Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mikey Dread

I just received an email from my friend Rashi that an old friend
Mikey Dread (reggae artist/producer) has a brain tumor.

He is currently under going treatment at Duke University and is fighting it the best he can. My thoughts and prayers are with him.

I had the privilege to work with him on a couple of shows/projects along with my good friend Matt.

Just being able to sit with him and hear first hand stories about reggae history and his work with The Clash was amazing.

Mikey was responsible for The Clash's "Bank Robber" single off their Sandinista triple album and almost all the reggae tracks that appeared on the rest of "Sandinista."

Mikey's history goes much further back then his work with The Clash. He was responsible for so much that it's just easier to read about all of it in this link then for me to even possibly list:

Mikey Dread Wiki Page

His catalogue is deep as an artist and as a producer. My favorite album of Mikey's I would say is "World War 3."

You can buy it HERE

Mikey Dread "Jumping Master" mp3

Ed* This is one of my favorite roots tracks ever. There's nothing over the top about it, but it just has this sticky dubbed out Radics rhythm to it.

Mikey Dread "Israel (12 Tribe) Stylee mp3
Ed* Mikey jumps back and fourth between roots and rub a dub toasting over Scientist's dub

Mikey Dread "Skinhead Skank" mp3
Ed* Jah loves skinheads

Mikey Dread "Loosers, Weepers, Finders Keepers" mp3

Mikey Dread "Warrior Stylee" mp3

Again my thoughts are with Mikey as I write this.

When thinking about my best memories of Mikey I would have to say the most memorable was when Matt and I went to Martini Ranch in downtown on a typical Tribe of Kings Sound Sunday night and I got Mikey on the phone and asked him if he wanted to come to the dancehall and perform a couple tunes. He agreed and was on his way. He didn't ask for money or for anything at all. He simply agreed to do it just for the love of performing I guess.

The club got really packed even though they had no idea Mikey was even going to perform and when he showed up the bouncers wouldn't let him in because they reached capacity already.

After that we got that situation cleared up Mikey got on stage and Dash put on the "Roots and Culture" .45 and everyone went nuts. Mikey played "Jumping Master" and a few more tunes. Then Dash put on a new riddim that was big at the time to which I can't recall right now and Mikey didn't even get tripped up he just rode it like he just cut a dub or something.

It was one of the best impromptu performances I ever witnessed.

Get well Mikey, you still have much to do in this lifetime.

Check out Mikey's website:

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Death of a Computer

My computer has finally gone the way of the dodo. The very same tragedy happened to Justin's laptop who was then followed by the Pubs' Apple ordeal and now finally it is my turn to experience the horror.

The other day Lenox a.k.a Baby Zeus man handled my 5 year old not to mention frail little Powerbook and ripped the screen clean off.

I would post a picture of this horrific sight, but how could I?

Indeed this is a dark time. So I apologize in advance if I fail to bring the usual excellence that you are accustomed to on SDTW.

In the words of Silkk The Shocker "It ain't my fault."

Actual Pain Release Halloween @ Winners Circle

Come in to the Winners Circle tomorrow for the launch of Actual Pain's New Winter line.

From 2pm - 7pm.

Free with purchase Limited Edition Actual Pain x Winners Circle T-shirts. 1 of 50!

Free corn dogs,soda and candy.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

American Gangster

I watched American Gangster last night.

With all the hype and product/music tie in stuff I was sort of expecting the movie to fall short, but to my delight it is easily one of the best films of the year if not one of the better gangsta films in the last 10 years or so.

It drops November 2nd in theaters.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Man Who Souled The World

For those of us who came of age during Steve Rocco's "reign" over the skateboarding world this documentary should be worth checking out and for all you youngins' out there you can see why all us older guys are such dirty old no goodnicks.

Movie Website

The Man Who $ouled The World

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Big thanks to everyone who has reposted the flyer and made donations.

I wanted to take the time to be explain the specifics behind the charity drive.

If you are not yet aware the actual danger to any person in these areas is pretty much nil. People are not in danger of burning save for the fire fighters and pilots whom are putting their necks on the line 24/7. Evacuees are not starving at the designated shelters or sleeping in the cold per say.

The real crisis is going to come and pardon the pun "when the smoke clears" so to speak.

If you are not familiar with insurance policies, which even I am no expert of by any means, they have what is called an "Act of God" clause.

Which states: The insurance company does not have to pay if the loss is caused by an unforeseen event.

