hands free. That shit might work if you're Bear Grylls and like drinking your own piss, but I imagine if you're going to go actual ass camping you might bring something more than Spaghetti O's and a strap holster.

Read how some taste maker blog struggles to describe the need to actually have this:

"You’d be hard-pressed to find two more iconic American brands than Filson & Stanley, which is really part of the charm of this piece, since it’s something you could envision you grandfather carrying to work each day."

I imagine my grandfather would have maybe had a thermos. I also imagine that in his time if he were to carry it in some over the shoulder holster that his friends would have called him a derogatory term used at the time like "candyass" as in:

"Hey fellas, look at Lowell and his fancy thermos purse. Nice thermos purse you fucking candy ass."

Just for context my grandpa was probably the toughest person I have ever known and smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day. As far as I know he owned zero thermos purses.

I Heart GChats

For those that haven't picked up on the obvious:

These are things either said to me or said by me on the daily. I capture these brief glimpses in linguistical brilliance so that you can get a nice tan from standing in my shine.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rest In Peace King Kase2 The King Of Styyyyyyyyyyyyle

I woke up this morning to find that Kase 2 had passed away.

I thought it would only be appropriate to take the time to explain Kase 2's importance to graffiti and to me personally. For those of you who read Super Duty Tough Work and are not familiar with graffiti or the documentary Style Wars the actual phrase "super duty tough work" comes from one of Kase2's numerous quotes in the film. You could even argue that Kase2 IS that movie. His quotes and scenes are what made "Style Wars" so entertaining. In a close second place would be Cap with his "N*ggas know" line, but that line ain't even close to touching any of Kase's superb quoteables.

Kase2 did more for the sub-culture of graffiti and style writing in that film than a lot of people realize. Probably the most obvious being that he made the viewer want to BE a graffiti writer. I'm sorry if that statement sounds lame to you, but that is the truth. You read any interview from some of the best writers in history and usually their story starts with something along the lines of "My friend showed me 'Style Wars' on vhs," or "I saw 'Style Wars' on PBS one night and that's when I wanted to start writing," that is how nearly every one of their writing careers starts. So if "Style Wars" is the point of entry for most writers and Kase2 is the stand out writer within the film then you could say that Kase2 is probably a starting point or style catalyst for decades of writers. Obviously, that is not the case for every great writer, but the logic is solid none the less.

Out of all his famous quotes I think the best is when he succinctly summed up THE reason why people write graffiti:

"People look at a person, what you write on trains? Oh, you vandalism and all that. Yeah I vandalism alright, but still in general I know what I'm doin. I did somethin' to make yo eyes open up. Right? So why is you talking bout it for?"


And there is the quintessential definition of why people do it.

He is simply saying "Yes, I vandalize, but I know what I am doing. I did something that made you look. That is why I did it."

There are a lot of personalities within the sub-culture that is graffiti, but there was only one Kase2. I never met him, but I knew many that had and thankfully he was documented on film so that future writers can continue to be inspired by his style and maybe even more importantly his gift of gab.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The One Good Song from "Watch The Throne"

This is not some declaration for a comment war. I just like this one song.

However, even better than this song is the hilarious review The Source had my homie Mero write up for them.

Read that shit:
The Kid Mero Reviews "Watch The Throne"

Wu-Tang (Tattoo) Is Forever

Son, I'm saying though son.

Emynd "Hot Steppin" 90's Dancehall Mix

Crossfadedbacon's Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

90's Dancehall mixes are almost never really bad.

King Of Real Talk #2

My dude is unflappable about having a hit put on him. In fact, he is insulted that his ex-wife was only going to pay 2 g's for him to be murdered. Shit, my dude here is at least worth 10 g's. Put your little 2 g's away bitch away before he makes that shit look stupid.