Friday, April 30, 2010

SDTW Approves: Expresh Letters

For those of us who treat letters like Dungeons & Dragons there is some nice goodness at:

Expresh Letters

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Rap Spray Contest?

Someone sent me a link to this.

On 4.20.10 I posted the SDTW Rap Spray T Shirt Contest

On 4.27.10 ILoveGraffiti posted their Rap Spray T Shirt Contest.

Check out their rules:

- It has to say “Tribal” or have to have anything related on it
- White tee shirt (background needs to be white)
- It can not have your name on it
- Design can be fullcolor or b/w
- Design has to be on the front of the tee
- No all over designs
- photos, illustration, design, photoshop allowed
- Tags, T-Ups etc are welcome!
- Deadline: 30.May 2010


Suspicious if you ask me. SDTW is huge in Europe. It is even huger amongst taggers and Rastafarian Danish b-boys so it does make me wonder.

Anyways, tomorrow is the cut off for the contest. So if you have been holding out on me now is the time to send that fucker in before it is too late.

Jon Stewart Sons Apple

I love Apple software and products.

However, they acted liked total pussies over the video leak of their new iPhone.

Your employee left it in a bar.


The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

Gucci Mane Cold War Series

Rappers are professional liars for the most part.

Gucci has a slight edge on most people now a days. Gucci Mane shot and killed a dude in a botched robbery attempt at a friend's apartment that may or not have been issued by the Black Mafia Family.

Gucci has permission to talk about all that non sense.

These tapes are all good.

Standard horrible cover art.

Also DJ Drama needs to learn how to wear a hat.

Dude, your Wikipedia page says you are 31 years old. Act like it. I bet he owns a T-Mobile Sidekick and a sling shot.

All 3 right here brrrrrrrr

Jesus Meme

I've really been feeling these Jesus memes.

Batman symbol one is my fave.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Roc Marciano

I feel confident after one full listen that this album is the best thing that will come out this year. Not some flash in the pan business this is an instant classic. It is an album. A full complete album. Remember those?

Get it.....

Web Designer Vs. Client

This is nothing short of awesome.

Anyone who works as a designer, web builder, tattoo artist, muralist, sign painter, printing, screen printing, and loads of other stuff can get behind this one.

via Dr. Hound

Michael Palmer

Just found this gem.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Update: Rap Sprays T-Shirt Contest

You have until Friday end of day (what ever time zone you live in) to get in your entries and then I am going to post the winner on Monday.

Thanks for everyone that already sent stuff. I was surprised by the big response although, some of you dudes that do it for a "living" are noticeably absent for whatever reason.

It takes about 30 minutes to make a fancy entry and no more than 5 minutes to make a decent one if you are not a shit head.

I have set the bar so low that anyone that is not retarded has a shot. Some of my "coolio" friends think they have to craft some sort of "Last Supper" of spray.

Not true.

This is what I want to see from you bozos.

I banged this out easy. Don't be too cool to have fun.

SDTW Big Chune Prediction

This one is going to run the road.

It is also the first time these two have recorded together in 10 years apparently.

Not sure how factual that is, but if so, cool.

Black Moon

I'm a retard.

I used to have a lot of these "Enta Da Stage" remixes that I had downloaded from fucking Napster back in the day and always just thought that I had found some b-side remixes.


They were all released in 1996 on this album.

Oh well.

Grab this one for "Six Feet Deep" alone. That track could be the best Black Moon song you never heard.

Duck download:
The moon is looking black....

Watch Dem A Dance

I don't know much about UK dancehall. I've heard a few tunes, but I have to admit I really know nothing about the history of UK sound systems and the artists that played on them.

This compilation is super digital roughness. Lots of cool tunes.

Run itttttttttttttttt

SDTW Fan Art: Obi Wone

New banner art from Holland.

Not even going to post it here just straight to the banner with this one.

Love how dude just added "beer" in there.

Holland I see you.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Stop Fucking With Wild Animals Part 2

The bull gored him?

Why would it do that?

Oh because you're waiving a stupid red sheet in his face and stabbing him with spears.

Yeah, that might be why he gored you dawg.

No one has ever gotten gored for not fucking with a bull.


Why do they even call it bullfighting?

You ain't fighting it. You're annoying it and stabbing it with spears. It should be called bull pestering.

Read the story:
Famous Spanish Bullfighter Gored In Groin

Mikey Dread

Definitely go grab this Mikey Dread 10" over P-A-TODAREGGAE

Two of the biggest rammers Mikey ever crafted.

I can not overestimate how good those two tunes are.

Dipset Reunited?

It is cool that they buried the hatchet and all, but reunions are usually better in theory than reality. The video has nothing to do with the reuniting news. It is just one of my personal favorites.

Hopefully, they buck the trend of over-hyped reunited groups.

Also Ignored P already posted up this little Dipset Doozy

There are plenty of Dipset Haiku's worth re-posting, but I decided to make my own.

"My hair chill relaxed,
Pink fur Papi Chulo don,
Never fuck wit' fat chicks."

Check it out:

Dipset Haiku

I Heart The Internets

Your arms are too short to box with shark.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Self Defense Against A Sucker Punch

I don't think this guy has ever looked up the definition of sucker punch.

A sucker punch is a blow made without warning, allowing no time for preparation or defense on the part of the recipient. It is usually delivered from close range or from behind.

Also has anyone out there ever seen someone use some karate bull shit in real life. I mean I'm sure someone has, but of all the fights I've witnessed in my life I have never even seen one fucking jump kick, chop, or block. I could be totally wrong here, but I have never seen anyone go Double Dragon on anyone ever. I've seen some wrestling and some UFC submission stuff, but no crane kicks to the dome.

SDTW Photoshop Skillz

This design and this photo took zero talent to create.

