Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SDTW Shurt Feelings #2

You know the game by now. Pick out some outstanding graphic tee shirts and discuss their merit.

Here we go...

At what point did rap/music fans start concerning themselves with the age of their money? Unless your last name is Carnegie or your grandpa looks like the Monopoly Man it's a safe bet all your money is in fact NEW money.

I am not actually concerned with the design on this shirt. I just think it's sort of worthwhile to show someone actually captured in real life wearing a Play Cloths tee shirt. I thought that brand was like the chupocabre or something. An urban myth if you will.

This dude is American, but they managed to capture the whole "Japanese teenager visiting LA in the summertime vibe" to the fucking t. I can just hear him asking for directions to Fairfax in broken engrish.

No..... believe me dawg! You may as well say your dick is sponsored by herpes and your breath is sponsored by sunlit dog shit. Wearing a talking t shirt of this magnitude is gonna end any hope you have of consensual sex. You couldn't get laid if you rode a bike with training wheels in front of Jerry Sandusky's crib sucking on an otter pop.

Again, not really concerned with the design. It's more of this dude's Good Times, light a incent vibe and listen to acoustic Dead Prez "vibez" that bothers me. I get the feeling this dude was really bummed when Common's hat line went belly up. I could be wrong.

SDTW Butt Hurt Disclaimer*

All press is good press


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Durag Rap Vol.2 Presented by SDTW x IMNOTATOY

Back up in this motherfucker with Durag Rap Vol.2 for those that know about that life. This mix* is the follow up to the our critically acclaimed** iTunes playlist that we released a while ago on the internets.

* there's no actual mixing plehbwoy
** a flat out lie

Vol.1 still available for free HERE

These mixes are compiled by a three man Durag Brain Trust and the selections go through several levels of approvals to ensure that the durag rap listening public is receiving the highest level of undiluted cape flowing sound.

Also both Super Duty Tough Work and IMNOTATOY have agreed in the spirit of the season that for every download we will donate a two tone durag to a youth in need.

Here's the track listing in case you're all shook to just download the shit because you think your car stereo will pistol whip your Larry ass.

Download Here:


Shouts to Jerald and J.Scott

P.S Also be on the look out for Stick Up Kid Rap Vol.1 being presented by the three headed stick up kid hydra of SDTW, IMNOTATOY, and Victory Light

Tee Shirt Jeopardy

"What is a tee shirt that a fat woman would wear in the unemployment line, Alex"

Rest In Peace Patrice O'Neal

Man, I'm seriously not happy about this. This is a fucking bad look for Earth.

Patrice O'Neal was a very funny comedian. He had an original style and just gave off that vibe that he was just on the level.

Add him to the list of comedians taken far too early: Bernie Mac, Mitch Hedberg, Sam Kinison, and the list unfortunately goes on.


The nicest dude with a can. No seriously, the dude is a real nice guy. Don't let the whole Tupak reverse name fool you.

More here at WACKYTUPAKY

SDTW No Real Friends

New feature where I point out ideas/products/events that became a reality because no one involved had a real friend pull them aside and be like "The fuck are you doing?"

The whole theory can be summed up by Lil Wayne's wardrobe choices.

Now we are officially starting things off with the shit storm that is Lou Reed x Metallica.

*note I did not bother to listen to it, but I am old enough to know what shit looks like I don't HAVE to smell it to prove that its shit.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ginger Rock a.k.a King Krule

Those fucking gingers are at it again.

This time trying to fuck with your head in the form of a 17 yr old day walker that has no business sounding like this.

Grab it on the sly HERE

This song is not on the EP for some reason.


Never slippin

Mike Jack

Only let you think he was soft.

Dude was a rider.

SDTW Spread Love

In real life > tumblrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Friday, November 18, 2011

Spaceghost From The 9-0 Crip

I present to you the criminally slept on Spaceghost from the 9-0 Crip.

- Gang member
- Criminal
- Fire arms expert
- Metaphor enthusiast

This dude is wild comedy. My boy rented this vhs from Blockbuster back in 1998 and I have never forgotten it since.

And I quote:

"That's like a deer with a broken leg tryna to go against a motherfuckin wild hyena. It's gonna get tore the fuck up."

In other words:

Not only is it a bad look for a deer to try and go against a hyena (a wild one at that) but with a fractured femur it is extremely short sighted on the deer's part.

That's the long and short of his point I think.

My People (Part 12)

When this dude finally gets caught for trying to fuck highschool chicks he's gonna pull this photo out in his cell and say to himself "You used to be the man, Keith."

