Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer in SD

Nick Mcpherson and I are doing a new design project with the legendary 80's hardcore band Batttalion of Saints from SD. It's gonna have zombies, titties, dead things, politics, and everything else you'd expect from B.O.S.

I'm in SD for vacation and for work, but I'll still be posting some goodness for the next 2 weeks. I'm off to Street Machine. Have a good weekend.

P.S Chuck E. Cheese mega post coming soon...

Diggin In The Links:

Rupert Murdoch gets sonned
Ed* Dude scares me.

Juxtapoz x 7th Letter
Ed* Juxtapoz finally gets it right and just lets The Letters take over a whole issue. I read lots of graff books and the like and this issue was a far better read then anything I've gotten in a long time.

Sonics pick Kevin Durant
Oh how sweet this was. It's only $10 to watch this kid go off at Key Arena next season. Hyped!
I think The Pubs explains the signifigance a bit better then I do.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dennis Brown "The Promise Land"

The Prophet.

Leaving on a jet plane

Me and the familia will be leaving for San Diego tomorrow afternoon.

Things I plan on doing while in SD for the next 2 weeks:

Eating at Phil's BBQ (ungodly good ribs ironic I know) lurking at Street Machine, work on the T-Kid 170 doc (what?), hang with the squad, see a movie or two, eat a carne asada burrito at Roberto's, surf (cliche), write on something, pool party at the folk's house for Little L while watching my Aunt Patty get hammered, do some new designs with Nick, same with Justin, hopefully get a new tat, eat some sushi at Nobu's, go to Bar D for Sunday Night Dancehall and lastly, just enjoy the company of my fam and friends.

Diggin In The Links:

Cost of War Meter
Ed* Out of control

Dude tried to sabotage Shepard Fairey show
Ed* Jealous ones envy

The CIA is watching
Ed* Only q50 g's for Fidel's head? Lame.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Cool Ruler

If it weren't for youtube I'd never find gems like this.

Steve's Feck Shit Feck B-Day Party

Last night everyone got their butts down to The War Room to celebrate the born day of Steve.

The Man of the Hour arrives via Yamaha.

J.R's newest masterpiece. This is one of those moments when the bar for great tattoos is raised instantly. The only thing that can even hold a candle to this would be a child sized Eazy E riding a big wheel with the words "Life Ain't Eazy," under it.

Double fisting is sort of mandatory in Seattle for some reason. But Sapporo 22's Pheed?

I think I've seen this guy before.

This jacket is more patriotic then Uncle Sam water skiing in a red, white, and blue speed boat through a river of 100 dollar bills.

That's the sound of the beast.

The Pubs with some shiny broad.

Clown car status. I wanna say there was at least 9 maybe more in the whip.

Paper, Rock, Scissors, beer caps. Rock beats scissors.

Shot gunning and nipple grabbing.

"The American flag makes me so wet." = Abs

This was one of the best nights in Seattle so far. Happy b-day Steve.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Trash Rappers

Oh the sheer irony of this message. Now I half way agree with this billboard in terms of "talent" but I have to disagree entirely with a church using slander as a means for promotion seeing as the message comes across as a bit hypocritical.

I'm digressing from my main point so I'll get right to it.

The "ironic" part of this whole story is that by paying for ad space from Clear Channel to state that you and your congregation are against "negative" rappers you are in actuality paying the very corporation that exploits and promotes said rappers.

Also let's not forget how "chic" it is to rally against rap at the moment. I personally am not really listening to anything new as far as the genre is concerned, but I can certainly tell you that there are much bigger culprits involved in "negative" rap then the rappers themselves.

That's all I'm gonna say on that matter.

Touche' South Sabina Church way to stick to Twista? Who the hell is listening to Twista right now?

Full Story Here

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Barrington Levy

Above: Record cover for "Bounty Hunter"

All of the following tracks are taken from "Moonlight Lover" but first appeared on Barrington's first LP "Shaolin Temple" that was released only in Jamaica, but came to the U.S under the new title "Bounty Hunter" with most of the same tracks intact save for alternate lyrics on some of the songs.

Run em'.

Barrington Levy "Bounty Hunter" mp3

This is probably the biggest tune from the album. The fact that Barrington was all of 17 when this was recorded is just mind numbing.

Barrington Levy "Jah Life" mp3

This tune is sort of the sleeper stand out on the album for me because Barrington really gets the show off his vocal range and hit those super high falsetto notes that he's so well known for.

Barrington Levy "Walk 2000 Miles" mp3

Alternate lyrics over the same "Bounty Hunter" version that appears on this album. I've always liked it when an artist flips new lyrics, but uses the same vocal melody.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Everyday I'm Hustlin'

3 days a week I work my "other" job at the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. I don't discuss it on SDTW that much because it's a $hit job that pays just enough to make it worth it and the things and people I see on a daily basis are nothing short of spectacular.

