Monday, May 10, 2010

SDTW Photoshop Skillz

Everyone has a tumblr blog now a days. That's cool as a hobby. You post things that inspire you and such. I've done it a couple of times on here. Now I'm starting to see the phrase "blog curated" by "mr. such such" from some blog I'm supposed to have heard of.

Really homie?

Blog curating?

Curating by definition is some bull shit. It's like getting credit for not painting, designing, or doing any of the work. A curator just picks the person or persons who do all the work.

Why does the art world and the blog world piss in your face and say it's raining?

I WISH someone would pay me to google pictures all day and post them on a tumblr page under some bull shit pretentious title theme.

For example:

"ghosts whipser no more"

a tumblr blog curated


Super Duty Tough Work


  1. One of the best blog posts Ive read in awhile.

  2. More truth than jugs, tiitties jugglin' in a photo booth.

  3. Dude you forgot godard that dude clutters your dashboard