Friday, January 30, 2009

Taken: Movie

I've always been a sucker for kidnapping movies i.e Man On Fire etc. This one looks good.

Check out the trailer:


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tinchy Stryder Gang Gang Dance

As weird as this is it's also inspiring to me. It makes me want to just go and make something, create something, and do something. Right now you're probably sitting on your duff when you could be getting all kinds of rad with lasers and synthesizers and cockney accented hooligan mcs in your crib making some music, ya know?

Snaked from:


Photo of The Day


I'm not sure why I'm feeling this Skeletor painting so much, but I am. Oh and that's Megatron below if you're wondering.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Swear To God

The new Heavy Manners website is coming soon.

Much sooner than later.

I promise.

Hold tight.

Jah Thomas

Jah Thomas runs tings. Stop Yuh Loafin' Bwoy!!!!!!

On the sleeve you have the usual suspects with Roots Radics, Channel One Studio, and Tubby's.

Don't be an idiot bwoy and pass on this one. Download it now.

Track Listing:

1. Dance Hall Connection
2. Cool People
3. Nigger Skank
4. Let Him In
5. Friday Night Jamboree
6. Living In Jamaica
7. Joker Smoker
8. Jealous
9. Gal A Laugh
10. Remember Me

Jah Thomas "Dancehall Connection"

OJ Da Juiceman

And name of the year goes to......OJ Da Juiceman

Wow. Apparently, the internerd is nuts for this guy. I'm on my 3rd listen and I don't see what all the fuss is about. Dude basically sounds like a more cartoony version of Gucci Mane. There's lots of "ayyeeee" and "yeee" type adlibs and the beats are some go dumb south synth style.

I know Baby Hawks and Hufman are gonna be feelin dude for sure though.

OJ Da Juiceman "Both Sides Of The Trap"

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bmore Gutter Music

I will admit I can be late to the party on things sometimes. Not that I front about it, but don't ever consider this blog to be a head of the pack on EVERYTHING. Save for maybe the dancehall stuff and that's mainly due to America's general apathy towards the genre and I can just phone up Unite when I don't know the latest tunes.

But, I have to admit that I completely missed the party when it comes to bmore club music.

Here is the Wikipedia definition:

"Baltimore club is based on an 8/4 beat structure, and includes tempos around 130 beats per minute.[3][4] It combines repetitive, looped vocal snippets similar to ghetto house and ghettotech. These samples are often culled from television shows such as Sanford and Son and SpongeBob SquarePants,[4], though can also be simple repeated calls and chants. The instrumental tracks include heavy breakbeats and call and response stanzas similar to those found in the go-go music of Washington, D.C.. More often than not, the breakbeats are pulled from two records: "Sing Sing" by disco band Gaz, and "Think (About It)" by Lyn Collins.[1] Much like the rave-era sub-genre of techno music known as breakbeat hardcore, Baltimore club sounds as if the music was intentionally hurried, as each song is made with a limited palette of sounds and is based on similar frameworks."

I think it basically blends the faster elements of electro, house, hip-hop, rap, and booty bass and uses a lot of call and response type samples. At any rate it goes does well if you're in the mood, but might be a bit too much for those still stuck in the backpacker mentality.


BMORE Gutter Music

My First Cartoons

Most of you are not privy to what it is I actually do for employment. Some of you may even think that the clothing line stuff keeps my pockets fat.

Ha. I can assure you that Heavy Manners ain't paying the rent.

However, I do work full time as a producer and art director here in Seattle. I produce retail branded TV shows for everyone from Hot Topic to McDonalds. It is a pretty good gig to say the least. After a while at the job I finally got a show that allowed me to draw something from scratch. I had the graphics/animation department turn some drawings into actual animated characters for the program.

These are some stills from the files. Also it is worth noting that where you see black in these frames is where the video and backgrounds will be.

So don't be surprised if you get some lucky girl knocked up and need to go baby shopping at any mall in America and you run into these dudes jumping all over the screens.

Crips And Bloods: Made In America

A new documentary about the entire history of Crips and Bloods by Stacy Peralta. This one will probably become an instant hood classic as it already has been accepted into Sundance and the like.

I'm a pretty typical white dude as I've always been into gang documentaries and tv shows (Gang Land), but have no real experience with gangs themselves (thankfully). However, I think gangs are probably one of the best examples of proof that there is a system in place to keep minorities specifically African Americans and poor people in general within a perpetual cycle of crime and prison.

Check it out for yourself.

Crips And Bloods: Made In America Trailer

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Andy Milonakis Auto Tune

Hugh Knight put me on to this one. Even though it's a joke it almost is passible my today's standards.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

DJ Eleven Winter Sadness 2 Mixtape

The big homie DJ Eleven of the ├╝ber famosa The Rub is back at it again with another Winter Sadness Mix. This time it is 100% free.