I finally decided to take my camera down to work and the market made good by providing it's usual ruckus.

Case and point right next to the hot dog stand two bike pigs started searching this guy which turns out the dude had a decent amount of crack on him. So after he shoved all of it into his mouth the cops decided to choke him out against the van and then on the concrete.

I have to hand it to the guy because he kept chewing and chewing even though he was getting a full on sleeper hold by two cops in shorts.

The next day I had to work the Freemont Fair thus the reason for pic of the old naked man trying to spit at this worthless belly dancing stunt double that smelled like bad cheese.

And in second place came this dude and the 100+ other knobs that were wearing kilts.

This is easily the biggest dog I have ever seen. I don't know where you can buy Irish Wolhounds but make sure you have a stable if you do.

I have no problems with gays just the crazy ones.

And last but not least dude with the ventilated work out pants just in case in got too "hot" in Seattle, WA.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sing Sing Friday

Got down with the get down posse at the last Sing Sing to be held at Chop Suey's to check out Nick Catchdubs, Four Color Zack, and Pretty Titty spin some booty shake joints.

Good times with J.R, Kosh, Hoks, Ray and all the fly girls........ppprrrrrahhhhh

P.S So bandanas around the neck are still cool as long as you have a second one around your wrist? Really?

Zach (backwards) Titty on the decks, and Catch hiding behind him turning shit out

When you get a tattoo like this you can pretty much scare anyone at your work by ripping off your shirt in an argument and shouting "Well step-up, step-up, c'mon Craig step the f*ck up." Epic.

A rare sighting of a Baby Hoks

Oh wow! I really came through on this one. A photo of this is more rare then a jar of crocodile tears.

Peep the Pubs

Big shout to Catch for playing a banging set and giving me a spanking new copy of the new Kid Sister vinyl

Look for big things from Nick's new record label Fool's Gold

Check it:
Fool's Gold

Friday, June 15, 2007

Dolphin Bong

What would Friday's be if they didn't start with a couple pulls off your trusty ol' dolphin bong?

P.S Thanks San Antonio for the most boring 4 games in NBA Finals history.

Diggin' In The Links:

U.S Arms Shiite's To Fight Al-Queda
Ed* The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Or more simply we are officially arming Al-Queda to fight against Al Queda. Brilliant!

Amazing Rub A Dub mix download posted here
Ed* Booooooooooom Shot!

Don't Trust Bush

Graffiti Tracker
Ed* Out to catch those damn kids!

India riots over movie tickets?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tommy Chong x Colbert Reprt

Ed* Colbert is sonning everyone these days with his show and this Tommy Chong piece is just amazing

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pum Pum

Here's 3 tunes to get your day going.

Million Stylez "Miss Fatty" mp3
Ed* I saw Paul Devro at Mad Decent post this up and it made me realize that I've had this tune forever and never posted it up. It's one of those dancehall tunes that you instantly like.

Vybz Kartel "Gun Session" mp3
Ed* This was the original tune that got remixed over Young Jeezy's "Soul Survivor" with Shabba and Sizzla. The Vybz verse on this is so redonk and I don't think anyone really bumped the original tune when the remix dropped way back when.

Chuck Fenda "All About The Weed" mp3
Ed* Truth and Rights Riddim thrown in for good measure still one of the best reissues in a long time.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I didn't get into Nicodemus for a while mainly because I didn't even know about him. I was at Lou's Records way back when and Kofi handed me some budget ass LP with Nicodemus on it and I asked him what the hell it was and he just said to listen and BOOM I was a Nicodemus fan.

Here's a basic intro to the "Biggest Little Man" dancehall ever saw.


Nicodemus "Da PLane Land" mp3

Nicodemus "Suzy Wong" mp3

Nicodemus "Boneman Connection" mp3

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Natural Born

One of my favorite designers Kevin Lyons has some new tees from his Natural Born line on the Turntable Lab site. Most of the tees are reggae influenced which makes me even more bias towards the line, but I think it is the actual design that makes these stand out.

The Bad Brains, Wolverine, hip-hop flyer tee is just too damn good.

Check them out for yourself...

Natural Born Tees @ TTL

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Death In The Arena

Not much going on at the moment. I'm getting some design projects started and have 2 paintings to finish, but nothing worth showing yet.

Diggin' In The Links:

New 7th Day Project with Pose
Ed* Holy mackarel...

Iraq still sucks
Ed* Yup...

Graffiti copyrights article in the NYT
Ed* Interesting article on the legality of graffiti reproduction

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Monday, June 4, 2007

Nick McPherson

These are two scans of some of Nick's newest works.

He had a huge sketch book of stuff that I didn't get flicks of, but these will have to do for now.

Sticker sheets with marker

Sunday, June 3, 2007