Thursday, July 31, 2008

Smell Yo Dick

I didn't want to believe Megan when she told me about this song.

How could it possibly be a real song? With a real video? Oh it is my friends.

The bar of crass is being raised my friends. Big time.

Watch it by clicking the link below:

Smell Yo Dick by Riskay

Wilfred Limonious

Wilfred Limonious is the man. I wish dude had a book or something. Sadly, I think his work will only survive on wax. His artwork is the personification dancehall and Jamaican culture.

There is no real archive of his work or any website worth while to point you to. Essentially, if you want to see his work you need to dig through crates of 80's dancehall and rub a dub and have a good eye.

I will try and post up some hi-res joints when I have some time for all of you design nerds.

Lil Wayne "Da Drought 3"

So much hype about Wayne a.k.a Weezy F. Baby a.k.a Young Money a.k.a Young Carter etc.

The draw for me with Wayne is that he's so over the top. He's the only rapper out that will just say something so out of the pocket that you question his sanity.

I've went ahead and provided some examples of this below:

"If you don't like it/f*ck you with AIDS dick."

"L' L' lillie pad nigga L'look at the monster
y'you dont wanna crash like la la labamba."

"My shit poppin’ like im chris, no chris brown bitch
this up town bitch, that uptown shit, like what now
shut up you shut down bitch, now sit down bitch
we gets down bitch, now sit down bitch, don’t make a sound bitch
like a clown bitch, that red dot cover your nose like a clown bitch."

Who says this sh*t? The man has a gift. Whether you think he's good or not is not the point.

Da Drought 3 is widely considered his best album or mixtape whatever you want to call it. It comes off like an album because it's tag free and you don't have to listen to some assh*le shouting "cannnnooooonnnnn" every 15 seconds.

I went ahead and posted both Part 1 and Part 2. Do yourself a favor and download them both and judge things for yourself. You'll be entertained either way.


Lil Wayne "Da Drought 3" Part 1

Lil Wayne "Da Drought 3" Part2

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Album Cover Art

I guess you could say the theme with this week's picks is hair with Yellowman obviously leading all would be contenders. Vicious.

Inside/Outside Documentary

Another new graffiti documentary called Inside Outside.

Apparently, it is only available to buy on dvd in Japan, but I'm sure it will available stateside soon.


Shyheim was only 16 years old when this album dropped in 94. He was living with his big cousin Ghostface Killah in the Stapelton Houses at the time and began recording with The Clan which ultimately led to the release of "A.K.A The Rugged Child."

Even though he was extremely young he shows moments of real brilliance on the mic. He sounds partly like Big L and early Inspectah Deck combined I suppose.

Oh and the classic "On and On" was produced by some guy named Premiere? Not sure who he is.

If you love that 93 - 94' timberland, shorties, forties, l's, style of hip-hop then add this to all the other classics from the era.


Shyheim "A.K.A The Rugged Child"

Friday, July 25, 2008

DJ Khaled Is The Worst

There is no one higher on my P.O.S (Punch On Site) List than this dude. Never in the history of man has there been a more undeserved amount of attention paid to a more worthless human being.

I wouldn't piss on this guy if his face was on fire.

Just watch how much of a d-bag this guy is.

Also what's up with hip-hop Arab dudes dropping the "n-bomb" all the time?

So lame.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kevin Lyons "Parents Just Don't Understand" Show

Snagged these great photos of Kevin Lyon's recent show in Sydney, Australia titled "Parents Just Don't Understand."

The wall in these photos is 20 x 30. Real talk.

The characters in the piece all have bubbles proclaiming "Fuck...(fill in the blank.)

He riffs on every topic possible from the "hype" of fixed gears to the lameness of blog culture, Nike, Japan, collabos, and the whole lot.

No one is safe from Kevin's tongue in cheek humor.

There's not much more that can be said about Kevin's body of work. You name it and he's done it and he probably did it while you were sleeping.

For more on Kevin Lyons:

Natural Born

Buy Natural Born on TTL

Kevin's Book

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ante Up

Ed* God, I love the internet

Once and For All



Taylor and son

Skip and son

This is for all the times we collectively have had to suffer through this comparison. We get it. I look like Taylor and Taylor looks like me. Check.

It's like gazing into a mirror of coolness.

Also for those in the know I also look like some bloke that works at the New Era store in London.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dark Knight x Revok x Augor

Watch Revok and Augor Do The Dark Knight Billboard

So good.

Officer Rick Ross?

Not that I really need substantiated proof that any of these "kingpins" ever moved weight, but this does remove any sort of "stripes" Mr. Ross may have had going for him up to date.

Also don't diss blogs on your record. Dumb. That's like pissing in the wind. Bad idea Rickey.

Read the story below complete with photos showing that not only was Rick not moving weight, but he was actually on the side of the law i.e in uniform.

Hip-hop is on life support and slipping into a coma. Snoring.

Rick Ross Gets Card Pulled

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Sucks to be Saec

Still running



Close up


F*ckin Spring Break Duuuuuuuuuuuddddddeeeeee!!!

House Party Aftermath

All good parties start first and foremost with hot dogs

Billy with the pre-game thiz face

Then Salts showed up with Abbie and things went down hill

We started a frat

Mike's in it

Little Al

Usually when you show a girl your snake you get beat up, not the case when you're Baby Zeus

Smile now

Cry later

Her body was like silk, but her face was a shocker

Only fly mami's allowed in this clubhouse

And they gotta be down with some d

Pick a winner

If you do this

and do that

Chances are you'll end up on the floor

Big ups to Little Alex for winding up the place wif him bad man dancing and ting

The line up

I think she's a dude, bro

Ed* Thanks to everyone who came through to the party. Good times. Thanks for not puking on anything and not bringing any fat chicks.