Also even when a contract does not contain an explicit Act of God clause, common law will often not enforce the contract if an unforeseen event occurs.

This is the blow we are trying to soften for some of the folks in my hometown. The damage isn't even truly calculable at this point. You can total up the property loss and such, but what about loss of local/domestic business revenue, cities allocating funds from previously established projects, the overall loss of revenue for the entire city and per family, etc.

So that is what these folks are up against.

We are urging people to by pass or modest donation drive and go directly to the source:

SD Red Cross

Also a special thanks to the following brands, stores, blogs, etc that were kind enough to post the flyer up on their own sites and myspace profiles.

Please check out our friends who have helped spread the word:

Street Machine
Tribe of Kings
Flying Coffin
Publik Hair
Winner's Circle
Versus Store
Actual Pain
Nim Nim
Sensational Concretes

Skinhead Jamboree

Trojan Skinhead Jamboree Compilation


You And Me On A Jamboree

Diggin' In The Links:

St. Ideas Mega Mix
Ed* Via Charlie Pratt a.k.a Mr. Nostalgia

Light Saber Nunchukas?
Ed* Via C-Murder

Kehinde Wiley Short
Ed* Cool art concept

New Goods Look Book
Ed* Via The Publik Hair

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stevie Williams Documentary

Found this 10 minute teaser of a new documentary about Stevie Williams. Looks like it could be pretty decent.

Barrington Levy "Robin Hood" LP

After Barrington Levy and Junjo unleashed their "Englishman" album reggae had been changed forever. The albums that come from this time have always been my favorite out of any era in reggae period and 'Robin Hood" is no exception.

If you look on the back of any reggae record and read the words: Band: Roots Radics, Producer: Henry "Junjo" Lawes, Mixed by: Scientist then you already know that the music contained in that record is going to ram. It really doesn't matter who is singing on the track those 3 ingredients alone are so potent that the tunes are always going to be really quality.

At any rate this "Robin Hood" LP came out in 1979-1980 right after the previously mentioned "Englishman" LP.

All of the following tunes waver sonically between dubbed out roots and early dancehall. It is also worth pointing out that Barrington Levy's catalogue is far deeper then what you're used to with "Murderer", "Under Mi Sensi", "Black Rose" and is really worth exploring if you get the chance.

Barrington Levy "Why Did You Leave Me" mp3

Barringtom Levy "Many Changes In Life" mp3

Barrington Levy "Nah Broke No Fight Over No Woman" mp3

Barrington Levy "Eventide Fire A Disaster" mp3


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Charity Set (Fire Gang)

It's now a movement.

Big thanks to all the people who have been helping by spreading the word.

Keep it going.

Book mark them while you're at it:

Street Machine (SD)

Actual Pain

Publik Hair

Versus Store

Save San Diego

To all my friends and family:

We have started a charity sale to help generate donations for those in need in our home town of San Diego.

If you are a friend/colleague please do us a huge and easy favor and repost this with a link to the website and to the San Diego Red Cross.

For every item sold online HM will donate $5 dollars to the victims of this fire.

Thanks in advance.

Heavy Manners Crew

San Diego Red Cross


Street Thief

This is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

"Street Thief" is a documentary which focuses on a professional burglar named Kaspar Karr. The two man film crew follow along with Kaspar as he "cases" or studies places he's going to rob and then they actually film the robberies as he performs them.

There has never been a film until now that captures the process and pathology of crime this accurately to date. I can easily say this is the best movie you will see this year.

Peep the trailer and go rent it:

Street Thief Trailer

Monday, October 22, 2007

Reign of Fire

Word from my family is that the fires came up to the house and turned southward from a change in wind direction. Unfortunetly, not everyone's home was so lucky. Many people in the city lost their homes near the 15 Freeway just 2 miles away.

We are putting together a special project to help out San Diego which you should see in just a few hours from now.

So check back because it's going to be a doozy.

I am thankful that everyone is okay and safe.

Houses can be rebuilt, but lives are far more priceless.

Here's some crazy pics from the front lines:

California is Burning

If you have seen any bit of news in the last couple days then you probably already know about the wild fire conflagration that is taking place in Southern California.

Having been born and raised in San Diego and North County it has hit a little closer to home for me personally in the last few days. My parents are just 2 of the 250,000 San Diego residents to be forced from their homes from the threat of the fires. My Dad works for the hospital and with the fires already knocking on the door of his home it is even scarier to think that the hospital where he works at is only a mile away.

