Monday, March 8, 2010


My favorite new genre of music in the past few years has to be doom metal, stoner metal, bong riffs, whatever you feel like calling it.

Had I not moved to Seattle I don't think I would have as many friends that listen to the music and thus would have probably not have discovered it.

Om actually is made up of members from Sleep so if you are fan of Sleep you probably already know about Om.

I can not under state how good this music is. If you listen to it with an open mind you just might like it. Even if your idea of a musical shrine only consists of D.I.T.C white labels and an MF Doom box set.

Get it:
Variations Of Ommmmmm


  1. What up brah.
    You gonna come to shrinebuilder on tues?
    See al cisneros in action.

  2. I dont know I just got that album today. So I would feel like a metal poser for not knowing any of those tunes.

    They are a little faster than a lot of the stuff I listen to, but it's good so far.

    You going?