Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cornel Campbell

Cornel Campbell is widely considered one of the most "unsung" reggae artists from the classic roots/rockers era of the 70's. This compilation is almost entirely Bunny "Striker" Lee productions and is 46 tracks deep. Here's some of the better tunes for download.


Cornel Campbell "Gun Court Law" mp3
This is Cornel's version over the "None Shall Escape This Judgement" riddim. The story goes that Bunny Lee had this riddim done and Cornel passed on it and it went to Johnny Clarke. Of course Clarke's version became one the biggest tunes of his career and Cornel realized the mistake so he ran back into the studio and cut his version.

Cornel Campbell "I'll Mash You Down" mp3
This is one of Campbell's better known 7 inches. I think the appeal of Cornel's style is most apparent when he would sing "bad man" style lyrics contrasting with his "crooner" styled voice. This track is sung over the "College Rock" riddim/

Cornel Campbell "Jah Jah Me No Born Yah" mp3
I don't much about this tune, but it stuck out to me for some reason.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kanye West x Zach Galifianakis

This will probably have the internet on fire for a hot second.

Simple concept:

Kayne West asked Zach Galifianakis to basically be Kayne in a new video in place of Kanye. It looks like a parody video, but Kayne asked him to do it.


Click below:

Kayne West x Zach Galifianakis
*Link is now fixed, sorry.

Thanks Nick

From the belly of the beast

I'm sort of a closet movie addict. I watch about 3 new/old movies a week which is pretty decent considering I have a 1 year old boy and a jobby job. So here's a list of upcoming movies that get the pre-thumbs up approval based on there trailers.

Billy Vs. Steve a.k.a The King of Kong
Ed* Laugh out loud when you see who the greatest 80's arcade video game player of all time is. Dude is so serious with his doo.

Death At A Funeral
Ed* I am a sucker for British humor. When someone tells me they don't "get" British humor I mentally note their lack of intelligence.

This Is England
Ed* Probably the best of the bunch. I'd put this up against Ghosts of Cite' Soleil for best movie of the year. It's an 80's skinhead movie with a coming of age tell all wrapped into one.

Oh here's a little heads up if you're in SD:

My buddy Ghost will be signing at Comic Con all weekend along with some other artists to promote his new "G" vinyl figures. It's a good chance to rap out with Cousin Frank and get some cool ish.


Diggin In The Links:
Ridiculous post of too mp3zzz by Just Blaze @ The Mega Tron Don
Ed* Uber redonkulous post

Monday, July 23, 2007

New Job

I got a new job working at a real estate office in downtown Seattle. I went and sold my soul to have mass appeal. Well actually I sold it to have a decent hourly wage and free parking, but who's counting?

At any rate my new work schedule has slowed my posts down, but I'll be back with the daily posts soon enough.

So for now just settle.

Diggin In The Links:

50 and Yayo diss Ghostface
Ed* I truly have no energy to make a whole post about this but I will say this if you are another rapper's weed carrier which we all agree Yayo is then you have no room to talk EVER. For more on weed carriers see: Memphis Bleek, Flip Mode Squad (all of them), Terror Squad (all of but excluding Remy "Pistol Carrier" Ma), Bravehearts, and St. Lunatics

Lohan gets another DUI and gets caught with blow
Ed* Seriously? Lohan is making most rappers look weak right now. She's straight smashing the "crazy" game right now.

Troops set to be in Iraq at least through 2008

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Read A Book

An amazing satire on hip-hop/rap and a good summary on the skewed value system of America's youth.


Not really feeling this Promoe guy, but Capleton in a cartoon is just too good. It looks like that game Parappa The Rapper.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stunts, Blunts, and Wiggum

Here's the last of my SD flicks.

The real king of the city. I've always been a big fan of Aladdin Bail Bonds myself (thanks again Trademark) but Stahlman is probably even better.

Nuff said.

I walked into Trademark's kitchen to find a shrine to The Simpsons. I'd bet dollars to donuts that the Wiggum stand up was theived.

Lenox started walking around Uncle Trademark's house and started getting into all kinds of contraband.

He got into the gold chains.

He got into he O.G David Robinson's which apparently didn't fit.

He finally got it right and started sporting some custom STM shades.

P.S I wouldn't leave your kid around Uncle Trademark's house seeing as the last time I let him hold Lenox he gave him a cigerette and tried to show him how to hold a gun. We are all hoping Adam never breeds.

San Diego Part 42

I did make it to the beach once while I was back home. It wasn't just an ordinary trip seeing as it was Dirty Tim's born day bash.

