Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Heart The Internets

Get head till you're dead.

My People (Part 7)

I feel like this feature might just be too much. My people are so strong and out there doing shit like this daily. This may as well be it's own site.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My City

Seattle cops are just on fire this year.

Besides killing any person that isn't white they leave their choppas unattended and then drive off with the shit still on the trunk.

It's not a cup of Diet Mr. Pibb.


Thnk Nick


SDTW Real Headlines

Think about it.

Someone's homie did this.

Like you get the call to pick him from county and you ask him what happened and he starts off like:

"This fuckin' hating ass stewardess bitch wouldn't get me another Sparks, so I basically had to to check her ass and then this dude was all......"

And it got kind of "blurry" after that, but you know at no point was the shit like his fault.

That's your boy.

Your boy did this.

Think about that shit.


We out here.

Ol Pussy Ass Jonas Brother

This was said in real life?

My People (Part 6)

Denise quit actin' a fool and get the fuck up.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Take It Easy

I will unabashedly admit that this song is one of my favorite songs ever. I don't give one wild shit what you think.

The video is no slouch either. This shit is like a 90's time capsule with B.D.P, mad dudes in white stitched denim, FX Crew and I spotted a fucking weed bandanna. All that shit co-signs it's fucking self.

This shit may as well be the SDTW "all time quarterback" anthem.

My People (Part 5)

S'rong with you man?


"Be all dark space punctuated by planets"


I have been listening to the Clams Casino mixtape almost daily for the past 2 months. It's just really good music for nearly any situation. I am sure there is a group of people busy trying to "define" his sound so they can turn it into a t shirt with a new youth culture combo meal.

Blast Off


GGGaaaaaaaadddddddd DDDaaaaaaammmmmnnnnnnnn

This dude slays MJ so tough. Anyone with half a brain knows NBA dudes can't dress theyselves for shit, but it appears as though Mike won't let anyone even be the best at terrible outfits. Even in retirement the dude still shines.

Dude's commentary is what really makes it worthwhile.


As seen via IMNOTATOY

p.s Someone needs to do this for Eminem and then combine the two sites since Em strictly rocks Jordan brand juicy couture sweatsuits on the dolo

Monday, June 27, 2011


Twitter has already started paying off.

Imagine trying to explain planking to Cam. The look on his face as you tried to explain why it's a "thing" would be worth more money than 10 Warhol paintings.

SDTW Sensitive Thugs

"Son, I'm telling you son, Corgies, them shits is non-hypoallergenic my nigga. You playin' ya'self trying to fuck with them shits son."


Brown Cardigan for the flick

Sunday, June 26, 2011

SDTW Photography Part 2

Here's another a phone pic dump of life through my eyes. Instead of leaving you retards to draw your own conclusions I will comment on each photo to give you a bit of perspective.

Waiting for the Fremont bridge whilst riding my bike.

This was from a ride with none other than the Prince Of Ballard we peddled over to Alki beach on a sunny day and shit was like a mix of Atlanta, Pacific Beach and Renton all rolled into one. The people watching was ridiculous. I almost wrecked twice just straight gawking at rollerblading spirit warriors.

Caught this fool slippin. Who the fuck is going to steal your wrongboard homie? Cause I'm pretty sure that dude from Sublime is dead. No one is gonna steal that shit player. Fucking Adam Sandler wouldn't even steal that shit.

I was gonna save this one for a SDTW "My People" post but decided to throw it in the pile. Why do white people think professing their love for Wu Tang is going to get them street cred coupons?

The view while I was waiting for court. I finally got my shit dismissed. Shout outs to all the readers that have to deal with that bullshit. Real talk x's infinity.

I think Jamie just looks like a creep here, but he's got super nice pit bull puppies for sale. I'd buy one, but I'm not trying to get my Estevan Oriol photo t shirt on.

I don't know why I take pictures of flash. I am not a tattoo artist. I am not going to be one and I have ZERO use for flash, but whatever.

This happened the other day. No big deal.

Pulled pork sandwiches are what makes Murika so fuckin' Murika. Got this at Pico's BBQ in the SODO. Shit was sloppy, but delicious.

My homie Jake is going to give Lush a run for his money.

Left ankle jump off. I'm not even sure what this is from but I put it on my leg none the less.

Disappointed when I saw it was not Pretty Tony in the box.

Some one should paint this dude.

