Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SDTW Photoshop Skillz

The addiction no one is willing to talk about.

Did you know in the United States every 8 minutes another young black male is introduced to the movie "Scarface"?

Up until now there had been no scientific studies done on the effects of Scarface on young black teens.

We now have the results from those studies and the numbers are frightening.

Statistics show that nearly 1 in 4 black males has seen the movie "Scarface" over 34 times by the age of 20. Most males in the study cited it as "the best movie ever made."

Similar studies showed strikingly similar statistics among white males with the film "KIDS".

The effects of "Scarface" being so popular almost too numerous to count, but teh most visible effects can be seen with rappers, small time drug dealers, and college dorm room poster sales.

Now there is hope. We can now offer an advanced 5-step program for those addicted to this decent, but completely overly rated 80's film. We can help.

With help from the B.G.A.2.S group "the world really can be yours."

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  1. I think this is a good idea, but needs a catchier name. Perhaps "NAS" (Negros Addicted to Scarface")or something along those lines.