Sunday, May 30, 2010

S.D.H.C #9

Caught these "hardcore" dudes myself at a stop light earlier today.

The dude on the left saw me aiming my phone and made that face. The other dude didn't see me because he was updating his Twitter on his sidekick. Punk as fuck broooooo.

So yeah.... we got two crust punk fails here.

One with a brand new umbrella (a fucking umbrella, homie?) and the other rocking some cargo capris feverishly getting reviews from of the nearest vegan Chinese food spot on his phone.


  1. Guy thinks he writes the Do's and Don'ts for Vice magazine. He's seen how easy it is to look cool belittling people, he knows the format, he's even got a little logo made so when morons who buy into this crap submit their flicks he can watermark that shit.

  2. Is that dude wearing ugg boots?

  3. They look like UGG boots in the photo, but they were just regular boots, unfortunately.

  4. dudes just look like nerds, if he wasnt wearing a black flag t shirt, i would have just thought he was in the geek squad.