Visit his site here: DJ ELeven Dot Com

Check the Demarco tune on there too!

DJ Eleven "Winter Sadness 2" Mix

Friday, January 23, 2009

Design Of The Day

So good.


Most of my friends grew up on Tribe. A staple item of every skate rat's back pack was at least one Tribe tape (yeah, I said tape). The nostalgia factor of A.T.C.Q alone makes it nearly impossible for any solo endeavor by Q-Tip or Phife to ever be embraced. Of course when you release something like "Amplified" then you deserve to fail.

"The Renaissance" takes a huge step in the right direction sonically and what you have is something that sounds like what a Q-Tip album is supposed to sound like.

Q-Tip "The Renaissance"

Photo Of The Day

M.C Hammer

You are going to think I'm on crack for posting up this album.

Forget that Hammer was never gangster and just listen to the beats. It is ridiculous.

If you have your doubts then just check the officialness of this man:

M.C Hammer "The Funky Head Hunter"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Frigga Fresh

Well done sir. Well done indeed.

Thanks Nick.

Little Roy & Friends

Straight roots. Another Pressure Sounds compilation. They guys don't play.

Run it.

Play List:

1. Little Roy - Hurt Not The Earth
2. Carl Dawkins - Burnin' Fire
3. Little Roy - Ticket To Zion
4. The Heptones - Revolution
5. Leroy Sibbles - Total Destruction
6. Baba Leslie - Total Destruction Version
7. John Clarke - Recession
8. Little Roy - Rat Trap
9. Dennis Brown - Set Your Heart Free
10. Bongo Herman & Don D. Junior - Set Your Heart Free Version
11. The Heptones - Forward On A Yard
12. The Heptones - Forward On A Yard Version
13. Winston Scotland - Zion Fever
14. The Tafari All Stars - Free For All
15. Little Roy - Natty Yard
16. The Tafari All Stars - Prophecy Dub It Up

Little Roy & Friends "Packin House"

Picture of The Day

Oink, oink, oink!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mikey General and Andrew Paul

I've been digging around on the internerd for this one for a little while. Forget if this album is any good because the album art alone is worth the price of admission. Look how vicious that thing is. So good.

The album itself is pretty wicked too. It is very digital and very mid-80's sounding so if that's not your bag then I would suggest skipping it entirely, but if that's not the case then by all means get this one.

Mikey General & Andrew Paul "Sound Bwoy Burial"

Swap Meet Scores

I've recently become obsessed with swap meets in the last year or so. It's like shopping in the best store in the world especially when you consider the "come up" factor. I copped all kinds of ridiculous items my last go round i.e Georgetown Hoyas snap back hat, Smiths Meat Is Murder tee, and the always essential Rastafarian velcro wallet.

Usually I have to go to SD for big show a.k.a Kobey's but I've been to a few up here in the Northwest and they weren't bad, but for sure no Kobey's.

Now I got Nick sending me weekly scores like this Dukes of Hazzard watch. You can't see Nick's face, but I'm almost positive he has a smug little look on his mug.

Thanks Nick you gloating ass.

*Bonus SDTW Fact:

Bo Duke a.k.a the blond one is my cousin. We kick it during the holidays or whatever. No big whoop.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vybz Kartel

Vybz is just not gonna let up. Waiting for Mavado's big reply.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I finally got on board the Incase bandwagon and got myself the 15" hardcase for my Mac.

It might be a little hard to tell from the photos, but the hardcase attaches right on to your Mac laptop and makes it diesel. They have 5 translucent colors to choose from.

I suggest heading over to Incase and copping one.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Photo of The Day

This one is not really "artsy" but I think it will do.

Quote of The Day: Edward Teller

"When you get to the end of all the light you know and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly."

- Edward Teller

Durex Commercial

I wish more commercials were this funny.

Cut Copy

Again I don't know anything about Cut Copy or electronic-dance-disco music, but I have grown to like it for several reasons. The production is really good and it is a no brainer type of genre. You can just pop it on and let it play.



Cut Copy "Bright Like Neon Love

* Had the album title bad

General Trees

General Trees is wicked. Period.

The strange part about this record is I can't recognize any of the session players or engineers or anyone for that matter involved with it. Usually a few names will pop out, but I can't call it on this one.

No worries all the riddims are of the nice mid-80's digital affair and ram.

Check the "Scatter Me Scatter" tune with the turbo paced "Sleng Teng" bass sample.

Track Listing:

1. Gone A Negril
2. Mind Reader
3. This Is Threes
4. Serious Ting
5. Vege Bun
6. Threes In De Place
7. Mini Bus
8. Scatter Me Scatter
9. Fresh
10.Great Jamaican Jockeys


General Trees "Negril"

D.O.A Hardcore 81'

Canada's D.O.A inadvertently coined the term "hardcore" when they released this album. D.O.A has a lot more musical chops than most bands of the time and dare I say a slight English influence in their chorus' and transitions.

