Friday, November 30, 2007

Behind the Iron Curtain

For those who do not know me personally you probably have never met my business partner and graphic designer of all things:
Heavy Manners

Introducing.... Mr. Justin Atallian

Justin has been on "holiday" for almost two months and has been busy as one can be on vacation.

So far he has:

-Managed Slam City Skates working 12 hour days and releasing the What The Dunks
-Sold a complete set-up to Dave Chappelle
-Traveled to London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and now Poland
-Caught up with our old SD comrade Shepard Fairey at his show opening
-Seen Crass or the closest thing our generation can call Crass
-Gone to Cannabis Cup with Vince, and Trademark
-And had time to find my doppelganger at the London New Era Store
-And more then likely dropped some designs for a few projects coming soon

Busy indeed. Unfortunetly Justin has been so busy that stores/buyers are all going to have to wait to see what we have up the sleeve for Heavy Manners Spring/Summer 08 just a bit longer. Needless to say I'm a bit jealous.

Book mark it:

Iron Curtain Design

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Joy Division

Grand Theft Auto 4

My friend Charlie Pratt sent me this link:

I've posted some of Charlie's work on SDTW from time to time and it still makes me scratch my head when I watch him paint photo realistic pieces on 10 story scaffolding for Rockstar, Dewar's, Cartoon Network, Nike, Supreme, Alife, Mass Appeal and anyone else who can afford him and his partners.


Grand Theft Auto 4 Time Lapse

Also for more of Charlie's work peep the site:


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do You Know Bo?

Above:Bo Jackson or should I say "Bow" Jackson (horrible pun)

Save for the horrible "Know Bo" parody tees you see on blogs from time to time little much is said about one of the greatest American/Sports icons of all time.

He was the first 2 sport athlete and basically cemented himself in a pantheon of "Bad Assness" that very few athletes ever have.

After he suffered his career ending injury he fell off the publics' radar quicker then Terry Schiavo.

So what do I know about Bo?

I know that Bo likes to get his hunt on and that he is confident that he is still faster then his "white" friends.

Bo Jackson ESPN article

If you got some time give the article a read and find out why Bo is still keep it real (country) after all these years.

Thanks C-Murder

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Today is my birthday I am 26.

And the picture above is what I am greeted with on this morning.

This guy apparently is my English doppelganger a.k.a twin.

I see the likeness, but I still feel like I'm better looking.

Comment and Vote:

Yes, if you believe we are twins.


No, if you think Adam and Justin (the duo that found this guy in London's New Era store) are incorrect and were probably on spacecake and or shrooms when hatching up this "hilarious" joke.

There can be only one Highlander.

p.s I will be at the Sonics game courtesy of my step brother in law, his younger brother sans mustache, Tony, and some guy named Burl versus the Orlando Magic.

Cold Chillin

The warehouse where I am currently working is at a nice 40 degrees.

I am the ice man.

Diggin' In The Links:

General Echo Mix

Ed* If you aren't familiar with the pioneer of slackness you now will be.

Publik Hair turns 1,500
Ed* Congrats to the blogfather and his silent partner

Fat kid avoids ridicule by swimming with t shirt on
Ed* I wish I wrote for The Onion

Monday, November 26, 2007

Viva La Rogue

Flicks from the mayhem that was the Goods x Rogue Status party.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I compiled some roots/early Studio One roots albums that I've been listening to lately and pulled a couple stand outs from each.


Freddy McGregor "Rastaman Camp" mp3
From the album: Bobby Bobylon

Ed* I'm not a huge Freddy fan. I particularly stay clear of most "Lovers Rock" as a rule, but Studio One rarely steers you wrong.

Burning Spear "Door Peep Shall Enter mp3
From the album: Studio One Presents Burning Spear

Ed* I've been listening to this album every night lately and this is the best tune by far. A lot of these Studio One tunes would come back into Spear's catalogue and get a much ruffer roots treatment later on and this is one them.

Burning Spear "Down By The Riverside" mp3
From the album: Studio One Presents Burning Spear

Burning Spear "He Prayed" mp3
From the album: Studio One Presents Burning Spear

Junior Byles "Beat Down Babylon" mp3
From the album: Beat Down Babylon

Prince Alla "Funeral" mp3
7 inch rip

Horace Andy "Every Tongue Shall Tell" mp3
From the album: Skylarking: Studio One

Horace Andy "Got To Be Sure" mp3
From the album: Skylarking: Studio One

Sylford Walker "Burn Babylon" mp3
7 inch rip

Ed* I am a huge Sylford Walker fan. I wish I had more of his catalogue That probably won't happen unless I start hunting 45s down which I hope never comes because what starts out as a "hobby" of collecting rare 45s usually turns you into a Rasta version of Gollum sitting in the dark obsessing over the "precious."

Mr.T x World of Warcraft

Incase you missed the best commercial of the year here it is again.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Dancing Outlaw

Please watch all four parts of this magical documentary simply titled

"Dancing Outlaw"

Nick put me on to it and it is by far one of the best things ever put to celluloid.

Quick synopsis:

-Elvis collection
-Gas Huffing
-Family Shootout
-Mountain Dancing
-Norma Jean
-Jail time

The Internuts

Apologies for the sporadic posts of late.

