Monday, March 1, 2010

Trailer Park Boys Live

I had the distinct pleasure of catching the Trailer Park Boys live at The Moore last night with my two brothers.

I was skeptical about how good the show would be in a live variety style format, but as soon as it started with Bubbles yelling at Ricky for getting stoned before the show I knew everything was going to be alright.

Some highlights:

- Audience joint rolling, beer pound, turd bobbing contest
- Audience shred fest where they asked anyone that could come up and play some metal riffs
- Piss jugs
- Cock Tractor
- Bubbles singing "Liquors and Whores"
- Slide show of Ricky's blackout

I have tried to explain the greatness that is Trailer Park Boys numerous times before. If you don't get with it your life will be less lived.


For any doubters of the greatness of TPB here is a clip of Bubbles and crew playing "Liquor and Whores" live at a Guns N' Roses show. No big deal. (Yeah I know its not real G n' R but those 4 trainwrecks will never reunite so get over it)

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