You should get this one just for the fact that the lead singer's name is Joey Shithead.

Track Listing:

1. "D.O.A"
2. "Unknown"
3. "Slumlord"
4. "Musical Interlude"
5. "I Don't Give A Shit"
6. "M.C.T.F.D"
7. "Communication Breakdown" (Led Zeppelin cover)
8. "001 Loser's Club"
9. "Fucked Up Baby"
10. "The Kenny Blister Song"
11. "Smash The State"
12. "My Old Man's A Bum"
13. "Bloodsucker Baby"
14. "Waiting For You"


D.O.A "Hardcore 81'

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Testing Testing

So I was checking the traffic stats for Ye Ol' SDTW and they are off the charts. More delinquents are reading the dribble I post up here than ever before. This is mind boggling because I don't think anything we (I) post up here is that riveting, but apparently I am wrong.


With that in mind I'd like to ask you (the readers) what it is you'd like to see more of. Not that I will grant this magical wish, but at the very least I might get a better idea of who is reading. I know a lot of you come here looking for Heavy Manners news and what have you, but that is in the works and to be honest I think I speak for Justin and myself when I say that we have pretty much become so apathetic toward the whole clothing thing. I don't care if I ever make another tee ever again, but I say this knowing full well that Heavy Manners will come back strong when the time is right. So for now just deal with SDTW. There are many great things in the works and when you see them you will be pleased as punch.

Pick one category you'd like see more of:

- music
- brand crap
- graffiti
- interviews
- animation
- artists
- keep it random

Comment away.

And thanks for reading.

Uncle Murda

If you aren't up on Murda you are missing out as he might be the best rapper to come out of BK in a long time.

Get it.

This is the only thing I have from dude. He doesn't have an album yet, but there are a lot of mixtapes going around.

Uncle Murda "Back On My Bullshit"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seattle Brands Do It Better

It's nice to know that Seattle's independent brands are still going strong even when the economy and specifically retail is in the sh*tter.

Have no fear cause Flying Coffin comes to the rescue with a great set of skate decks that function aesthetically singly or as a full set. Our friends at Flying Coffin never disappoint and always do the simple things right.

And if that wasn't enough...

TJ a.k.a The Dark Lord managed to get another mixtape out this time by ECDC and completely dedicated to Sonic Youth. Actual Pain always does there mixtapes right so I would suggest taking the time to download that som'a bitch.

Seattle weather may suck, but the brands that come out of here do not folks.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Beware of Flying Lotus

This was one of those records that someone gave me to check out and I left it dormant in my iTunes for a long time and then finally discover its brilliance way after the fact.

It's subtle and more atmospheric than anything else, but well worth the listen.

Get it.

Flying Lotus "Los Angeles"

Found Design

I'm surprised someone hasn't stolen this for a tee design. Maybe there is hope kids. Just maybe.

Friday, January 9, 2009


I don't know anything about this band except that I like this album and you just might too.

Click here to listen to a sample


MGMT "Oracular Spectacular"

Dirty Dozens With Al Bundy

Oh this one is a certified banger.

Not only is it the Dirty Dozens sketch which in of itself is great, but you get a cameo from The Biz and motha f*kin Ed O'Neil a.k.a Al Bundy.

Run it.

Wanted: Dead Or Alive

To really understand this post you have to follow a few simple instructions.

Step 1: Click the link below and scroll through the photo montage of the high speed pursuit of Mr. On The Run a.k.a Robert Sylvester.

Robert Sylvester On The Run Click Here

Step 2: Click on the link below and listen to Bon Jovi and repeat "Step 1".

Bon Jovi

To Mr. Sylvester, we here at the SDTW Corp. hereby salute you and your efforts.

Reggae Album Cover Art

Massive Dread wins this round.

Gallant Man Extremely Concerned About Drunk Woman's Welfare

FORT WAYNE, IN—Derek Kriesel, 22, who shall heretofore be known far and wide as the stately prince of Shooters Sports Pub & Grub, gallantly rushed to the aid of an inebriated maiden Tuesday when he noticed she was too drunk to make rational decisions. "A noble one was he who, as the valiant knights of yore, attended to her every whim, and yet she did not have to ask, or even glance in his direction," bartender Nate Bogen said of the modern-day Lancelot, who from his own pocket purchased many a drink for the woman after she fumbled just once for her purse. "He is truly a man among men, for ne'er did his eyes stray from her." According to sources, the noble hero also escorted the fair lady to her quarters, fingered her while she vomited, and slipped off before dawn without waking her or her parents.

Gotta love The Onion