Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Johnny Clarke

Johnny Clarke can do no wrong. I've never come across a dud tune by Mr. Clarke.

The only tune that is missing from this album is "King Of The Arena" which is one of my favorite tunes ever. I think that will be the next Heavy Manners' dubplate pick now that I'm thinking about
it. Soundboys, you have been warned.

If you have any aprehensions about whether or not you're gonna like this album watch below:

Track Listing:

1. Bad Days Are Going (Disco Cut)
2. Jah Jah We Are Waiting
3. Every Knee Shall Bow
4. Fittest Of The Fittest
5. Our Father In Zion
6. Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
7. Moving On To Zion
8. It’s A Disgrace
9. It A Go Rough
10. Blood Dunza (Different Style)


Johnny Clarke "Originally Mr. Clarke"

In Living Color

I have not stopped watching "In Living Color" clips all morning. Hands down one of the best nostalgia trips I've had in a while. I wish a sketch comedy show this good existed today.

P.S Anyone out there remember Frenchie?

So real.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Best of FFFFOUND

I've recently become extremely obsessed with "found" type blogs. I enjoy the fact that they are free of criticisms and opinion. By removing the written word they become open to interpretation by the viewers and take the focus away from the author.

I went through about 60 pages to create my own FFFFound image gallery. There's no cohesive theme, but I like the results.


Big Daddy Kane

King Asiatic Nobody's Equal indeed.

For whatever reason I never had Kane records growing up. I mean dude dropped his first album when I was all of 8 years old I think so you can't really fault me there.

Dude is so legit though. There is a reason people make a fuss about Kane. He just rips shit and having Marley Marl on the boards doesn't hurt either. If you listen to this album it plays out like a blueprint of every famous lyric sample you've ever heard.

Enough dribble.

Get familiar.

Big Daddy Kane "Long Live The Kane" (full album)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sting 2008 and The Party Keeps Moving

When it comes to dancehall business there is always one person who I can turn to when all other roads have failed.

Hugh Knight a.k.a Unite

Unite has been juggling 45's since well.....probably since he was born. So whenever I need answers or a tune I just simply ring him up and it's sent to my email no questions asked within the hour. Well as long as he has time between rolling spliffs.

That being the case it is vitally important you check his blog frequently as it is one of the best places to get dancehall news, tunes, dubplates, history etc and if that isn't enough he has you covered on hip-hop, funk, soul, and even a little graff business from time to time. So if you're not sold on that just check him yourself at his new url:

PartyAt45RPM (now on WordPress)

P.S Also check out the newest Vybz Kartel tune he posted because that tune is gonna run the road for sure after the dust settles down from the Mavado vs. Vybz clash at this year's Sting 2008.

Sub-note: After watching the youtube clips of the clash and the listening to the full audio I am going to be diplomatic and say I don't think either artist really displayed any ability to throughly control the crowd over the other. I think Vybz was more articulate with his chat and Mavado sounded a bit inexperienced to tell you the truth. But in the end I'm just sort of disappointed with both of these deejays. This clash doesn't hold a candle to any of the big Sting moments from the previous years. Ninjaman comes out at the end and has the best line of the whole clash "Me suck yu motha, but yu motha suck me." Classic Ninja f*ckery. Gotta love The Gorgon.

Inna Swap Meet Stylee

Made it back from San Diego in one piece. I didn't take too many flicks and I didn't get to see a lot of people or do much since my i.d was lost on the flight in. If that wasn't enough my camera was stolen on the flight home. It was a smaller digi, but the inconvenience is huge. I practically feel naked without a camera.

Any how, I did shoot a few flicks at the swap meet on Saturday with a friend. The real draw is always in the people who attend said swap meets and not the actual items for sale, but as it was the holidays I didn't feel like photo sniping any one.

This is me staring down this guy who told us not to take pictures. What could he possibly be worried about? Maybe he was scared that I would discover his secret on how to be the world's biggest dick head?


Accidental misfire that looks super "artsy".

Nesting dolls are the new black.

White people love buying things that are considered "ethnic." Take these masks for example. On a scale of 1 - 10 on things white people deem as ethnic these probably rank around an 8. They of course would score a perfect 10 if they were purchased on a cruise ship stop in Bermuda.

In the world of the blind the man with one eye is king.

¡Lucha Lucha Lucha!

Should have grabbed one of these.