Qwest needs to duck down when they see me because they're slackin' on my high speed internet connection.

At any rate there is much going on at the moment for Heavy Manners, but it's all tied up in production and money. Lame.

Hopefully I will have cool stuff to post in a bit.

So for now just sekkle.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Coming Soon

Daniel Day Lewis and the kid from "Little Miss Sunshine" in a creey old west thiller.

Trailer: There Will Be Blood

Although not a proper sequel to begin with I am for whatever reason skeptical of this one. I saw "City of God" for the first time in 2002 and then went back the next week and saw it again because I liked it so much. "City of Men" looks to lift some of the stories and characters from the tv show of the same title on the Sundance Channel.

The show was pretty good, but it had this quirky feel made it hard for me to get really into it like I had with the movie.

Also what's up with the "movie guy" voice over dude?

Trailer: City of Men

This is from the dircetor of "Super Size Me."

Trailer: What Would Jesus Buy?"

Mr. T x World of Warcraft

Click this link and watch the best commercial of the year

Mr. T x World of Warcraft Commercial

Ed* Too good

Black Friday Sale

Speaking of pinche Street Machine they are having a Black Friday sale the day after Thanksgiving.

That means Street Machine is the only place you can get Heavy Manners tees in San Diego and you can get them for 20% off.


Flyer design my Nick

Monday, November 19, 2007


I made a little trip back home to San Diego to do the window display at the SD's only skate shop that matters Street Machine and hang with the fam.

Of course I forgot my digital camera and consequently I had to use Nick's Nikon "Cool Pix" which isn't as "cool" as the name would have you believe.

I don't have any pics of the Street Machine stuff so you'll have to wait to see it unless you live in SD then you can head down to the store and check it for your self.

Myself, Kristy, and Algot at Turf Club, you'll notice that I have become so white that I actually glow.

Nick and Cat

Cat's close-up

This is Nick's dog "Dingo" he was rescued from Tijuana by the SPCA. White people amaze me I mean there's little kids starving and selling gum all over that city, but it's the dogs that get the kush life and get sent to the States.

This pic was taken outside of San Diego's most cutty breakfast spot in the city. Good luck finding it.

I made it over to Trademark's new crib. Oh lord it's nice.

Psych art.

Nice little view of the whole city through the living room window.

Purple drums.

Tera Patrick and Supreme. I'm more familiar with Tera's "other" work as is every other guy on the planet.

Great concept and creative direction as usual.
Of course the downside is Mike might just stab you in the head with a fork like he did to that Maxim writer.

Laura believes herself to be from some sort of alternate universe where 99% of the human population are color blind.

Where Brooklyn At?

Ed* This one's for Jay

P.S Also if you're offended by this write a letter to the:

Department of Someone Who Gives A Sh*T
1221 Federal Way Suite #3001
Seattle, WA 98104

Just got back

I will have some posts up shortly.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Ed* He is a man with chocolate Face

Ed* Dancing midgets on acid

Ed* Chillin

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Going back to SD for the weekend

Things I will be doing in SD this weekend: (no partricular order)

1.) Alberto's carne asada burritos
2.) Phil's BBQ
3.) A trip to the The Pink Elephant to hear some old punk in a bar for once
4.) Street Machine
5.) Take some flicks
6.) Marinate with the posse
7.) Say whut up to Mom and Pa Dukes
8.) Stop by Love Machine Films
9.) See TOK somewhere
10.) Paint
11.) In N Out Burger
12.) See the ocean (no swimming)

Souljah Boy

Ed* 7 million can't be wrong

Monday, November 12, 2007

Diggin In The Links

So you don't have to.

Kimbo Slice's First MMA Fight
Ed* Be shook

"You ever broken a puerto rican man's arm for sweat pants money?"
Ed* Two words: Tracy Morgan

Peter Vallone is Public Enemy #1 to graffiti
Ed* The dude is an accomplished "d*ckhead" when it comes to fighting graffiti

Amazing FedEx ad
Ed* FedEx also has one of the best logos ever if I might add

Sunday, November 11, 2007

San Diego Chargers

After nearly blowing a 23 - 7 lead the Chargers eek out a victory against the defending Super Champ Colts.

It may have been ugly, but we'll take it.

Heavy Manners @ Winner's Circle Pics

Big ups to everyone that came through.


The jerk chicken was devoured instantly, the Red Stripes lasted about one hour before Tobias had to go on Joose runs, and the whole thing couldn't have been better.

Also big thanks to JR, Ray, Baby Hoks, and the whole Winner's Circle Familia for making the event look splendid.

All the following photos were taken by Jordan Nicholson a.k.a Skateboard D (inosaur) except photos 5, 8, and 9.


You can't tell from this photo, but TJ Actual Pain and I are discussing the pro's and con's about "larping" which is live action role playing if you haven't heard and was easily the best conversation I've had this month.

Senor Pheed came up to me shortly after this photo was taken and told me that he ate all of Lenox's snacks. Not cool. That's some never forgive type action.

Lenox and rasta cupcakes.

Benson, Tobias, and Baby Hoksworth youtubing Gucci Mane videos

This Is Lenox and his old man.

Nice vinyl touches provided by Winner's Circle

My good bud Peter B from WE/SC

Ray Ray Winner's Circle