Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Made In America

What The Fuck...

Is this thing?


"Twitter is like Lady Gaga. Both are super popular, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna start doing them."


I Heart The Internets


Thnx Tobler


It is my sincere pleasure to add Revok to the SDTW blog posse. For all you graffiti dipshits out there his name needs no real introduction.

That fact aside it doesn't really matter much because his blog is equal parts traveling, photos, humor, music, sprays, and a way for him to share the shine with his friends.

Bookmark it should you feel so inclined.


SDTW Friends

My buddy posted this on fb update with the caption

"Getting ready for New Years"

I'm not on that level, but I respect the dedication.

Dear Internets

Someone please post a link to the Roc Marciano "Marcberg:Reloaded" because I can't find that shit anywheres.

Don't fail me.

The only thing I've heard from it is the "Snow" remix with Sean P

Keenan Milton Part

Came across this today.




Big L

I've had this for a while.

It's worth having, but I think they could of put a little more work on it. I say that only because if you are a 90's rap dork like myself you already had about half of these tracks.

But you should grab it anyways because we all know that mediocre Big L verses shit on these new jack's best verses any day of the week.

Return Of The Devil's Sonnnnnnnn

I Heart The Internets

I don't need this doormat, but I can think of about 5 friends that could use one.

Fucking delinquents.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Still Miss Gregory Isaacs

SDTW Send Us Your Nudes Bro

I love when I casually mention some shit and one of you delinquents takes said "shit" serious like it was my dying wish.

Case in point the "nudes of your gf" bit.

So now that shit just got real let's go ahead and get official with the newest SDTW feature "Send Us Your Nudes Bro".

First one came from THREE STUPID LETTERS

Keep it going.

If you got one, but want her face blurred out or whatever just send it anyway (hehehehe) and I will blur it for you.


P.S to all my UK readers I know you guys think a 4 is a 9 when it comes to "birds" or whatever so if you get all butt hurt that I don't post some Scottish troll that you drug home from the pub don't take it personal as I'm a picky fucker and would not fuck most of your ugly women even if the human race depended on us to pro create.

SDTW Sensitive Thugs

We keep our thug sensitive like anus skin.

Nah mean?

I Heart The Internets

This is the guy behind all the blogs on the internet.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Heart The Internets

Brilliance comes in the places you'd least expect.


I Heart The Internets

Soundtrack for this photo can be found below

SDTW Photoshop Skillz

I'm the best mane. I did that.

King Of Seattle

Even before I moved to Seattle I thought Kemp was the motherfucking man.

After hearing how he behaved here and his subsequent fall from the top I think he is even cooler.

Kemp For Mayor.

The Fuck?

The fuck is wrong with people?

Why do people insist on dressing like they are in some niche fashion shit that you ain't down with?

Cuz all I see is two retards bending down behind a car trying to get Halloween on year round.

You like the 50's and being tribal? Cool. Me too. Well not really, but I will humor the thought. If you are really feeling like you want to get your Travolta on at least leave those fucking plug earrings out of your ensemblahhhhhhhh.

What tribe you from player? Happy Days Tribe? No shit?

And that little Betty Page wannabe bitch is hurting my brain aswell. I have NEVER EVER EVER seent a hot chick that goes for that look. It's always some 6.75 chick that tries to use a bunch of 50's style smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that she is a pig nosed bitch with a whore's force field all over her face.



Not even sure what this means? I see some graffiti, ski mask, a gun, and some photoshop.


Going forward SDTW needs more nudes of your girlfriend and less of this.


I've been on a serious Dipset kick the last few months. Listening to all the old shit.

This one is off Cam's last album S.D.E which I thought was pretty damn good.

Get it in your ear hole slime.

Here's the whole album since you tumblr dudes never post up music



"Chest tattoos are the new tramp stamps. I should know because I have a tramp stamp."


I Heart The Internets (ALL TIME CLASSIC)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Heart The Internets

Rape face


Still one of my favorites on any riddim.

I never seen this album up on any blogs so I free'd it up myself.


Bun up chi chi man here

SDTW Sensitive Thugs

I've been coming across tons of photos that feature my new favorite internet find "sensitive thugs".

Their thug so sensitive.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Loving these hoes biology

I Heart The Internets

Who's Chunks?????????

I Heart The Internets

That cat's face gets me every time.


Did you know ANYONE can rent a private jet whenever they want?

No background check, no racial profiling, no security.

Just you, a shit ton of bombs, a private jet, and all the buildings you could crash into.

Stop making it a pain in the ass to fly. Plane bombs are so 2001 homie.

SDTW Photoshop Skillz (Best Of Edition)

In case you forgot I am a photoshop god.

I Heart The Internets

Flash intros are for assholes.

Sabe FYS Book

My buddy sent me this book last week.

It is probably the best of the OTR books.

The P Brothers

Came across this on the random.

2008 NY shit.

Click This Shit

End Of The Year Lists

As a card carrying white person I enjoy end of the year lists.

Mainly because I don't have to compile them myself which takes mad white person energy.

If you are a fan of inapproipate rap then look no further than this list of rap from 2010 by We Eat So Many Shrimps

Check It Here