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SDTW Top 5's from 2012

I am very aware how "end of the year" lists are cliche and are only made to entice dickriders and people that like to argue in comment's sections. Just because some asshole makes a list on the internet doesn't mean it is going to alter history. It ain't that serious, guy.

I think SDTW keeps it more honest than most. This compilation of Top 5's is just to give you guys a list of stuff that I liked this year for the sake of promoting good shit. Most of this stuff was already featured on here. If you personally feel that I chose incorrectly or left someone out please feel free to email:

Let's get it...

 Top 5 Rap Albums/Mixtapes (same difference)  

Off all the subjects that people LOVE to argue about on the internet, rap is king. Not sure why. If this list makes you get your FUBU boxers in a bunch just know that arguing about rap makes you look like a professional masturbater. It's music.

#5 Flatbush Zombies "D.R.U.G.S"

Drug rap > Selling drug rap. It's a lot easier to listen to dudes that talk about being on drugs than it is to listen to dudes that claim to sell drugs. These guys know how to rap and all the Erick Arc Elliott production is very solid. 

#4 Action Bronson & Alchemist "Rare Chandeliers"

 I liked this Action tape the most out of all them because it sounds like an album. Credit that to Alchemist. Also this cover art certainly helped make everyone's day a bit brighter. It's nice to have NY rappers that sound like NY rappers back in the mix.


#3 Durag Rap Vol.3 by SDTW & IMNOTATOY

Damn right I put myself on this list. This is not a democracy this is a dictatorship. At least I had the humility to only rank myself #3. Honestly, if you don't have Durag Rap Vol.1 - 3 in your iTunes I won't even let you make direct eye contact with me. These compilations are painstakingly compiled by myself and the homie Jerald from the world famous IMNOTATOY. All tracks are from the 90's regional rap i.e Memphis, Houston, New Orleans, and the Bay Area.

#2 Nacho Picasso x Blue Sky Black Death "Exalted"

I listened to this tape more than any of the others. Nacho is my favorite rap villain. All he talks about is being on drugs and diddling females. As much as I enjoy Nacho's lines it's the BSBD production that makes this one so good. They pioneered the whole "suicidal ethereal goth drug rap wave" so if that shit takes off remember to credit them.

#1 Roc Marciano "Reloaded"

"Marcberg" is one of the best rap albums of the decade. "Reloaded" is just as good. It is never easy to make a sophomore classic. Roc Marciano has that 90's NYC mafioso story telling vibe down. His beats pair perfectly with his voice and like every other album on this list you can listen to this one front to back. 

Honorable Mention:

100's "Ice Cold Perm"

This kid is going to own 2013 if he keeps on this path. I still don't understand how a 19 year old can rap like this. 

I was not that cool at 19. Nope. I was a real square compared to this right here bruh. The only reason this one doesn't make the list is that as an album it is only half good. If this kid can just make an album full of futuristic outer space g-funk relaxedness he's gonna be the my favorite rapper of 2013. 

Top 5 Dancehall Songs

I didn't even pay attention to dancehall this year. Not for any particular reason I just didn't come across a lot of it that I liked. So I got my homie Hugh Knight from Tribe Of Kings Sound to pick his Top 5 tunes from the year. They are all scorchers. Enjoy.


Vybz Kartel "I Smoke Weed"


Gappy Ranks "Da Herbs Deh"


Mavado "This Morning"


Konshens "Do Sup'm"


Mr. Vegas "Certain Law"

Top 5 Viral Videos

I like the more hood/unintentionally funny viral videos versus the "Gangham" style videos. These all appeared on here and I think they probably didn't make any other "Best Of 2012" lists and I'm proud of that.

 #5 Ashli Gay 

Coming straight out of money makin' Mount Vernon is my girl Ashli Gay and her roll dawg Cindy.

This is beyond "real talk". 

#4 Bus Driver Uppercuts Teen Girl

"You goin to jail now."
"She wanna be a man I'm gon' treat you like a man."

The best uppercut of the year. Ain't no question about that.

#3 DMX x Reading Rainbow

Tell me this doesn't make you like DMX just a little bit more. No go ahead and tell me straight up you don't get a little bit nostalgic when you listened to this. It makes me wish he could get his shit together like Mike Tyson and make absurd movie/tv cameos.

#2 Janelle Cannot Get High For A Year

You have to watch this via the link

"I can't just go home and chill and smoke."
 Fucking Janelle go it rough bruh.

#1 Bay Life "Bia Bia"

 Not from 2012 but still my favorite. *Note this is from a Youtube mockumentary called "Bay Life" the kid is an actor obviously.

Top 5 GIFS 

 I take gifs highly serious. You can't hit me with no light weight stuff when it comes to gifs. Macho Man won this shit hands down. RIP Dog. We still missin you urrday bruh.






Top 5 Images I Found On The Internet

It is actually hard to find images that are both funny and not on every other site. It ain't easy. It would be a lot easier to just have a Tumblr that was just pictures of Tyler The Creator, tattoo chick, pentagram, "ghetto" something, chick's butt, skinny alien looking girl smoking a cigerette

But nah. I troll through random ass sites high on coffee to hoping to find just ONE thing worth posting up on this stupid site. Here are my favorites from the entire year.






Honorable Mentions:

Top Sprays

There is no way to real way to "rank" graffiti. Here are a bunch of pieces I liked from the year.

That's all folks.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


This E - A

Stoled from the only spray site that matters

Friday, December 28, 2012

Ravishing Rick Rude

I completely forgot that Ravishing Rick Rude used to call everyone in the audience "hogs" and then take his robe off and make out with a female from the audience.


Shurt Feelings Returns

You would be better off wearing a #BornAgainVirgin shirt.

Four Pins asked me to do an end of the year Shurt Feelings for 2012

Read it HERE

Friday, December 21, 2012


Rest In Power

King Nekst

Blue Sky Black Death & Deniro Farrar

Seattle's best production team paired with Deniro Farrar makes for an early X-Mas present.

Bump it and buy it HERE

Until Further Notice

The new site is still coming I just don't know when. 

I'll post up here until it's completely ready.

Apologies for the the false start.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Just wanted to update everyone real quick.

The new site should be up very soon.

Sorry for the delay.

Please accept this image as my humblest apologies

Friday, December 7, 2012

Jurne, Vizie, Storm, Berst Edition Ironlak Cans

Vizie, Jurne, Storm, and Berst getting their graffiti cereal box moment. 

Well deserved.

Check out Jurne's stuff HERE

Check out Vizie's stuff HERE

Never Give Up