Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Rest Of The Rap Sprays Contest Designs

My bad for completely leaving you all in the dark on all the rest of the Rap Spray designs. I gathered all of them that I could find in my inbox. I decided to make them all anonymous just to prevent comment fuckery. Also some of the designs are from some pretty infamous "rap sprayers". I did however identify the worst entry.

Thanks to everyone that bothered to get awesome and send in some shit. I am still very disappointed in you lot because I "know" who all of you are who read this stupid blog and there was defiantly a noticeable absence of MAJOR talent that were on some "too cool" shit to get dumb and have some fun.

This gem (featured below) managed to only follow one of the listed rules which was someone had to be holding a spray can. Even that is suspect as it is a fucking Lichtenstein piece. So yeah Milton Glaser here, did us a double rap spray logo parody on a black tee. Thanks for that.

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