Monday, July 12, 2010

Train Girl a.k.a Queen Of Bogans

The more I learn about Australian culture the less I want to visit that god forsaken rock.

Please listen to the whole thing.

There are "heaps" of gems in there.

Thnx to Niche

Summer Bummers

God damn. Rappers are just becoming parodies of themselves wrapped in cliches and soaked in retardness.

Not that it really matters.

The part that is hurting my head is why a mixtape gets its own limited edition t shirt and why said t shirt needs 4 "brands" to exist?

Some idiot: "SDTW you ain't heard of collabs dog? It is so companies can co-brand and get their names out more and shit."

Okay. Fair enough two companies from different spectrums of media come together and make something and split the tab. I dig that.

However, if you were to go into Wal-Mart you would not find let's say....

Hanes Beefy T x West Coast Choppers x Wal-Mart x Doritos ?

Cause that is what you're basically listing here. Music Artist x Clothing Brand x Store x Store. You should have gotten a chips company instead dudes. I think Funions even would have been a good look.

I mean we can all dream of such a corporate "perfect storm" if you will, but it ain't in the cards bros.

This one though is pretty hurting from a design stand point and that was probably what caught my eye.

The fact that you're saying it is "limited edition" is pretty damn redundant. Really dudes? You don't envision this conglomerate of street cred necessitating an additional production run after all the hypsters come through and buy these up from you?

The actual design...

Pretty standard C and C music factory thing here.


Wait bandanas? Are we still pushing for these things? Really? We can't move passed that short lived "fashion criminal" phenomenon?

As a country we were able to move passed Sisqo, but we can't shake the bandana thing yet?

Fuck man.


Don't get it twisted my dudes. The fact that I took the time to gripe about this shows some minute amount of envy and is probably doing them more of a favor as it will be re-posted on the blogosphere more. I will still be downloading that "Slime Flu" tape so in the end it's all just a wash.

So what the fuck do I know?

And we lose another one

Sugar Minott has passed away.

Here is a list of just some of his 60 album plus catalog.

* Live Loving (1978, Studio One)
* Showcase (1979, Studio One)
* Bittersweet (1979, Ballistic)
* Black Roots (1979, Black Roots/Island)
* Ghetto-ology (1979, Trojan)
* Roots Lovers (1980, Black Roots)
* Give The People (1980, Ballistic)
* African Girl (1981, Black Roots)
* Good Thing Going (1981, RCA)
* Dancehall Showcase (1983, Black Roots)
* With Lots Of Extra (1983, Hitbound)
* Herbman Hustling (1984, Black Roots)
* Slice Of The Cake (1984, Heartbeat)
* Wicked a Go Feel It (1984, Wackies)
* Leader For The Pack (1985, Striker Lee)
* Rydim (1985, Greensleeves)
* Time Longer Than Rope (1985, Greensleeves)
* Inna Reggae Dance Hall (1986, Heartbeat)
* Sugar & Spice (1986, Taxi)
* Jamming In The Streets (1987, Wackies)
* African Soldier (1988, Heartbeat)
* Buy Off De Bar (1988, Sonic Sounds)
* Sugar Minott & Youth Promotion (1988, NEC)
* Lovers Rock Inna Dance Hall (1988, Youth Promotion)
* Sufferers Choice (1988, Heartbeat)
* Ghetto Youth Dem Rising (1988, Heartbeat)
* The Boss Is Back (1989, RAS)
* Ghetto Child (1989, Heartbeat)
* Smile (1990, L&M)
* A Touch of Class (1991, Jammy's)
* Happy Together (1991, Heartbeat)
* Run Things (1993, VP)
* Breaking Free (1994, RAS)
* International (1996, RAS)
* Musical Murder (1997, VP)
* Good Thing Going (1998, VP)
* Easy Squeeze (1999, World)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

SDTW Comment Of The Weak

I love how dudes be getting their little feelings hurt when they think your "stealing" internet memes from their fucking tumblrs or whatever the fuck they have.

First off,

Since dude is a part of the "anonymous army" I have no idea what mark ass site he thinks I "stole" that fucking Barney meme from, but that is really just the tip of the iceberg here.

The term internet meme as defined by Wikipedia:

"The term Internet meme (pronounced /ˈmiːm/, rhyming with "cream"[1]) is used to describe a concept that spreads swiftly via the Internet.[2]"

So you're mad because you think I "stole" a meme that you "stole" from someone else? The sole purpose of a meme is to spread virally on the internet. That is how it works.

Guess where the fuck I found that meme?

On the fucking internet somewhere you fucking clit.