Then he is gonna roll over and catch a jerk into his fifi.

Shout outs to all my people that be pointing out alcohol in their pictures. Let fools know you're bout that life.

SDTW Approves: Sleazy McCheesy

Dude been had the whole spray thing down, but once he found that cheeseburger-ism the game was never the same.

I can't be bothered with these curated graffitinistas, tattooey, luggae tumblr sites. People need to go out there and do. If you need that thug motivation just peep the site. Steel goes out there and does so, what's your fucking excuse?

Art, cheeseburgers, travels, sprays, out of pocket humor, and bloggings from an all around greasy renaissance man.

Get on the level


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do Work

SDTW Sensitive Thugs

Look at ol' prom lookin ass boy.

Trying to look suave with the magenta ruffle tie and pocket square combination.

If you have earrings and manicured facial hair I can't be scared of you.

Thnx C-Money

YouTube Comment Of The Week

Speak that truth blood.

* for the purposes of context I found this on a Celly Cel video....if that wasn't obvious enough

If you have any good YouTube comments send them to the God or twitt that shit to Skip Class

ya da mean?

Monday, November 14, 2011

He Makes A Good Point

Just sayin.

We Run Tings

The shit dreams are made of.

Fuck with us.

SDTW Lookbooks Are For Assholes

Man, it must be so cold in the D...

And by "D" I mean Delaware because that is the state you're gonna have to go flee to after I slay your whole existence.

I could be rollerblading and listening to "The Notebook" soundtrack and still look tougher than Chaz, Leopold, and Geoff here.

Why in God's name would you be building a fire indoors whilst wearing off duty lumberjack attire? Firstly, I don't drink my own piss or know much about camping , but I can tell you that indoor fires are a quick way to 86 yourself with carbon-monoxide poisoning. I'm actually glad they did this because this is essentially the core issue with nearly every look book photo. Dudes dressed in the same clothing brand doing shit they never would do. You know what most dudes never do? Wear the same fucking brand from head to toe *exception to rule: Thirstin Howl

But for the sake of argument let's just say I block out the part of my brain that allows me to use logic and I buy into this little scene you three peckerdicks have set up here.

If you truly were "roughing it" in the mean streets of Williamsburg, then why in the holy fuck would you have a titanium coffee thermos?

"Uh what? Uhhh uhhhh studder studder studder...."

Yeah exactly King Dickhead. That's called "set direction" plehbwoy. And people that know how to do it correctly get paid salary to do so. You and whoever (you tricked into interning) is holding their step dad's SLR camera didn't take the negative 5 fucking seconds to notice that if you're supposed to be well dressed vagabonds trying to warm up with a bum fire that having a fucking Haliburton quality thermos might not fit into the scene.

No press is bad press Deep Search

p.s note that Bianchi just posted inside the shop looking wild out of place

Thnx Ian for the photo

Meanwhile At The Worst Birthday Party Ever

Just another video on the internet that kind of makes you feel like you're seeing something that shouldn't exist and yet it does.

Shout out to Irish Pat

Friday, November 11, 2011

88:88 "The Grey"

88:88 (pronounced 'missing digits') dropped a whole album for 11.11.11

Sort of on some Burial, Zomby, Flying Lotus, DJ Shadow vibes all sort of mixed together.

Listen and free download HERE

Enchanted Dreams

Sup to all the firme hinas out there.

Quick Bro Take A Picture

Why is my boy giving his most for this picture?

Like dude, took actual ass minutes out of his life to capture the moment?

Check the "Catch A Predator" swag at it's finest.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


shit to do while you should be working at work but you are not


The Rap Board

Skip Class Reviews The New Drake Album

Yeah mother + fucking = right.

I got shit to do.

I'm sure it's perfectly good music to use your vibrator to, but time is money and I have neither.

I Heart The Internets

Monday, November 7, 2011

SDTW Real Headlines

Mero said it first, but K.D Lang said it in front of the whole world.

Shots fired at chur boy!

Sean Barton Signs

The homie has that whole sign painting thing down.


Felatious Women

You're welcome.

Herman Cain

Check ol' Uncle Tom Lookin Ass Herman Cain in this awesome over dub video.

The dudes that make these are damn good.

Check them out BadLipReading.Tumblr.Com

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Advice From A Pimp a.k.a Suga Free

Whilst scouring the internets for new tracks for Durag Rap Vol.2 I came across this gem.

You are motherfucking welcome.

Familiarize yaselfs with the classics

Wednesday, November 2, 2011