Ah Fuck

I think po-po just raided B.Powders crib.

This fucks up everything.


Dude is one of my all time favorite people on the planet.


Nice photos from KC Russel on SPRAYBEAST

I Heart The Internets

Your dad is HIGHlarious bro.

Hori Smoku Sailr Jerry

It's Sunday so that means you have the time to watch this documentary about tattoo artist Sailor Jerry.

Stewed, screwed, and tattooed.

Watch That Shit

Friday, June 24, 2011

I Heart The Internets

Tombout this right here

Up To Di Time

Recently there has been major elephant in the room concerning Kartel so I will say this:

I think Kartel is the good kind of crazy. He may look like a smoked out tatted up Jamaican tranny, but does that really have anything to do with his music? Yes and no. Depends what kind of mood I am in. I mean all dancehall dude's dress horribly and follow basic American cable swag religiously so why should Kartel be singled out? Mavado looks like an anorexic Serena Williams with his little sorry ass braids so what's really good?

At any rate Kartel ain't going nowhere. White skinned or not. Dude has a strangle hold on Jamaica and he is the only danacehall artist to be featured in New York Times, Fader and RollingStone in the same week that I can remember.

Link Up

Props to Thomas for finding this one

Capleton Mix

It is harder to sort out the crap mixes from the good ones with dancehall mainly because there is ZERO dollars in the genre and the last thing they are gonna do is spend money "pon design and tings."

So you gotta have a more "seasoned" eye for the stuff.

This Capleton mix looks the part with the atrocious cover and solid track list. If it looks like something a Korean liquor store would sell it is probably a good album.

And now you know.

Capleton King A Fyah

My People (Part 4)

Although this is clearly "my people" it is worth noting that Dipset tried bringing rollerblades to the hood and well....

Shit is 9/11 Never Forget Type Action

Buju Banton Gets 10 Years In Prison

Poor Gargamel.

You tried to run with the big boys and now you're gonna get a celly that's a batty boy.

And for all the European sound system nerds that are gonna try and get cute by cutting a "Free Buju" dubplate with dude please note that in the U.S you can't record if you're in federal prison. Not even Weezy's tarantula lookin' ass could get off a 16.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


That's what's up.

Hell Has Frozen Over

I did my best to fight the good fight.

I swear on Snoop Dogg's Aunt I never thought this would happen.

But it is with a heavy heart that I inform you all that I have succumb to the pressures to create a twitter.

There is no excuse good enough so I will not insult you with a "why".

Maybe I am letting all the lil duns down or maybe I am just joining the sea of assholes.

Either way it will be interesting to see what happens.

Join me now as I swim in the warm waters of hypocrisy.


And this turrrible looking ass thing is my placeholder logo for the time being. I won't let the cat out of the bag entirely, but I have been asked to write for some other "known" websites and they asked me to come up with a name besides SDTW or whatever. So this is it.

Warmest Regards,

Skip Class

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ice Grill Part 2

My East Coast bredren Mero a.k.a THEKIDMERO a.k.a The Dark Skinnded Don did you all a favor and made a superb youtube mix of East Coast hood joints that sons any graphic designy serato soundcloud mix made by some mediocre dj from Williamsburg.

This will get you through your day job.

Check it ICE GRILL PT.2

Ebert Beef

The internet won't let me live without trying to make me give a shit about Roger Ebert dissing on Ryan Dunn (dude from Jackass) dying in a car wreck.

Congratulations Internets your wish has been granted:

1. 99.9% of the time someone dying is not a good look. That remaining .1% comprises sociopaths, Nazis, real deal evil people, pedophiles, and so on.

2. Yes, the dude died while speeding in a GT3 after having left a bar. Anyone that is not trying to get their up syndrome on can tell you that is not the best idea.

3. If something is THAT obvious do you need to be the one that drops knowledge, Robert? Like you wanna kick some knowledge on some other obvious topics like chainsaw juggling or grizzly bear wrestling?

4. If you look like the chick disguise from 'Total Recall' it is probably best not to draw major media attentions to your grill, blood. I mean Stephen Hawking already has that swag and dude is a certified genius and probably hits mad robot skins.

Why U Tryin To Be A Hero Old Man?

Just stop it five.

Dope Boy Anthems Vol. 1

The hammies at IMNOTATOY posted this mix and I concur with the description they provided "that dickie one piece trap suit shit".

