Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scaper Bikes

I remember when I first saw the scraper bike youtube video a few years back and thought it was awesome.

For shits I wanted to see if anyone had done a candy paint job on a bike and that sent me to scraper bikes. I completely forgot how awesome retarded this shit was. It is so fuckin janky it is unbelievable. Show this video to a racist person and have them tell you that it doesn't make them happy. How could you hate a race of people that are so awesome? I just do not understand. They smoke weed, wrap tin foil around their bike spokes and roll around Oakland. How is that not a good thing?

Well haters are going to hate I suppose. I looked up the definition of scraper bikes just to be sure I was up to game. I bolded the best part.

Scraper Bikes:

Bikes that are nicely spray painted, and feature aluminum foil wrapped around sets of spokes, which result in the bikes appearing to have rims like a box chevy in the hood. Some people spray paint the aluminum foil to match the bikes color, or the exact opposite. Most jackasses that participate in this are only involved out of pure boredom, and are entertained with it for days to come.

Do it for The O..........

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