Did you design said Barney meme? Did you forget to put a watermark on it that links back to your site where you post other "found" images that are so uniquely curated that other bloggers just HAVE to fucking pilfer your site.

C'mon guy.

Go play internet police with some other anonymous army pussyholes and stop trolling my shit.

That thing you're on Mr. Anonymous......

It is called my dick.

Please get off it.


Dude might be rocking some Calgary formal wear, but my dude is the official soundtrack for this summer.

Waiting for that full Slime Flu to drop.

Vado Slime Flu Rips

As usual via


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Go Hard (a remix)

This will probably be all over in a hot minute so I won't waste my time discussing it.

How come every fat kid with a shaved head looks exactly like the little chubster on the left?

Answer me that.



The Things People Will Do For Money

Gucci Mane and Talib on the same song.

Listen HERE

via Nah Right


This is why I think it is so corny to talk that non-sense about "popular rappers are garbage" and "mcs with real lyrics need to take over" or whatever it is rap nerds argue about while taking bong hits in New Hampshire.

All rappers are equally corny save for Boosie, DMX, and a few others that are just untamable human beings. They are still corny, but also on some looney tunes shit.

What's even better is if you actually listen to the song Talib tries to sound all southern and talks a bit "harder" than normal.

Talib is a dickhead. Back in the day I really liked Blackstar and all that, but come to find out Talib as a person is a huge dickhead to work with. Also he is bald. Yup. Balder than that dude from The Shield.

Why you hating on dude so tough?

I mean dude has more going for him than I do. Dude has paper and I have to rant on this shiteous blog, but I do have a full head of hair. Go ahead and find me a picture of this dude NOT wearing a hat. Go ahead I'll wait...


So, I am not bald and I did not put out over 4 or 5 albums preaching about uplifting the black community and then go and hop on the Gucci band wagon just to get a Twitter bump.

Go ahead and get that money Talib. Ask your boy Common to get you some of those fly hats to wear while you preach the revolution to a bunch of suburbanites that live in freshman dorms.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Heart The Internets

Meanwhile, at the world's worst quinceañera ever....

S.D.H.C #14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

I've been slacking on the S.D.H.C and you dudes have been sending in better stuff so I thought I would make good and post the motherfuckers.

I snapped this one today actually. Nothing really crazy except for the fact that this is the buffest 65 year old dude rocking a doo rag buying 4Loko that I have ever seen. I mean besides all THAT I guess it ain't worth mentioning. Shitty flick, but fuck you all because if this dude caught me he would have gone diesel on me and stuffed me into the hot dog machine no problem.

What's up here? Nothing. I just thought dude rocking all white at the beach was kind of bossing. He's probably thinking to himself "Fuck beaches, get money."

Utilikilt Mafia member snapped by one of the S.D.H.C Army in Portland. Why are these dudes so big in numbers?

From Dallas, Texas.

Me: What's funny about this? A black dude in Costco? That's not a big deal.
Homie: That is not a dude.
Me: Ahhhhhhhhhhh I see now.

At first glance AGAIN you probably see nothing special here except for the simple fact that I parallel parked that fucking boat into that spot like a fucking god. Look at that shit. That is a mother fucking parking job. After I finished parking I looked down only to find that I had grown a second dick. That is how manly of a parking job I did. It made me grow an extra dick.

Agent Daytona (S.D.H.C's single greatest field agent) head shotted this fucking champion of the streetz. Geez Us! Explain me to me why you needed not one but TWO Famous Stars and Straps F's? You couldn't just deal with script F? You had to bring Famous into this shit? As lame as that company is I bet even Travis Barker would be bummed on this dude.

Keep em coming dudes.

For Those Who Can't See Them Yet" by FaNKULT a.k.a Jay Clark

"For Those Who Can't "See" Them Yet" by FaNKULT a.k.a Jay Clark

Jay Clark might be the only real artist friend I have. He can not draw, design, paint, or photograph worth a shit. Yet, he recently had a doozy of an art show that I unfortunately was unable to attend due to a poorly planned vacation.

Why do I consider Jay Clark to be my only artist friend? Well I would say that based off my own personal definition of art, Jay Clark is one of the few people that knows the single biggest "secret" on how to be an actual artist.

which is simply that...... "the concept is king"

A good concept triumphs over great skill.

Every time.

Still not sold on that line of shit I just fed you?

Allow me to explain...

Let's say you can paint jaw dropping photo-realism style paintings. Like the shit looks like a full on photo even when you view it up close.

That is cool. It takes enormous skill to do that. No one should be denied the credit they receive for achieving that level of mastery.

If you then use said talent to paint bowls of fruit (which most people do)

Well then congratulations guy..... you are now wonderfully mediocre.