Wind and Sea shore break is always pretty decent.

I don't know why people argue about which beer tastes better? It says "King of Beers" right on the f*ckin' label man!

Potato salad dogs are not for the squeamish.

I told Tim to make a "metal face" and this is what he came up with. I was disappointed with the results.

Triton himself surveying the bounty of his sea.

I didn't get pics of the paddleball tournament or the body surfing tournament. I failed to place in either although I was adamant that the scoring was fixed.

After the beach I went to Pinche Vince's crib and then we were off to Phil's BBQ. I dare you to find a better meal in the city.

After Phil's it was on to Landlord Jim’s, which has fallen from its glory days as a genuine "dive" bar.

Savior Self and Chauncey

Steve and Vince

Mr. San Diego a.k.a Unite

Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh Lawd!



Clip of the summer for sure.

Thanks Adam.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Spray Paint (The Walls)

Here's a little dose of flicks from my recent trip to San Diego. When you think of famous graffiti cities like NY, LA, Philly, Chicago, SF, and even Seattle to some extent you probably aren't going to hear San Diego come up.

I like it that way. San Diego was purged of many of its best writers in the 90's from a sting operation that saw the arrest of over 200 writers.

SD also had a pretty intense gang problem back then as well and the conservative argument that graffiti promotes "gang" activity was thrown around freely in newspapers and the media.

The fact is every city has something to offer and although SD isn't a huge scene in terms of the graffiti commmunity you can still find people steadily doing their thing and remaining off the radar.


Nice freeway spot in downtown SD. Summer time silvers!
Noks (ICK) + Esco (AFF)

Enron (DTM + NR) running strong.

Kizer (TVC) A little background on this spot. This is on 11th and Broadway which could easily be considered the busiest intersection in the city. There's no cover just roll down doors right next to the street. TV Crew was formed over 25 years ago and has never added new recruits because all the original members are still very active.

Same spot by Amigo (TVC)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Wale x Catchdubs

Go download a new mix by my buddy Nick Catchdubs and Wale.

It's strictly dope.

Click here to download

Summer time in the city of Saint James

And here comes another one....

These next couple of photos do a good job of showing youy what aa typical day is like in San Diego in the summer time. San Diego is so slept on and I think I like it that way.


Most of my Seattle cohorts have no idea that I have the crazy stupid whip back home. I miss this car a lot and I don't even like cars. Sure she's seen better days, but she's still a good time.

Nick trying to blow smoke up my ass.

Salazar's isn't the first taco shop that comes to mind when you're downtown, but it's pretty hard to beat. Taco shops in San Diego are like coffee stands in Seattle i.e EVERYWHERE.

One of the greatest of all time.

Victor drawing out a new tat for Justin.

The world famous Street Machine bano. After hanging at this store for nearly 3 years I finally got caught up by some Panda Express and had to swallow my pride and take a deuce in that sweat box. It's a foul and dodgy little bathroom with nothing but skate posters and hate scribbles drawn all over the walls. Also if you stand over 6 feet be prepared to sit sideways due to the lack of leg room.

King of The Arena. Big Germs posing on my borrowed Vespa.

I think the chicano/gangster aesthetic is at it's all time peak in terms of popularity, but this tat is surely one that deserves a double take.

Victor's unfinished back piece.

Thoughts from Derrick.

I saw Pablo for about 3 seconds. My bad P.

Nick's desk.

Ghosts of Cite' Soleil

I saw a photo spread from this movie a couple weeks back, but after seeing the trailer I'm pretty sure this doc is going to be the next big indie gangster classic.

Ghosts of Cite' Soleil Trailer

Official Site

Thanks Matt

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Colt 45

These commercials could never air today.

Thanks Nick

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The 4th

My 4th of July was kind of lame. I ran around trying to find something better then what I left and I ended up just riding around San Diego instead of staying kaput and lighting fireworks and blowing up $hit.

The following pics do make the day look nice and tranquil though.

Rocking hipster bbq where I hung most of the day listening to Interpol and eating hot dogs.

Close your eyes and wish for two 22's of Modelo.


I didn't wish for Drew posing like a wigger next to me but what can you do?

Resq has lived in SD too. Small world.

Cat showing some leg.

Psycotropic weather

A puggle nakmed T-Bone

A rat named Security. Security? Who thought of that? Next time you're doing coke and listening to Belle and Sebastian refrain from writing down all your "really good" ideas.

A picture from one of my many boring walks that day