Sunday, May 31, 2009

No Doze Mixtape


Just got this in the inbox from Makeshift.

This dude is the return of regular dude rap. Did I just make up a new sub-genre up? Yeah, I did.

No Doze is brought to you by SK8 MAFIA and Crem De La Crem and is 20 tracks of heat.

For more on Makeshift check his MYSPACE on the daily for new beats and new raps.


No Doze Mixtape by Makeshift

PC Version:

Alternate Link

Friday, May 29, 2009

100% Dynamite

Souls Jazz says:

2008 two CD release jam-packed full of New York's finest Dancehall Reggae and Hip Hop sounds. From the 1980s onwards, New York developed it's own Dancehall and Soundclash scene away from Jamaica. Nearly all the artists involved were first and second-generation Jamaicans living in New York who took both Reggae and Hip Hop as their points of reference. 100% Dynamite NYC features a stellar line-up of New York/Jamaica's finest - everyone from Kenny Dope to Supercat and a heavyweight selection of the finest Reggae/Dancehall/hip-hop tunes you will ever hear!

I say:

This is the jump off right here. It sounds like a whole bunch of songs that DJ SW1 would play at the end of an In Living Color episode. Also I support anything Louie Rankin is involved in blindly.

You can almost smell the trash can fire when you bump this.


100% Dynamite NYC

Mr. Frazier

Does anyone know what show Mr. Frazier is from?

Wait for the part when it gets into how to dance. Wicked.

Can my UK heads help me out here?

Photo of The Day

How f*ckin cool is this? This is our president! I mean whether dude pans out to be half as good as everyone seems to believe has yet to be seen, but the fact that we elected "Cool Breeze" Barack gives me a little more hope for the country I call home.

Snake mode from Hurt You Bad

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Graffiti Tips

Most graffiti shops are pretty lame. They usually have the same old useless crap. Most of it is just new fangled gimmick crap that isn't worth a sh*t.

Sorry dude, I don't need a cap that sprays tags into spider webs or glow in the dark ink or sigh.... a name plate belt.

I don't even need the paint. I mean don't get me wrong I'll take it for a commission or on a homey price with someone else's dime, but for the most part I'm sticking with American Accents and Rusto Flat Black and White.

That being said if you subscribe to the same school of thought do yourself a favor and get a few bucks together and buy these caps. They will blow your mind.

Get a bag of Rusto Thins (yes, they exist) and especially get the Female Painter's Touch Fats and Thins.

Get them only at:

Trout Art Supply

Hear that Europe? We don't need your pinche paint any more.

Early B

This might be the best digital tune I've ever heard. Early B is one of the my favorite deejays ever and he buries this tune.

I have a bias towards the more eerie and dark style tunes. They tend to juxtapose the stereotypical "warm and sunny feel" of Jamaica. The ominous melody of the keys and the rolling bass together on this tune are just too good.

If you are a serious dj and want this tune drop the $6 and grab the re-issue at Deadly Dragon Sound

Photo of The Day

Snake mode from Yimmyayo

New Banner Design

Big thanks to the homie Algot for hooking us up with the new banner drawing.

Note the "sick" ass tats on dude's face little SD hit, some mean lookin' dog, and the little Mariner's triton under the ear.

Purest of the pure.

Also if you think you have some design chops feel free to send any banner designs. Just don't get butt sore if I don't like them.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Major Lazer "Zumbie" ft. Andy Milonakis

I've been telling you all for years that dancehall is the best music in the world. Not so much in that it speaks to you like good music should, but better by the fact that it is hands down the craziest sh*t being recorded in the world today.

Run it.

I Heart The Internets

The last one is such heat.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mikey Dread

Our good friend Mikey Dread might not be with us anymore, but his music will obviously live on.

This one has a few of my favorites on here like "Walk Rastafari Way" , "The Voice of Jah" , and "Barber Saloon".

Produced by Mikey himself with Sly & Robbie on drums and bass, Horsemouth on drums, and Augustus Pablo on keys.


Track Listing:

Dread Combination
Walk Rastafari Way
Everybody Needs A Proper Education
The King In The Ring
Step By Step
Love The Dread
The Voice Of Jah
Barber Saloon


Mikey Dread "Evolutionary Rockers"

Friday, May 22, 2009


Big ups to Microsoft for the case of Montana 94.

I haven't had "fancy" paint in years. I still prefer American Accents all day.

Photo of The Day

Moz Turns 50 Today

Happy Birthday Moz!

You limey bastard!

Diggin In The Links Returns D.I.T.L

I do it for the streets...

5 Ways To Save Dipset (No Homo)

Rejected Cartoons

Thanks Nick

Ceaze MSK

For those into hand styles

Stuff White People Like Bob Marley

I am surprised no one sent this to me

Watermelon Woman VBS TV

If you haven't seen this woman you can now thank me for the rest of you life

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quote of The Day: Jersey Joe

"Yo son, im'ma bumrush these ninjas scientific!"

- Jersey Joe a.k.a Rime

Not only is he arguably the best writer in the world dude has jokes.