The difference though is some stupid luxury brand will pay you 5 grand to shoot coke head retards with your camera in some art loft in the Lower East Side where as my design services will earn me a big bowl of "broke as fuck" flakes.

For anyone young and talented out there:

Should you ever get the opportunity to sell out and get paid a lot of money to make something lame.... do it. Do it and never look back. You won't be able to even hear all haters when you are on some beach in Fiji getting a hand job under your beach towel from some aspiring jeans model.

I Heart The Internets

This is the worst thing I've seen all week.

I'm not even mad at the chubby one to be honest. She knows where she stands in the looks department. It is the three other duds in this supposed "Bod Squad" that need to get back in the shadows and hope they can trick a drunk dude into making a poor life choice.

I Heart The Internets

Best thing I've seen all week.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update* Rap Sprays Tee Contest

Thanks to everyone for submitting designs already. You fuckers are fast.

The first few were on some whatevers and then some heaters started coming through.

People's entries I am still waiting on:

- Damien Hirst
- Murakami
- Thomas Kinkade
- Wyland

As for the rest of you guys. Get it together and start sending them in.


Please refrain from doing logo flips or logo bites or whatever the fuck the kids call them for your design.

Young Jeezy Makes Pancakes

I listen to Jeezy quite a bit.

I don't care what you think.

I've said this before...he could be talking about making pancakes and I would bump it.

In fact, if you take all the coke references and turn them into actual baking instructions the songs work the same.

Here is a key chart to help you:

Drug Reference/Cooking Pancakes:

Coke = Pancakes
Powder = Powdered sugar
Baking = Baking (super easy, right?)
Trap House = Restaurant
Cooking = Cooking (again, I can't tell you how easy this is)
Money = Syrup
Bitches = Butter
Whips = Actual whipping machines
Baking Soda = Flour
Cutting = Cutting
Serving = Serving (I mean I shoudn't really have to explain this to you retards)

I Heart The Internets

What flavor do you think it is?


The homeboys from USVERSUSTHEM sent yours truly some tees for summer.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Up There Documentary

UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo.

My buddy Charlie Pratt is featured in this short documentary called "Up There". It documents the dying business of hand painted building ads. Vinyl ads have made their business nearly obsolete with the exception of major markets like New York and LA.

It is only 12 minutes, but the cinematography and score are amazing.

Gone are the days of specialization and craftsmanship.

Fucking robots, man.

Those motherfuckers are gonna take over.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SDTW Rap Sprays Tee Shirt Contest

SDTW Rap Sprays Tee Shirt Contest

I get lots of emails because of this stupid blog. The crazy thing is the number of talented people that peep this dumb site daily.

I mean it isn't like I'm offering you anything amazing, but I do enjoy drinking coffee and going off on fat people and stuff like that.

My buddy Nick told me I should hold a design contest so that is what I am gonna do.

This is the first of what may become several t shirt design contests.

Here are the rules and shit:

- White tee shirt * this means your background needs to be white, retard
- It has to say "Rap Sprays" on it
- It can not say Super Duty Tough Work
- It can not have your name on it (don't try and get clever dawg)
- Design can only be 2 colors (that means 2 colors on white, dumbshit)
- Design has to be on the front of the tee
- No all over bull shit
- No full panel shit
- Half tone if you use photos
- Someone has to be holding a spray can somewhere in your design

The contest is open for 2 weeks. Why only two weeks? Because I don't think you retards have the attention span to go longer than that.

Winner gets a free tee and that's all. Designing tee shirts is not brain surgery. You aren't curing cancer. You're lucky I am even printing your gay design.

I will not play favorites. I know some of you are "famous" or have made a "butt load" of shirts, but I don't care. If I won't wear it I won't print it. This is not a democracy.

I will also set up a little shopping cart if any of you and your lame friends want to buy one.


By submitting your lame design you are agreeing to allow me to print your bullshit and sell it to posers on the internet. I will post all submissions and if you're lucky I will maybe post a link to your twitter or tumblr blog of anorexic white girls and gangsters or whatever it is you do.

Send all designs as jpegs not the print ready files to:

subject title: sdtw design tee

I Heart The Internets

Shit is racist yo!

Random Phone Pics

Some phonies from the last few weeks.

Lots of biking, signs, sights, sounds, and flash.

FADER 67: Shabba Ranks

It is about time someone gave Shabba a cover.

Dude is the king of deejays.


I am gonna go buy a copy just for the photos. I don't need to read about Vampire Weekend or some other flash in the pan business.

FC Kings Interview

Mousier Keo has a nice interview along with some hi-res photos/video that aren't too shabby.

It is much better than the usual rap spray interviews.

Check him out:

Read it here

Rest In Peace GURU

Very few groups have ever made more than one classic album. Gang Starr managed to make 4. You can argue about which ones if you want. I only messed with the main four.

At any rate I think "Moment Of Truth" is probably the most fitting given the passing of GURU yesterday.

Thanks for all the great memories and shows.

Moment Of Truth

Four Twenty Brahhhhh

Ahh hellz yeah dog.

Shit is four twenty for realz today.

Bust out some sick danky stanky nuggets broskeee!

Gettin all kinds of chinese eyed today dudes.

Moving on...

I wish I could participate in the "sesh" today with all of my friends, but sadly I can't puff tough anymore. I get "too high" a phrase I don't think many of you understand.

But yeah, I just get freaked out and end up splashing water on my face and telling myself to stop being a gaywad.

That does not mean you guys shouldn't go for it though.

Get some!!!

Bonus Youtube Comment:

"killakev0491: every last person in the world should go outside there homes and smoke fat ass blunt's so we could hot box the O-zone layer, so everyone could get high. -Kevin-"

Hot box the ozone layer? For real Killa Kev? Thefuckouttahere!