Get it:


Real Talk

So I'm perusing through my usual "I Heart The Internet" haunts when I came across this gem. It's decent enough. Big ol' gal passed the fuck out in the dog park.

The reason I know that it this picture was taken in a dog park is because this picture was taken right in front of my fucking apartment. That wild ass bodega I talk about is right next store to this spot.

My building is nice enough, but at no point during the tour were they like:

"Oh do you guys smoke krillz? Cause there is the BEST little krillz spot right on 2nd Avenue and they are literally open 24/7 so that is something worth checking out. Also you have full access to the gym and roof amenities from your floor."


Floating hands


This is some no brainer type business, but there are those whom are not familiar.

Here's a taste in case you're scared to put this in your iTunes.

Get it:
Link To The Thing

Monday, June 20, 2011

Made In Japan

Dudes just get weird over there.

With their blurred out pornos and shrimp chips.

Rapper Names

I'm not really understanding rap names these days. I mean anything goes when you name yourself, but dudes are just pulling random syllables and word combos out of hats these days.

Here is just a few:

- This is not a fucking word.

- You are missing an "H" it is pronounced whale just like tale. You don't say Towel Lay do you? Didn't think so.

Fred The Godson
- Oh cool. Here's mine Skip The Nephew.

Apollo The Great
- This one is redundant.

Kid Cudi
- People know who you are, but do they know you jacked this name from a Care Bear?

Trae Da Skydiver
- No self respecting black man skydives. Period. Never not ever.

- I get the feeling this guy "cyphers" in various kindergarten classes in NY.

The Kid Daytona
- A lot of "the" guys now a days. Why not "The The Kid The"? That would crawl on search engines better. Because if we google your name it is going to pull up a bunch kids playing in the city of Daytona.

Cyhi Da Prince
- Clearly, you and Fred The Godson are friends. Is he upset that your name implies royalty while his just implies a religious and or legal guardian title?

Shaz Illyork
- Chaz The Illdork. I just used my brain from 5th grade to come up with that. What is your excuse?

- Coss what? Coss you don't have any fucking sense? Oh dollar signs. That's cool. You're basically like "Fuck the letter S, I'm all about that paper." Why is it then that I get the feeling you are broke? I'm sorry I meant "broke$".

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Get Upset

And because I'm feeling nice I'm a let loose on this new collection of duplates, b-sides, steppers and spaced out dubs from the man himself.

I challenge anyone to do a couple abra-ca-bongloads and listen to this and tell me it isn't good.


People funny boy business

The Upsetter : The Life and Music of Lee Scratch Perry

I went and saw this last night with my old lady. It was about as good as a documentary about Lee Scratch Perry can be.

Hearing some songs of his on a proper sound system was probably the best part.

If it is playing in your city go check it out and if it isn't you can buy it from the site.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

SDTW Photoshop Skillz

If Ja Rule was in a forest would anyone care?

I Heart Canadians

The internet is flamed up right now with some serious Canuck's riot shit.

First off, Americans that seriously try to diss Canada more than likely have never been there. Whenever I go to Vancouver there is nothing but ridiculously hot babes, legal weed bars (if you partake), different races living in the same neighborhood, very nice people and really good food.

So even though I personally love to call Canada (America's Hat) if you've been then you already know deep down what's up.


This was probably THE sorriest riot ever.

In one clip I think I saw an over turned Prius and a bunch of dudes kicking it. The fuck does kicking a Prius do? I mean unless you got steel toe boots and you're fucking David Beckham on pcp I don't think kicking is doing anything to a Prius.

I mean the shit is already a Prius. That's like picking on the slow kid in class. Not hard.

Also my dude right here:

Yeah dawg way to get your fucking Green Day on.

The homie got all juiced up and tried to spark the revolution and forgot the simple act of WEARING A FUCKING MASK. I'm not a riot expert by any stretch, but if you're gonna involve explosions, fire, weapons, breaking glass and the like you might wanna cover your face.

Also double bonus cause my boy also happens to be on some Canadian national water polo team or some extra ass white guy shit and is probably catching a fat charge.

High five, eh.

Overall, the riot just looked mad pussy. I wasn't sure if I was watching a riot or a Hannah Montana concert.

It is probably worth pointing out that if someone got hurt in this riot they were able to go to a hospital and not have to pay $14,562 to get stitches.

I would take health insurance over a Stanley Cup any fucking day.