Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Green Light

My good friends at Love Machine Films are hoping to get their project "green lit" onto TV.

To help them simply click the link below and register to vote. It takes about 30 seconds. Then watch the short and give it a "green light" score.

The short film made in conjunction with The Glue Network and Surf Aid International sheds much needed light on the plight
of children battling malaria around the world.

Artists like Persue, Tim McCormick, Depth, and Menso among many others donated their collective time to paint a mural that would inspire viewers to "Give" a little more of themselves towards helping people in need.

Love Machine Current TV Contest

Add Love Machine's Myspace to your friend's list while you're at it

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Timbaland vs. Scott Storch

Timbaland is now beefing with Scott Storch and vice-versa.
Storch's Timbaland Diss on XXL

Ed* Is this for real? Producers are now jumping into the beef soap opera? Who's next body guards? P.R Agents?


Both of these dudes are off my radar for the most part anyways so it's not ruining my day at all.

What value is there in Scott Storch? I mean what can I say about Scott Storch that hasn't already been said about shark's mating?

Dude is so foul looking. He's definitely runner-up for worst dresser in hip-hop right behind Eminem.

Ed* How do you own a Phantom and then dress like you're 10 years old and Puerto Rican?

And Timbo?

Uhhh...he's fat then sort of buff then fat again and he's always wearing super metro-sexual Ed Hardy tees that got glitter and bedazzled jewels on them and sh*t. It's no wonder why hip-hop is so snoring of late.

Moving on....

Diggin' In The Links:

Dope new French doc called "28 Millimetres" by JR(Thanks Mel-One)

Samuel Jackson + The RZA + Weed + Cartoons + Ninjas = Rad

Finally out on dvd in the U.S. cop it!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back on track...

So I got Jeremy to fix my banner amongst the other things that were kaput on the blog. I use Safari instead of Explorer and I never knew my banner wasn't visible.

Geez. The blog must have been looking suspect to say the least.

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Trina show gets bucked up

Iraq Surge being dubbed "DOOMED"

Jaguar Kills Keeper

Friday, February 23, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Please exscuse the look of the blog. My coding is all screwed up and I'm going to fix it over the weekend.

At any rate here's some goodness for Friday:

Ed* Still my favorite commercial ever, period.

Super fresh type treatment short
Via Nick McRadness

Busta Rhymes arrested for driving with a suspended license
Ed* How many rappers have suspended licenses? I mean honestly. Is it a prerequisite before you go platinum?

This is what really happens in the coke game

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Above: Alborosie a long way from home

The Italian born singer/producer's big tune is a huge hit over seas and was recently banned from all Jamaican radio by the Jamaican Broadcast Commission which conversely makes the tune even more sought after by the eager public.

Anyways, I don't know much more about Alborosie other then he also produced the "XXL" riddim that seems to be all rage right now in dancehalls the world over.

Here are his two big tunes that are running as of now:

Alborosie "Herbalist" mp3

Alborosie "Gal Dem" (XXL Riddim) mp3

P.S Anyone out there that has an mp3 of Gyptian "Sensi" from The Biggest One-Drop Anthems 2006 Compilation please holler at me.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Carlos Mencia vs. Joe Rogan

Ed* Oh how sweet it is.

Not sure how many people have seen this, but it makes me so happy.

Carlos Menica = hack

People who like Mencia = Slipknot fans

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Game and Young Buck Fight Thing Sort Of
via Nah Right
Ed* Hip-Hop is getting worse by the day

An Amazing List of Hood Classic Movies

Showbiz & A.G. "Goodfellas" the whole album up for download

Puffy plans to release Biggie's Greatest Hits
Ed* They already made that Puff it was called "Ready To Die"

Sunday, February 18, 2007

2007 Slam Dunk Contest

Ed* How did this dunk not get at least a 48 out of 50?

Am I the only person that thinks Humpty Hump a.k.a Shock G and Scottie Pippen look a little too similar?

Above: And I rest my case

Speaking of Scottie:
Scottie Pippen Plans NBA Comeback

And in other NBA news of the weird...
Tim Hardaway Hates Batty Boys

Friday, February 16, 2007

State Your Name 2

New State Your Name 2 Trailer just dropped.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tropical Storm Riddim

This riddim came out towards the end of last year. I was at Dasheye's house and he put on this Capleton track that was murda, but I never paid attention to the name of the tune or the riddim.

Turns out the tune was called "Hit Maker" and the riddim was "Tropical Storm."