In the last 10 years or so residents have grown accustom to dealing with wild fires much like Washingtonians deal with rain. The big fires typically were separated by years of no incidence, but now it seems like they happen every year and get worse each time.

San Diego only receives 13 and half inches of rain per year. That's all folks. The county looks beautiful with all the trees, gardens, and parks, but what you don't realize is that San Diego is essentially a desert. So when a fire pops up in the county the chance for it to find more "fuel" is very probable.

Anyways, I am positive that things will be okay and from what my friends and family say it sounds as though the citizens are well prepared and everyone is helping out as best they can.

To all my friends back home stay safe.

For 24/7 updates on the fires in SD use this link:

San Diego Wildfire Site

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Joy Division

Finally a movie based on great music.

Now if we can get a "Big L" movie life would be just keen.

Control: Movie Trailer

What The Dunk Clot?

I gave up collecting sneakers quite a while back, but I still like to see what's out there. My partner Justin Atallian is over in jolly ol' England and is working as the manager for Slam City Skates at the moment.

Nike SB chose the store to premiere there new video titled:

"Nothing But The Truth"

You can check out info on the events here:

Slam Skate "What The Dunk" Coverage

But if you'd like to read an entertaining story about managing the store for one of the most anticipated shoe releases ever while simultaneously dealing with the ceiling giving way from a busted water pipe, and having to schedule taxi service for rabid sneaker fiends angrily waiting to buy kicks then I'd recommend hearing that nightmare of a tale from the horse's mouth via Justin's Blog:

Iron Curtain Design

Friday, October 19, 2007

Booty Popping

I try to not post too many youtube clips in a row, but I got a little too baked and went into the depths and pulled this one out.

May it better your life.

Mack Daddy and The Daddy Mack

I haven't set eyes on this video since probably 1993 and what a treasure of hip hop this little nugget is.

I distinctly remember calling "bullsh*t" when I was 11 years old on the fact that they were driving the car in the video.

Now to keep things in the proper context:

WWF wrestling I believed at the very same time to be real.


The concept of one these two 12 year olds driving the car in this video instantly struck me as bogus.

"Jump, Jump" is still an amazing song and I will defend that statement to anyone.


Versus Show This Saturday

Versus is doing it up big again this Saturday night with a huge new show called "Permanent."

With works from several high profile tattoo artists there is too many to name so just read the flyer for yourself. They will also have an artist tattooing for free during the show with custom flash art made just for the show. As usual they will have on hand some limited edition prints and tees.

Also if you happen to be in the buying mood make sure to cop some Heavy Manners gear while you're at it.

Support your local shops and brands.

Versus is located at 41720 Winchester Rd. Suite B
Temecula, CA 92590

Check them out online here:

Versus Store

Flying Coffin

To crack off their all new on-line exclusives program Flying Coffin decided to drop this amazing Halloween themed tee.

The text alone is great and it glows in the dark.

Snatch one up now because there are only 31 pieces.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Some decent looking movies coming soon:

Juno: Trailer

Ed* Teen pregnancy is always ripe for comedy

King Corn

Ed* At this point in my life I'd rather just not know what I'm eating. I give up. Just feed me what tastes good and save the speech for someone who cares.

Finishing The Game

Actual Pain

When it comes to branding and design I'd be a liar if I told you I wasn't a picky bastard. I'm not saying that I am the bee knee's of branding (hardly), but I am very specific about what I like.

Case and point:

Actual Pain

The Pubs actually put me on to the line a while back at Goods and I have followed the brand ever since. The brand is well known in Seattle, but I figured the non-Northwest population deserved a heads up as well.

A small sample from the last release:

I have always been drawn to designers/artists/musicians/etc that create to beat of their own drum and TJ (owner/designer) does just that. You won't find any neon street clown pieces in the line, all over crud , hip-hop quotes, concrete patterns, or (cringe) logo parodies.

You're only going to find super rad face melting designs that may scare small children and some grown ups.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting TJ (owner/designer) and got a sneak preview of his next line and it is even better then the last one. Expect completely original designs focusing on imagery like rabies, human sacrifice, metal, and designs more epic then Zeus' beard.

