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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SDTW Approves: The Flop Box

I've been meaning to add duke to the blog roll, but shit moves slow round here. Mainly cause this shit pays me zero infinity dollars.

Anyways, if you fucks with zines and you specifically fucks with good ones then you prolly know bout The Flop Box.

If you don't then you're welcome.

Check em out


Monday, December 26, 2011

The Girl With The Drake Tattoo


The Prestigious Knowledge Show Is Coming

I'm not making any other proclamations at this point.

All I can guarantee is that myself and Mero will be dropping the first episode of Prestigious Knowledge by NYE.

No one is safe.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Free Lil Boosie

Whether real or fake......

I agree.

Just in time for XMAS...

the perfect toy for your favorite toy

Bay Life

It's been a while since I've watched these.


Still waiting for that full length to drop Tre.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SDTW Shurt Feelings #4

Xmas comes early.

I didn't even feel like doing this, but since it's nearly Xmas and I'm not giving you shit and YOU ungrateful motherfucks certainly didn't get me anything I will just be the bigger person and do some shurt feelings for yall. Just so you know I am starting this at 11:51 a.m on some timed shit.

You know the drilly.

Pick a shirt. Say some shit.

Why is her butt hole covered? I ask that because just by looking at you dude, I am 1000 percent sure that you like buttholes. Specifically, butt holes. Good thing 10 Deep covered up her "icky" pussy. Don't want to look at that thing, do ya guy?

Yeah, I watched Cocaine Cowboys too dawg. Guess what? At no point during the movie did I whip out my phone and go "Lemme see if someone made a drug dealer graphic tee that allows me to visually express my drug documentary cinema collection?" You know why? Cause I'm not an asshole that thinks I can trick people into thinking I'm a bad ass by wearing a t shirt with a bad ass on it. Using that logic, when I see some fat fuck wearing a Flash shirt I shouldn't challenge him to a foot race? Dumb.

Again with the money! It isn't old or young and it certainly does not need to come home and rest its fucking eyes. Why is it that people always want to proclaim their financial status on a FUCKING T SHIRT? It makes a lot more sense to make said proclamation by having a nice car, house, a tailored suit, fancy watch and consensual sex with women that are visibly out of your league. Just saying. People will pick up the hint with those social cues. Not so much with the plastisol printed tee.

This is way too fucking vague bruh. Don't trust anyone? How about don't trust any light skinned'd black dudes with goatees? That makes a lot more sense to me. I certainly don't think everyone has to be included in your "trust" issues. I wouldn't trust you to sell me incense if you want my opinion.

Hood passes are something black people made up to trick other races into feeling more comfortable hanging around, so that said person would pay for things like dutches, chips, and Arizona Iced Teas.

Also, the look on your face is saying that you are not so sure if you have earned this "pass" as you call it. Let's test this theory out. Go to the Bronx and count the number of people that laugh at you before you order a cab. Divide that number by 2 and that will give you an accurate number to gauge your hoodness.

Finally, a shirt that isn't a complete lie. Yeah, you a cyber freak alright plehbwoy. I bet you get really freaky on there too. Probably friend request mad hoes and then try and status update some lyrics from a band you saw in her music favorites section on some subliminal shit. I bet if you do convince one of those poor girls to "meet up IRL?" for chai tea or whatever simp fuck shit idea you concoct you finna wear your best J's and get the matching scrunchie for your Tomala Favuso lookin ass pony tail.

The only way you are going to get your dick tugged wearing that shirt is if you get it stuck in a chinese finger trap.

End time 12:13 pm.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

You Got Served?

SDTW Real Headlines

Well start breaking bread then motherfucker in the GOLD ASS HAT WITH MATCHING ICED OUT SCEPTER.

How you gonna talk about poor people with a fucking scepter in your hand?

A mother + fucking scepter, son.


Friday, December 16, 2011

First I Pop A Wheely, Then I Lose My Bitch

I can't think of anything lamer than street bikes. I'd rather rollerblade in a rainbow thong than ride a street bike.

OBLVN Drugs Crime Magic Tee

These will be gone in a week.

For those that know. Then you already know.

Buy one here:


***update link fixed
Check out more from OBLVN

Grey PVC

Taken from Grey's facebook.

Don't ask how or why I came across that, but I thought it was funny.

RIP Mitch Hedberg

Still bummed this dude isn't on Earth.