Vocab with Rime

Twinkle Brothers

One of my favorite roots tracks.

Ghost x Stussy Book

Friend of Super Duty Tough and all around legend Ghost a.k.a Cousin Frank has released his first proper book.

You really can't get much better than Ghost. His style is the definition of classic and remains unaffected by fads and time itself.

For more about the book and and an interview with the man himself click HERE

And to buy the book:

Click HERE

Ol' Dirty Bastard

Remember this album cover?


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aye Aye Aye Okay

Juice Man and Gucci Man.

Aye Aye Aye Okay Okay.

Only in America could these two be famous.

Love it.

Graff Purge

Style chasing.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Revok One

Whether you are a fan of the serious attention Revok gets (in my opinion deserves) or not you have to at least acknowledge how dude does not stagnate on one style.

Take it easy.

Follow him daily at REVOK1.COM

Reggae Album Cover Art

My obsession for album art even carries over into labels.

Look at that thing:

Mister Tipsy?


Barry Brown

Nice likkle rub a dub roots from Barry Brown with Sly and Robbie on the production side.

A Channel One Studio joint.

Track List:

Your Love Is Real
Trod On
Down In A Babylon
Stand Firm
Far East
Be Careful
Forward On
Run Wicked Man
So Jah Jah Say
My Woman
Come We Dub Tonight


Barry Brown "Far East"

Quote of The Day: Wilson Mizner

"The worst-tempered people I've ever met were the people who knew they were wrong."

- Wilson Mizner

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Zeus

Baby Zeus x Jumping Off Sh*t

Heavy Manners x Sizzla

Here's a little re-up on the mix we did with Sizzla and Tribe of Kings.

It's got everyone and their mom's on it:

Sizzla with Heavy Manners/Tribe of Kings Dubs
Bounty Killer
Buju Banton
Mr. Vegas
Beenie Man

and remixes by Unite, DJ Eleven, Snack & C'Mish


Heavy Manners x Sizzla "Fire Pon Dem" Mix Tape by Dasheye


The things you find in the dark, dirty, and damp places of the city.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sly Dunbar Heavy Manners

I could care less seeing rapper such and such wearing our gear. It's almost expected these days. Rappers will wear ANYTHING for anyone.

But when I get a flick from Unite of Sly Dunbar wearing a Heavy Manners tee I get that same geeked feeling that I used to get when I first started designing tee shirts.

Who is Sly Dunbar?

Sly Dunbar along with his partner in crime Robbie Shakespeare have produced over 200,000 songs give or take.

Not impressed?

No Doubt, Madonna, Ben Harper, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones, Grace Jones, Joan Armatrading, Gilberto Gil, Joe Cocker, Serge Gainsbourg, Sting, Khaled, Mey Vidal, Tricky, Doug E. Fresh, Carlos Santana, Sinéad O'Connor, The Fugees and others have had these guys make songs for them in the last 30 odd years.

Thanks for making my day Sly. Keep the riddims coming and can a dude get a pound for rocking the overalls with one strap please? Easy star.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hugh Mundell

Cause I'm feeling nice I'm gonna post twice.

Hugh Mundell is one of the most severely overlooked roots singers ever. Who knows what would have come from Hugh had he not been murdered at just 21.

This has tunes from "Time and Place" and a few others I believe.

Track List:
Blackman's Foundation
Great Tribulation
Time Has Come
Stop 'Em Jah
Time And Place
Don't Stay Away
Can't Pop No Style
Rastafari's Call
One Jah One Aim One Destiny


Hugh Mundell "Blackman's Foundation"

Michigan & Smiley


Studio One inna rub a dub style.

Classic niceness.

Track List:

Rub A Dub Style
Nice Up The Dance
Thank You Jah
Compliment To Studio One
Time To Be Happy
Eye Of Danger

Only 6 tunes, but each one is rough.

I'm not even gonna waste time explaining this one. This is a mandatory LP for anyone serious about this kind of thing.


Michigan and Smiley "Rub A Dub Style"

Photo of The Day

Is this a good photo? Sure it is, but even more importantly it triggered an immediate flashback for me of the first time I took acid. I'm not condoning the use of drugs by any means, but when you are sixteen and only have a skateboard and walkman (tape not cd) to your name the idea of "hearing colors" is pretty appealing.

So as it were I was sitting in the Felicita parking lot waiting for the two tabs to kick in. They hadn't done anything as far as I could tell so I walked to 7/11 to get myself a Slurpee.

I walked out of the store and BOOOMMMMMMMM! Peaking at full bore. Passers by saw a kid staring into the eternal depths of his Slurpee believing (at the time of course) that somewhere in that frozen slush of Coke with a dash of Cherry (like there is a better combo?) was the key to life.

Spoiler alert. There was no "answer" to life's eternal question I was just a stupid 16 year old with a head full of acid who was about an hour away from being grounded.

Grounded on acid. Those were the days.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I never ever tire of this site.

Crack smoke for the eyes.