Friday, May 21, 2010

S.D.H.C #1

You get it?

aDIOs. Fucking Ronnie James RIP.

Super Duty Hooligans Club is now in business.

Our shits got a "sick as fuck" logo and a little water mark for all you bitch made tumblr pussies that steal my shit without letting people know how much radder this blog is than yours.

If you want some sort of credit for sending in your original photos I can put your name or some shit in the post.

Here is the offcial S.D.H.C logo designed by my favorite artist in the world Sergio Algot Bogiore. Dude doesn't have a website or a twitter or any of that gay shit so don't ask me for one.

Get used to this feature because it is probably going to take over me having to find bull shit to write on here.

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