Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SDTW Presents: Persue COD/SUK/7th Letter/TVC

I decided to round up some random flicks of my good friend and well, not to sound like a lame, but one of my biggest inspirations.

Persue (per-sway) has been painting pieces and characters better than most people for a very long time. He's better than good, but what you may not know is Persue is probably one of the most genuine dudes in the game. I have seen him do stuff that I have never seen other writers of his caliber do EVER.

I've personally seen him do things like letting toys just take his black book and trace his pieces and characters while he is painting a production or giving his number to someone who he thinks is struggling to learn and offer to paint with them. The most noticeable thing he does is never take praise for his work and he ALWAYS has something nice to say about someone else's piece.

That doesn't mean he is some sort of wussy pacifist or anything like that, but he does have that ability to not get caught up in all the lameness that comes with the world of graffiti.

Just remember...

"It's easy to be hard, but it's harder to be easy."

Here is a set of flicks from over the years. Some are exchanges, some are old, some are new, but all are fresh.

I saved the best for last:

This character was painted in downtown San Diego. You can ask anyone that grew up in SD during that time and this production would definitely be the most remembered without a doubt.

Follow Persue and Bunny Kitty:


Do it.

SDTW Photoshop Skillz

Rest in peace to the lil' homie Rest In Peace Shirt.

You will be missed.

Monday, March 29, 2010

SDTW Reggae Album Cover Art

Shorty The President for the win.

Only In Texas

Watch this one all the way through. Trust.

This would ONLY happen in Texas.

Of course this shit went down in WhatABurger.

What's a WhatABurger?

It is a place that causes trouble. It is open all hours and serves the best damn bacon and egg taquitos (they aren't actually taquitos they are just burritos but they call them that none the less) and if you hang around one of these places long enough you will witness a crime.

In fact, as many of my friends in Texas can attest to I hit a fat chick's car in a WhatABurger drive-thru and then proceeded to chew her and the drive-thru attendant out after the longest game of quarters and valium I have ever played. It was a long time ago. Do not get faded and drive dudes.

Yeah, I used to be Thug Life 100% my duns. Now I just drink ginger ale and hang with Baby Zeus.

Shout out to my Texas readers. Hook em'!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zion Gate Riddim

The classic Horace Andy tune "Zion Gate" gets another go around by Alborosie, Sizzla, Sanchez, and Tarrus Riley.

The Rant Writer

It takes a minute to get going, but once it does it is pretty funny.

Just so you are aware I feel that Mike Tyson is the most quotable and misunderstood person of the last century.

"I'll fuck you till you love me, faggot."

Tops anything that any dude has ever said ever.

Game over.

SDTW Fan Art

By Ojae

The Bronco driving murderer!

SDTW Fan Art

Nick is also a big fan of the 4 minute design rule started by our friends at GetNLoose

If it takes longer than 4 minutes you're just trying to show off.

This design though makes me think that Nick is probably an asshole.

SDTW Fan Art

A real professional design by Gio

B-Shoc We Rock We Roll

Some things I just do not understand.

Thx to GT

Bonus* Youtube Comment:

"Sister Kerry, you're hot. You give me a super Jesus powered boner."

Friday, March 26, 2010

SDTW Presents Townes

I do not make it a secret that I believe Townes Van Zandt to be the best song writer of all time.

Discovering music like Townes is what makes music so good.

Wikipedia summarizes Townes pretty succinctly:

"While alive, Van Zandt was labeled as a cult musician: though he had a small and devoted fanbase, he never had a successful album or single, and even had difficulty keeping his recordings in print. In 1983, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard covered his song "Pancho and Lefty", scoring a number one hit on the Billboard country music charts. Despite achievements like these, the bulk of his life was spent touring various dive bars, often living in cheap motel rooms, backwoods cabins and on friends' couches."

In short Townes' life was dark, painful, and tragic. I like to think his songs are warnings to those who might choose to make the same choices in life he had. His tales are of hardship, women, alcohol, wandering, and death. He pretty much covers all the bases on the harder parts of life.

I decided to put together a playlist of 12 songs that I took from 5 Townes' albums. They range from acoustic to Delta blues types, but they are all Townes and all very good.

I made sure "Waitin' Around Die" was the first song you hear. It is the first song of his I heard and it was the first song Townes ever wrote. It is hauntingly appropriate considering who the man was that sang it.


SDTW Presents Townes

Easy Google!

I conducted a google experiment just now. Look at that list. Anything strike you as odd?

Yeah, Google needs to stop acting like a pecker wood.

I agree with the rest of list though.

Deadly Dragon Sound

Deadly Dragon posted up a mix featuring a lot of those re-issues I've been jonesin' over.

via DigitalMiDigital

Click Here Soundboy

SDTW Fan Art

Not my favorite fan art submission, but definitely the gulliest.

Thx dude.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

SDTW Asks?

Should I be sensitive to fat people?

Maybe I am just a total asshole, but I've never understood the whole "be sensitive" towards fat people thing.

I mean is someone less of a human because they are fat? No way.

If anything they are more of a person. Right?