SDTW Skin Farts

Urrrryyyyy once in a while I'll try (keyword try) and make an effort to pontificate on tattoos or skin farts that are deserving of extra attention. It's not even really on the radar, but if you're gonna force me to look at the shit I'm at least gonna holler with 2 cents. Spend it however you want.

Here we go....

Well if it isn't Deebra Chopra herself.

Clearly, you must be a very deep thinking 19 year old. There must be so much meditation occurring in your daily life.

The cross of contemplation that you bear must weigh on your brow. Things like having to get all wax poetical about which Fleet Foxes song is truly the BEST must be immensely draining on your chi. You demand balance and symmetry in your mind and body, but how could you tell that to the world? How could you possibly show people on a daily basis that you are an edgy alt thinking w√ľnder monk?


Never mind that it looks like the worst spider web in the history of life. Also don't worry about when you're not standing in the prayer pose for that whole fucking mess to even make sense.

Maybe I'm being too hard on you. You just wanted people to know that you have the fashion sense of skinheaded Debbie Gibson but the mind of a monk. Can monks have dubstep on their i-phones? What does Buddah say about Skrillex?

Fair enough, but if you're gonna go monk go full monk and light yourself on fire cause that shit is raping my mind and is giving me a solid migraine.

SDTW Fell Off


I moved cribs. Working my slave job. Being a dad. And no internet.

Shit will resume soon enough.

Shouts to the man Baby Powders for holding some solid content down.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Speaking of spray science...

Here's an interview with Jurne

Graff Purge

Random bits of spray.

Wettest In The Building

So nice I had to post it twice.

This is a game changer. My dude right here basically circumvented the whole process of hard work to achieve greatness.

My man is the incarnate of Birdman's palm rubbing.

Things you should note:

- Dog pulling on the god's robe
- Cartier frames
- P-no in the background (who has p-no's on dvd anymore?)
- Whisper verses
- Sprinkler dance (that's what I'm calling it, not sure if that is correct)
- Out of the pocket metaphors for things that are wet i.e skiprock

Special shout out to the homie Nick McPherson

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SDTW Shurt Feelings #3

If I was smart and less apathetic I could make this feature into its own blog then turn said blog into a book deal. Then I would sell "ad space" in the form of the shirts by the brands I made fun on some subversive marketing shit.

After that I would take all that guap and transform myself into a pretty decent little coked up name dropper that would frequent parties in both LA and NY and try to explain to my friends that Pharrell is actually really cool in real life. I mean seriously, dude is hella down to earth.


Instead, SDTW will remain semi-unknown and a blogspot and only appreciated by a few thousand stoners and the occasional wigger.

I digress...

Back to the fucking game.

Pick a shirt and say some shit about why it gives me a headache.

You might think that only white people are going to where a shirt so turrrible, but hold that thought cause mad Donald Glover slash Nick Cannon bruhs out there will cop this shit just to confuse naive whites into thinking they are trying to be ironic with the soft tee, but with a possible criminal background history. In other words this is a shirt you would see on an audience member in a Chappelle Show re-rerun at 3 a.m.

Nothing says o.g triple o.g like a faux-distressed vintage soft hand discharge water based soy ink Public Enemy tee shirt. Public Enemy is not some timeless band that your parents played in car rides to soccer practice. P.E was a group that you would only discover from someone's older brother (not mine, my brother fucked with U2, daily). Also at $35 dollars the only power you're gonna be fighting is the utilities company when you can't pay your studio apt electricity bill because you spent almost 50 bucks to try and look like you're older than 23.

When did they have the contest for worst thing ever? If they wanted me to know about said contest they should have bought ad space on Huffington Post. You might be like "Man, why you making fun of a little kindygardeners (that's how you spell it) drawing, dawg?"

Well, first off I'm jealous of you because you don't have the displeasure of knowing who the fuck Basquiat was and secondly, this was done by an adult and shown to people high on cocaine and AIDS in the 80's and now every time some asshole wants to sound like they know some "art shit" they bring up this dude's name.

Being good at keg stands is like being good at the yo-yo. Also, it turns out that this "beer" that all the college kids are so infatuated with is readily available at this store called THEWHOLEFUCKINGWORLD. You wanna impress me? Go to Ethiopia and be a cab driver and show those mother fuckers how we drive. J/K shout out to all my non-existent Ethiopian readers imagining what the internet is.

For people too cheap to find an ironic holiday sweater, but want to pay $35 to go to an ironic sweater party? That scenario is 100% impossible to even understand. It's like DMX not on drugs. I looked to see if there was a size option that said "false" cause this shit can't be real.

Give this to someone you hate.

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