Check them out here and buy something you scum:

Actual Pain

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The New Winner's Circle

I went and checked out the new Winner's Circle and was pretty damn impressed. The whole crew did a really good job with the interior and the 2 story lay out. They also have a ton of gear and sneakers from brands like: Nike, ALIFE, Rebel 8, House 33, Red Clay, 10 Deep, King Stampede, Fuct, and a lot more.

Sorry no pics.

Congrats to J.R, Ray and Baby Hoks.

Directions to the new store:
1353 E. Olive way on the corner of Melrose and Olive right next to Faire Coffee and the Anne Bonnie.

Random Pics

Finally went to the Space Needle after almost a full year of living in the city.

Skyline shot.

Lenox with a monkey on his back.

Me and my two sons: Lenny and Benny at the Goods "Latenite" group show

Dancing midgets.

Blek Le Rat piece at the Scion show at the BLVD Gallery

Damion and Abbie mean mugging.

Colt 45 sponsored the shin dig and was not as "smooth" as Mr. Billy Dee Williams had promised. It did however get the job done.

Locals only.

Outside the gallery:

Angel: "Did you grab the rubbers dude?"
Devil: "Yeah man.
Angel: "Sweet cause these costumes are SO getting us laid tonight."
Devil: Oh for shizzle dude."

Me: Emailing this picture to Vice Magazine

Intern Needed

Heavy Manners is hiring an unpaid intern to do some basic spreadsheet/retail research.

The lucky guy or gal will be responsible for creating spread sheets/lists of various retailers both domestically and internationally. It is a very basic and robotic position that you can do from your own computer at home.
Applicants should be fairly computer savvy and have a decent knowledge of clothing brands, skateboarding, design, art, music, retail, etc.

The position is unpaid, but you will receive free clothes and promo before it hits stores.

Send resumes/qualifications or you can simply explain why you should be picked over everyone else to:

Good luck!

Real Ninja Sh*t

I'm really feeling these pics of Kanye West by Micah (Jordan's brother) Nicholson.

The fact that this dastardly duo snuck into the Kanye show, snuck in an SLR camera which is harder then getting a bomb into the airport by the way, ninja'd into the first row, and managed to get amazing pictures makes me like them even more.

I have been a professional "sneak in" artist myself for over 10 years. We are a dying breed I suppose. Sneaking into events is an art form and it takes a special person to pull it off. You name it and I've snuck into it: Coachella, movie theaters, club shows, backstage with Mobb Deep (cause I speak the dun language), sporting events, county fairs, VIP parties, bar mitzvahs, and just about anything else you can think of. It's a special power really. It's like being in the X-Men without funny hair or skin.

Some remember kiddies:

Only suckers pay for front row tickets.

Now go out there and get your sneak on.

Dennis Morris

Check out the photographic work of Dennis Morris. He probably has the best catalogue of reggae photos I've seen and has some Sex Pistols stuff that isn't too shabby either.

Check his page here:

Dennis Morris Photography

Diggin In The Links:

T.I is the latest rapper to catch a bad one
Ed* Is it a conspiracy or are rappers just stupid? Not sure.

Putin is gonna get assassinated?

Tons of free Dub Step, Grime, 2 Step mixes on Rinse FM's blog

Friday, October 12, 2007

Diggin' In The Links

And whatever happened to Steve Guttenburg?

Dude from Do Or Die gets 10 years for second degree murder
Ed* Paper chaseeeeeee/ I'm on that mutha f*ckin paper chase/

Pimp C calls out Jeezy for "mis-quoting" current coke prices in his latest interview
Ed* I would say Pimp C is the closest thing the rap game has to Bobby Brown, the second closest thing to Bobby Brown though is Bobby Brown. Deep, I know.

Documentary on Steve Rocco
Ed* I've heard so many stories about this guy and now I guess I will get to see what's true.

New Goods New Era
Ed* You lika' the juice?

Street Machine New Era Sneak Peek

I janked these photos of the new Street Machine New Era Fitted.

This one has been a long time coming. I don't buy much of anything any more because I need to save that diaper money, but I will grab one of these when I head back home.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am going to this Friday Night

Scion Show @ BLVD Art Gallery sponsored by Swindle Mag and Colt 45

It's a good way to see some a lot of good artists at one show.

Some of the work I'm hoping to check out: Blek Le Rat, my buddy Books IIII, James Jean, Kofie, Retna, Ron English, among others.

Free booze is also the rumor on the street. That alone should ensure the attendance of Pubs and Pheed.