Now let's say someone cut words out of old magazine that say something like "Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Hitler" and displays them. That piece is (in my personal definition of the word art) a lot more artistic.

To each their own and all that political correct bullshit, but my point is this: You can go buy a whole bunch of canvases and some paint pens and call yourself an artist, but true art is convincing people to talk about your work by doing as little actual WORK as possible.

Jay figured that out long ago and the only reason I co-sign his work is because he will openly admit to being completely talentless. That is why he might be only true artist I know.

Go grab his newly printed book which features wonderful selections from 5 hand made zines. It will make a great gift to someone and a horrible gift to almost everyone.

Buy one here


So I am just poking around the usual spray wizard sites and who do I come across in a gallery of pics from the Roskilde Festival? (which is in fucking Denmark btw)

Fucking Tres.

I swear to God all Australians do is vacation.

Maybe they get all that vacation time because they have to deal with dingos trying to eat their kids and stuff. I don't actually know why, but what I do know is that American companies give you ZERO vacation days until you're fucking 62 years old, fat, and balding and if that is the case then I ask you this. Who the fuck needs to go on vacation when you're 62 fat and balding then?

Speaking of which...

Has anyone else considered what the beaches in Florida at retirement communities are going to look like in the year 2050? It will be a bunch of faded tattoo covered fatsos running around playing bocce ball and shit probably talking about their pensions.

Shit is going to be wild.

These are the thoughts that weigh me down during work.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Graff Purge

I janked the following flicks from BH One's stash. I have not really been posting up much graff because there are so many other blogs that do that a lot better than moi.

Feeling the 70's vibe (I think I spot an 80's joint or two) now go out and make your own sprays you delinquents.

I Heart The Internets (Blame A Dead Rapper Edition)

Thnx Ronnie Dio

I Heart The Internets (NSFW) Edition

He ain't mad dude.

He is probably paid.

Adjust your hustle.

Women are a lot more hyped when you're packing 6 inches and can make your own car payment Mr. Lurker Baby Arm.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I Heart The Internets

Why would you need to run though?

The fuck is dude gonna do?

I-pod you to death?

Follow steps 1 - 3 and just mush dude in the face if he can't deal with your "irony".

Thx Nick

Project Pat

Come along with me to a place I like to call Ignantville.

Taken from Pat's "Gorilla Pimp"

"And I like to toot snow
Sippin' 'nac with your cap is the perfect combo
You can be a jane doe if you call the po-po
(female voice)i'ma call ya momma up
Bitch that's a no no"

I remember when I first heard this song and I just thought "Wow, dude wrote that shit down on paper."

I fucks with Pat cause when he wants to he can rap pretty damn good, but really it's Juicy/Paul's production that make the dude's catalog so solid.

For all you Danish dude's that read this shit on the daily go ahead and bump this shit loud as hell in one of those silly ass cars you dudes push and watch people look at you craze.

Break the law, break the law, break law, we ain't playin!!!

Get it:
It's Paaaaaaatttttttt

Monday Morning Murdaaaaaaaa

Still one of my favorite chunes.

So rough.

Anyone know if this dude is alive still?


In modern day Philly the story of the Fresh Prince might have gone down a bit different.

I Heart The Internets

This shit.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lil B x Soul Train

This is a lot cooler if you know who Lil B is.

If you don't know who Lil B is it is still worth a watch.

Soul Train dudes getting down.

Watch this shit in I'm High Definition ®

Trust me.


Well well well, looky what I have for all you dancehall ingrates.

I was sitting at home watching it start to rain (it's July btw) and I decided I wasn't having it. When I compiled Soundboy Advice Vol.1 I had actually picked 60 tracks originally and then whittled it down. Most of these tunes are leftovers, but they are still mad mad tunes.

To continue the tradition I made another Bad Man Skip intro track. There is no real "mixing" going down, but I do compile the play list with tempo in mind.

Like the last mix things start off with rub a dub tunes and progressively get more digital. And just like last time the cover art is my likkle personal tribute to the art of Wilfred Limonious.

Nuff talk.

Run it, pussyhole!

Soundboy Advice Vol.2 by Bad Man Skip

Feel free to re-post and spread the 80's wickedness.

S.D.H.C #13

I caught Shamu here at the security check point in the Sea-Tac Airport.

T.S.A put this guy on the front lines for America just in case some Arab dudes want to flex.

C'mon dude.

The fuck is this guy going to do if shit goes down?

I mean unless the world is mistaken and the mother fucking Hamburglar was the real mastermind behind 9/11 I really don't see "Adonis" here doing shit.

I Heart The Internets

You can't keep streetwear down dawg.

Thursday Jam