Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SDTW Presents "Hooligans Club" or S.D.H.C

Ever since I blew "dafuckup" on this internet shit mad motherfuckers be sending me shit in my email and even regular mail.

Don't get me wrong I get a shit load of crap too.

My favorite emails though are when dudes just send me shit on some clowning type shit.

Things like this sent in from Eat My Shorts:

All it said was "Who the fuck wears Wu-Wear?"

It got me thinking. There are an army of assholes like myself that share my contempt of popular culture.

And with that I give you....S.D.H.C or "Super Duty Hooligans Club" if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

What is S.D.H.C?

Instead of me being the only asshole snapping pictures of fucktards or some sort of shenanigan I am hereby making all of my loyal readers into card carrying members of the Super Duty Hooligans Club.

To be a respected member you will need to submit photos/videos via email that either you or a friend took of something that needs to be clowned on, ripped on, ranted on, made fun of, or just plane old questioned.

*DO NOT send me fucking "Chocolate Rain" or some other viral bullshit claiming it is you. I will only post original stuff.

You've seen me post my own photo recon shots of:

- Utili-Kilt assholes
- Bumper sticker retards
- Weirdos
- Crazy signs
- Blatantly racist shit
- Street art fails
- Posers
- Fashion Don'ts
- Anything generally awesome

And stuff of that nature, but now I have 20,000 eyes an ears all over the world. Consider it my attempt at even the scales.

Also if anyone wants to mock a logo up for S.D.H.C that would look good as a watermark (if you dont know what that is you shouldn't bother sending in one) I will give you credit and pretend to respect you.

Ready, set, go.....

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