Monday, May 17, 2010

Seattle's Finest

When my friends visit my lovely city I usually let them know that even though there are shit tons of "new agey" and "forward thinking" bumper stickers on all the cars and how Seattle is in the Top 10 Greenest Cities our cops however are some of the biggest peckerwoods with badges in the U.S. That is a very useful tidbit to know especially if you are not of the Anglo descent.


I have no idea, but this video captures what I am sure is a weekly if not daily routine by S.P.D

And why is it you have to find this new story on a website in the U.K?

If you want decent news in America you have to find it from sources outside the country.

Let me make this clear. I am no conspiracy theorist liberal retard. I generally avoid commenting on politics and such because it just feels pointless. It is like really eloquent bitching. Take this post for example. I am just bitching about pigs being pigs and not really researching the entire story or cross referencing multiple sources etc. I am just watching some video on another blog and then re-posting it.

Politics are pointless. Arguing against police brutality is pointless. Clearly this is excessive force. It is on tape. It is obviously racially motivated and guess what homie? Nothing will happen. So why even bother protesting or having a rally?

You can shoot anyone as long as you have a badge.

Even if you're a 7 year old girl in Detroit read here

That is why I prefer posting up shit like Corey Feldman and Iron Sheik clips. It makes you laugh and forget that the world is run by retards.

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  1. The story has been featured on the local news channels and apparently, Q13Fox doesn't want to run the story. The story usually get cut short with half ass promises from the county pd. I don't have cable so fuck national news.