Seriously though a fat person is a person just the same and they can have a choice whether to care about what people think of their weight. If they don't care then more power to them. But if they do care, then well don't get mad at me for not pretending that your fupa (fat upper pussy/penis are) is not bursting out of your jeans.

Hypothetical here:

If an alcoholic drinks himself/herself into poor health people will logically point out that they are an alcoholic and deserve whatever repercussions that come from the condition.

Above: Sleep it off porkster

They knowingly drank themselves into poor health, right? Just like fat people knowingly get fat. It's not like that shit sneaks up on you. It is not the flu. You become fat if you prefer sitting over anything involving movement and if you prefer Funions instead of food.

The shit blows my mind. Like this 14 year old chick that weighs over 400lbs.

Some fat kid gets fat people surgery because she's too lazy to lose weight?

Here are quotes from the CNN interview:

"I don't like to go to crowded places -- like if a mall's crowded, I'll sit in the car."

"I'm a junk-food person and because I'm a couch potato I don't like to get off the couch," she said. "It's also kind of just like my genes: Both my parents are heavy and that's just the environment I was raised in."

"If a mall is crowded I'll sit in the car,"
well there you fucking go. Boom. Problem solved. Get to stepping fatso. The irony that is "a person that is too lazy to walk to Torrid" gives me a migraine. You're too fat to walk to Torrid? For real?

What about this gem?

"I'm a junk-food person and because I'm a couch potato I don't like to get off the couch,"

What the flying fuck? The reporter for CNN fails to point out the OBVIOUS parallel between sitting on your ass and getting fat. Instead they debate whether young people should be legally allowed to get stomach surgeries. Typical media spin? You bet your fat ass it is.

Yeah SDTW, but what is your point, you ask?

Well this all has an effect on us.

Health insurance premiums are much higher because of obesity: diabetes, heart issues, cholesterol, the list could go on.

Fat people = cause of all health care problems

Now I am pretty sure Al Queda just straight up does not tolerate fat people. I could see why. If your son or daughter were slowly dying from hunger and you saw this 14 year chick basically saying she is tired of eating too much you'd be pissed off too.

You following me here?

Fat people = caused 9/11

They also make for a lack of hot chicks and dudes (no homo).

Some dude is probably plotting on your chick right this minute because there is nothing but hippos in your social scene and if she does cheat on you it could be for all intensive purposes be because the pickings are too slim (no pun intended).

Fat people = cause adultery

Missing kids?

How do we know fat people aren't wolfing down little kids?

A kid goes missing all the time and I have yet to see a Law and Order that has even dignified the theory that we really don't know if fat people are cannibals. We don't even know how great white sharks fuck? Yeah real talk. So what makes you think we even have done any conclusive studies that fat people aren't eating other smaller humans or kids?

Fat people = cause cannibalism

Above: Oh hell to the nah! Ginger Crocs Big Gulp Fat Kid?

I am just throwing ideas out here folks. Don't shoot the messenger. If anyone has any other theories please let me know.

Royal Jelly Radio

Need more dancehall in your life?

Listen to my favorite selectors on the west coast.

Probably the best way to stay ahead of the curve on new tunes and riddims.

Check them out:

Royal Jelly Reggae

Nickleus F "Aggressive Content"

Dude uses Ric Flair for the chorus.

Need I say more?

"Nigga you Winslow, cause you got that Urkel frame."

Snake moded:


Oswald Bates

"Masticate the sentence."

Pirate Shit

So far I actually prefer this over the first one. The first one was so pop that you knew right away that all songs were going to end up on cell phone commercials. This one has more of surf rock vibe to it.

Either way this shit isn't supposed to drop until the next month.

Get it here

Really? This is what these dudes look like? They look like background extras from "Dazed and Confused."

Nigga Technology

This one is pretty good. Voices by Samuel L. Jackson and Charlie Murphy.

Thx Joppe

SDTW Needs

I haven't posted a shoe up in a long long time. I don't buy kicks anymore. I just deal with what I have. That being said these old man meets new jack New Balances are kind of cool. I don't see anybody rocking NB's really so I know unless I go to an "old dudes who run backwood trails" convention I will probably be the only don dada wearing these.

Plus these shits are made in U.S.A.

Take that China.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Case You Were Still Wondering

Twitter is still for assholes.

Chinese School Fights

This shit is out of control.

Chinese school kids just going buck on one another.

I think this is a side effect from over population. Also I can't take people seriously that wear sandals. Real talk. If you can't put on some decent footwear you are not to be taken seriously. Wearing sandals is slackness plus infinity.

Stick with the clip for at least 2 minutes to see some kid get buried by desks and chairs.


Watch HERE

Sleepy Wonder & Jango "Fade Away"

This tune is maddddddddddddd.

I wish I could afford to buy all these Deadly Dragon re-issues.

Deadly Dragon Sound

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prince Far I

This is one of my favorite tunes.

Die Hard Kill Breakdown

Click on the image to see how all the dudes in Die Hard got 187'd.

Shits tight.

Crikey G'Day Mate Put Another Shrimp On The Barbie Paul Hogan The Serenity

I just wanted to put every cliche Australian phrase I could think of in the subject line just to get you bogans fired up.

3 nice pieces from Down Under!