I grabbed a couple more versions I was feeling.

Capleton "Hit Maker" (Tropical Storm Riddim) mp3

Vybz Kartel "Gun Shot" (Tropical Storm Riddim) mp3

Buju Banton "Gal Fi Get Page" (Tropical Storm Riddim) mp3

Assassin "Mouth" (Tropical Storm Riddim) mp3

This Is For My Man Big L

8 years ago today Big L (Lamont Coleman) was fatally shot.

Ed* The Greatest MC of All Time...Period

Props to Jus for putting me on to the lesser known 98' Freestyle Part 2

Download it and try and say he wasn't the biggest loss of our time.

Big L "98' Freestyle Part 2" mp3"

Click the link and click download file.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Women Behind Bars

There I am flipping through the channels on t.v when all of sudden I stumble on to the most fascinating prison phenomenom out
Women Behind Bars.

To sum it the site it is simply a Myspace for female inmates.

I haven't even broken the surface of this site and I've already come across special nuggets like

Vernice here:

Vernice's hobbies include: chilling, playing basketball, going to the movies.

She also enjoys walks on the beach???

How exactly does she enjoy these walks?

Not sure, but there has to be way more internet gold all through out this website.


Women Behind Bars.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Ed* One word: Relentless! p.s Daily Motion is the new You Tube

Chaka Demus

Ed* Chaka is bad bad!

"Peanie Peanie" is simply one of the best ridddims of all time.

Classic Chaka Demus tune for a rainy Sunday.


Chaka Demus "Original Kuff" mp3

Also I just came across this riddim database finder. Book Mark It Now

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The Beginning of the War in Iran

Forgotten Dilla Joints

A New "Die Hard" Movie

Friday, February 9, 2007

A New Day

Make sure to attend this event at SDSC on February 15th:

Performances by those chaps Old English and art by Justin Atallian among others.

Also tomorrow go check the dudes at Versus for this:

Go see this movie: Children of Men

Ed* It's quite good.

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$hit is real in South Africa

Subway Outline Sketch Book

Kevin Lyons "Stones Throw" cover design is muy bueno

Buy This Now

Ed* Ventriloquist puppets always make me feel uneasy

Putting together a proper post so hold on for now.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Where Are They Now Answered

Nas has gifted us with one of the more inventive ideas I've seen in hip-hop/rap in a long time.

If you heard the track "Where Are They Now?" on Nas' "Hip-Hop Is Dead"
then you know Nas spits off an impressive roll call of "forgotten" emcees and asks the listener to respect the pioneers of the art form. Preachy? Not really, he does the newbie and the hip-hop scholarly justice and then some.

Nas goes through a very sizeable list naming off everyone from K-Solo, Special Ed, The Pharcyde, and even EMPD. He goes on to lesser known like King Sun, Father MC, and The Skinny Boys. Some on the list I was not entirely versed with, but for the most part the list encompasses several people that made it through my Walkman rotation during my high school tenure.

Now back to the inventive part...

Nas (or most likely a team of ASCAP heads) went and tracked down almost everyone one of these emcees and had them spit a verse a piece for 3 remixes of the song.

The versions are organized by category i.e. 80's, 90's, and West Coast.

Rumor has it there is a Southern version on the way.


Nas "Where Are They Now?" (Album Version) mp3

Nas "Where Are They Now?" (90's Version) mp3

Nas "Where Are They Now?" (80's Version) mp3

Nas "Where Are They Now?" (West Coast Version) mp3

Also here's the list of the emcees and where they currently are now click here

Saturday, February 3, 2007


Am I alone in thinking that this years Coachella line-up is snoring?

It seems like it's too spread out over 3 days when it used to be only 2 days and you just had decide which day was better.
The line-up seems uneventful to say the least. They put a "huge" headliner for each day and then follow it with 2 or 3 indie rock bands that we're supposed to oohhh and ahh over.

Did I pay to go last year? Certainly not. I snuck in through the front gate like any other skilled derelict did, but I'm sure as hell not going to make the effort to "ninja" in this year to see f*cking Bjork.

If I had to pick a day to attend I think it would be Sunday with Rage, Manu Chao, Willie Nelson, The Roots, Spank Rock, and The Coup being on my checklist. In all reality I just don't think I'm even going to go. Peep the line-up here and decide for yourself.


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Tony Matterhorn free to travel to the U.S

Jah Cure may be free soon