Sunday, February 28, 2010


Life is a strange trip indeed.

I took most of these photos, but not all of them.

I Heart The Internets


Stussy's Dilla Documentary

These have been posted on a lot of blogs, but I think that is because J Dilla's legacy deserves the attention.

Watch all three parts:

Dilla Doc

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Film With Me In It: Trailer

This looks pretty bloody good. 

Horrible pun intended. 

Photoshop Skillz

I saw this photo and it just evoked that whole 80's "badassery" vibe that used to make being a kid so fun. I miss that feeling. That feeling you'd get when you scored some fireworks from Tijuana or when you would find a Playboy stash out in the cuts.

Remember that feeling?

Just added the "get some" that was all it needed.

David Rodigan Is My Idol

If you don't care about clash then pay this clip no mind.

Watch my hero David Rodigan bury Poison Dart in the "Dub Fi Dub".

On his last dub Rodigan just runs a Cocoa T dubplate and tells Poison Dart to go home to their mama with an "18 And Over" duplate.


Dubstep Gwan Commercial

I'm sure a whole slew of dubstep "purists" are mad at Nike for using dubstep to sell "tennies."

Just remember dudes there ain't no future in being broke.

Get that money blood. Once people figure out that you're playing re-packaged techno they are gonna get mad.

I think the commercial is pretty well done.

I wish football was big over here. I think that's why the Taliban hates on us.

Just sayin.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nas x Portishead

I really have no love for mash ups. I thought it was cool as an analog thing. When djs had to make it happen on turntables and such, but it just became so played out so fast that I couldn't really pay the concept any mind. That's just me.

If done well they can be really great.

This one is really old and was done by Dangermouse pre-Grey album from what I gather.

Give it a try.

Nas "It Ain't Hard To Tell" (Portishead Remix) by Dangermouse

Photoshop job by yours truly.

SDTW Presents: Dunology

Dunology is a slang system where words beginning with "S" are replaced by the letter "D".

Son = Dun (spelled "dun" instead of "don" because the latter is already a word)
Solo = Dolo

And so on. As long as the word you are changing is not already a word it will fly as a dunism.

How to use dun in everyday life situations:

Example 1:

Dun: "Ay yo dun, where'd you put my Family Matters dvd?
Dun 2: "Dun, I already told you, that dun from around the way borrowed it dun."

Example 2:

Dun: "You want fries with that, dun?"

Example 3:

Dun: "Yo dun, hand me that bottle of Pepto right there, my diarrhea be actin' up like a mug."
Dun 2: "I got you dun."
Dun: "One hundid."

Try for yourself or try for delf.

Nah mean?

SDTW Approves

Many of you know that I am not very fond of logo parodies.

Ironically, I am a HUGE fan of really bad ones.

Case in point:

Team Rasta.

So many questions, but oh wait...what is this?

A website?

Where all my numerous questions about Team Rasta can be answered?

Team Rasta is a recreational hockey team based out of New Jersey. Of course?

They get mad irie and then hit the ice.

Check them out:

Team Rasta


The Great One a.k.a Wayne Gretzky showing he is down with Team Rasta

Ragga Jungle Massive

For some reason when I listen to ragga jungle tunes I always feel like I'm running from the police.

Not sure why that is.

SDTW Needs

Can someone send me a link to this album? Or leave it in the comments section?



Rondell came through

Stop Looking For Stoney Jackson

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valhalla Rising

Valhalla Rising is the newest film by director Nicolas Winding Refn.

My dude is the one responsible for both Pusher Trilogy & Bronson which basically makes him a certified bad ass. Imagine if Guy Ritchie was from Copenhagen and not London and never simped out after marrying Madonna. That would be the best way to describe Refn's work. It may even be a bit darker than that.

Anyways the trailer quality is not all that great, but it is about time someone went and made a great Viking movie. Fingers crossed.

Meyhem Lauren "Got The Fever"

There are no more than 5 listenable rap songs about graffiti. This is a new one by someone I've never heard of named Meyhem Lauren. It is actually very well written if I can offer my two cents.


Can we PLEASE stop misspelling things on purpose? Meyhem? C'mon. It is spelled Mayhem blood. Mayhem.

Why is it so hard to rap about graffiti? Because 9 times out of 10 you will come off sounding like you are 12 years old and have never touched pussy. Real talk.

Here are two other odes to sprays worth checking out:
And here is what happens when Europeans start taking this concept a little too serious:

Not trying to clown dude's hustle. I am simply pointing out that no one should walk around wearing baggy jean shorts passed the age of say 18 and this crew looks like their median age is no less than 30.

"Gehe einfach auf die jean shorts meine freunde."

Which translates I believe to:

Go easy on the jean shorts my friends.

SDTW Needs

Dear Jah,

Please send I-N-I these King Jammys 45s.


Jammy 45's Re-Press

King Kong

Test King Kong and you'll end up in a pine box.

All Jammy's of course.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Josey Wales "Ruling" LP

I probably should have had this album a long time ago, but only just recently copped it.

Josey Wales was one of the few deejay that was able to clash with Yellowman and hold his own.

He came up on U-Roy's Sturgarv Sound and would go on to work for Junjo's Volcano Sound (my favorite next to Jammy's).

The Limonious artwork is kind of cool as it shows more of a shading style versus his typical color separated style.

How To Paint In The Cold

Painting in Seattle during the winter and early spring can be pretty chilly.

It will snow in the winter a good number of times and the overall lack of sun light can make any mission pretty damn tough.

I think some of our East Coast, Mid West, and Canadian comrades may have it a bit worse, but snow is fucking snow.

There are ways to make your paint work for you in the winter and who better to show you than Bates.

The dude claims these techniques work even in -10 degree conditions.

So read up little duns:

Bates' Winter Painting Tips

Free Paint

I've seen a lot of stash photos from cart pushing victories on flickr, but god damn that is a stash if I've even seen one.

This photo should be sent to Montana, Belton, and Ironlak as proof as to why American writers by and large do not care about getting "free" paint.

I however can be completely bribed off by any of those fine companies with a case or two :)

I Heart The Internets

I was trolling through Craigslist Seattle and came across this ad.

How bull shit is that?

When you're like 7 the single most important thing in your life is becoming a ninja if you're a boy. You fuck around with your friends and get your ninja on around the neighborhood, but eventually most kids end up begging their parents to sign them up for martial arts. This is to add some "street cred" to your ninja life.

Unfortunately the most common place parents sign up their kids for classes is at some bunk ass "karate" studio next to the Domino's Pizza. It is 90% of the time located in a strip mall. Fact.

Now if that wasn't bad enough for the little duns you got whatever bitch made dojo hiring some no talent, no martial arts havin, scrub to PRETEND to teach you how to kick someone's ass.


How can you INSTRUCT without any EXPERIENCE?

Fucking shenanigans I tell you.

SDTW Approves

I have been obsessed with putting Frank's Red Hot on everything I cook recently.

It's becoming my own Adobo.

Get some.

Reggae Album Cover Art

I want to say the Jack Kirby "Hulk" with the wicked dreads is the winner here, but the simple type treatment on the Yabby You record is probably still my favorite.