Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

BSBD x Nacho Picasso "Exhalted" LP

The homies BSBD (Blue Sky Black Death) and Nacho Picasso released their third full length last night.

The shit basically sounds like drugs.

The whole thing will only cost you $5.

Get It Here
Get It Here
Get It Here

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have always listened to El-P since the Co Flow days. His work with Company Flow and his two solo albums are all full length records that I can go back rediscover again and again without fail.

I've been streaming his new one and I think it might even be better than his last offering.


Listen Here

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cameo Sticker/Magnet Packs

Cameo has some pretty flossy sticker/magnet packs up for sale.

If you aren't familiar with his handy work you should be. He is one of the few reasons I don't think the U.S should just blow up Canada.

Here is how you get your hands on em with words from the man himself:

"Sticker, button, magnet pack: $15 sent to on Paypal. Add $5 more and I’ll throw in a Reefer Madness DVD. North America only son!"

More Cool Hand Cameo


It Makes Sense If You Think About It

Have You Seen "Avengers" Yet?

Monday, May 21, 2012


I got a bunch of good shit stored up in my personal file share account that I'll post so that your iTunes stays good through the summer.

The feds be trying to make us buy music and shit?

First up is the step brother of the Duck Down catalog.

Originoo Gun Clappaz.


Right Here

In case you ain't ever heard this...

Wrath Of The Wizard

Man, you little anonymous pussyholes with your ol' pussy ass comments finally got me awake and actually made me want to write some shit.

Fucks the matter with you little assholes?

You want more content? Fucking pay me then.

I got kids to feed (not lying).

I can't sit here on the computer all day and just re-post bullshit like my boy .

The shit I like to post actually requires thinking and thinking takes time and time is money as they say.

Would you prefer SDTW become one of those popular blogs with never ending content?

You can make that bullshit yourself.

All you gotta do is just post a bunch of shit about shit you don't know shit about. Easy enough, right?

Maybe one day I'll get my shit together and try and do this as a full time gig, but in the mean time just be grateful I even get on the internet once a week.

Yours truly,

Skip Class

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Bunny Kitty Prints

New Bunny Kitty prints are up for sale. Snag one before they all get whooped up.

Only $20.

Bunny Kitty Online Shop

The London Vandal x Richt

Nice likkle t-shirt designed by Richt for the dudes at The London Vandal

Go get one.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Heart The Internetz

Truth speak

SDTW Shurt Feelings #8

In an effort to appease the SDTW audience here is a new Shurt Feelings for your reading pleasure. It's simple really.

Find a shirt that speaks to the soul and then describe the visual poetry that it is. Let's go...

Oh thanks guys. I didn't know it was R.T.G.T.B.N.C.T.F.N.F.R "Ruin Two Good Things By Needlessly Combining Them For No Fucking Reason" day. I forgot to mark it on my calendar.

Golden State Heavy weights eh? Heavy and Weight <-----these are the words I want you to read over a few times and then get back to me.

Oh word? And what industry exactly is it that we are "anti"? Clothing industry? Type Setting industry?

Checking to see if your pussy is still there is a everyday thang. Excuse me you had it right "an everyday thang" since I forgot the "an" because everyday begins with a vowel. We won't go into the whole "thing" and "thang" issue.

I feel like this type of shirt makes the Shurt Feelings every time. I just can't really understand the whole "hearting" or in this case "weeding"? things. Why is this a thing? You weed kush? Great. Just great.

Why not say something with more shock value like "College Was Not A Viable Option For Me Because I Got Expelled From High School For Selling My Aunt's Oxy Pills And Now I DJ Weekends At A Bowling Alley"? Someone mock that up for me. Thanks.