Never get tired of these skulls for some reason.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

Wishing you all some happy holidays from SDTW.

I give you Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time" as a present for you all.

Have a fun and safe holiday.

I'm off to SD for the weekend.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CDLC Brand

Crem De La Crem 2008 HD from CDLC on Vimeo.

Crem De La Crem now has a website up and running. It's cool to see a crew of people just do it for self. No agenda, no message, no motive.

Check them out here:

CDLC Brand

Youngbloodz "85"

My girl Mel always brings out the exquisite forgotten joints.

So good.

Bonus ATL nostalgia video:

Youngbloodz "U Way"

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mitch Hedberg

This is a bitter sweet post for obvious reasons. It's sweet because it's an album of all new Mitch Hedberg material, but bitter because it will forever be his last. Hedberg died in 05' from a supposed drug over-dose.

No comedian has the delivery style that Mitch Hedberg had. His style really can not be explained in words.

Watch the clip below for a little taste if you don't believe me.

Track Listing:

1. "The Improv Fairy Tale" - 3:40
2. "Door Deal" - 2:28
3. "Hot Air Balloon" - 2:57
4. "Headless Horseman" - 2:57
5. "Hotels and Beds" - 3:57
6. "Phil" - 3:23
7. "Restaurants" - 2:22
8. "Texas and Sea Food" - 2:53
9. "Tea Ski" - 3:23
10. "Canal Smarts" - 2:17
11. "The Vacuumist" - 2:34
12. "Belt" - 3:30
13. "Soda Pop" - 2:17


Mitch Hedberg "Do You Believe In Gosh?"

The Bug

This one album definitely grew on me over the last few months. I have this theory that dancehall and dubstep are going to basically sound the same in the next few years. I could be wrong, but the two genres seem to be clearly intertwined with the exception of dub-steps extreme low bass kicks that don't really sound the same when they come through my stock Crown Vic speakers.

But I digress. The Bug a.k.a Kevin Martin picked some good deejays from both sides of the pond to chat over some very impressive beats and the end product is pretty nice.

Track Listing:

1. "Angry" Tippa Irie, Kevin Martin 3:37
2. "Murder We" Ricky Ranking, Martin 3:53
3. "Skeng" Killa P, Flow Dan Martin 3:53
4. "Too Much Pain" Ricky Ranking Martin 3:54
5. "Insane" Warrior Queen Martin 3:29
6. "Jah War" Flow Dan, Martin 2:56
7. "Fuckaz" Spaceape, Martin 5:19
8. "You & Me" Roger Robinson, Martin 4:06
9. "Freak Freak" Martin 4:53
10. "Warning" Flow Dan, Martin 3:47
11. "Poison Dart" Warrior Queen, Martin 6:06
12. "Judgement" Ricky Ranking, Martin 5:03

Get it now:

The Bug "London Zoo"

Sh*t Is Real

This is what happens in Seattle when it snows.

Real talk.


Sorry to all the regulars who come here lookin for some new updates. The snow is killing me right now. I'm having to do some Super Duty Tough Parenting and have no time to get some new posts up.

Here's a little holiday treat for you:

Dream, A Little Dream by Four Color Zack

FC Zack not only what most people consider to be the weekly nights in Seattle running, but is also quite handy on the graphic tip.

Check him out here:

Four Color Zack Myspace
FCKids Site

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

Snow days are the new what's up. Lenox and I woke up to a foot of snow from last night and got to stay home and get PAID. Stoked. Here's what we accomplished so far.

Stepped outside to this non-sense. Now if you live in the mid-west or on the east coast pay this no mind, but for someone from the west coast it is damn near paralyzing.

You know who was as excited as a puppy on acid.

Snow does not stop us from going to the donut shop.

Snow practically stops all things in Seattle. business, buses, pigs, etc.

Cold alley ways.

Mecca Cafe. Thank Allah. So I'm sitting in here and people are already throwing back beers and taking shots at 11:30 a.m. It's a snow day people not f*ckin Mardis Gras. Easy.

Eating breakfast for lunch is better than almost anything I can think of. Also it is worth noting that as I got my food "Master of Puppets" by Metallica came on. How metal is that? Epic.

After breakfast I went to Blockbuster to grab some movies. I came across this little gem. Lou Diamond Phillips and DMX together at last. Christmas came early this year my friends. Sike. I copped Step Brothers and Afro Samurai.