Wednesday, March 10, 2010


When I was at my most back packingness I thought this album was the shit. Listening to it now brings back good memories, but these dude's were seriously talking non-sense the whole time.

The thing was even though at that time (1997) I thought rappers were a huge deal. I would be geeked to hang out with a rapper when I was still in high school, but even back then I felt like Killarmy were just regular dudes. Not in the sense that they were humble or down to earth, but that they were just regular ass dudes. For all I knew any young black male in fatigues in New York at that time could have been a member of Killarmy.

Seriously man. If I had visited New York in 1997 and a random 20 something black male was wearing fatigues and sitting next to me on the L Train I would have probably leaned over and asked him if he was in Killarmy.

Little weird factoid. Killarmy's third and final album was released on 9/11/01.

Now who's crazy son?

For all the gods, sons, duns, mans, and earfs

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  1. yeah dun. i needs this. my copy is OG from 97 and hasnt weathered the years too well.

    so thanks