Monday, March 29, 2010

Only In Texas

Watch this one all the way through. Trust.

This would ONLY happen in Texas.

Of course this shit went down in WhatABurger.

What's a WhatABurger?

It is a place that causes trouble. It is open all hours and serves the best damn bacon and egg taquitos (they aren't actually taquitos they are just burritos but they call them that none the less) and if you hang around one of these places long enough you will witness a crime.

In fact, as many of my friends in Texas can attest to I hit a fat chick's car in a WhatABurger drive-thru and then proceeded to chew her and the drive-thru attendant out after the longest game of quarters and valium I have ever played. It was a long time ago. Do not get faded and drive dudes.

Yeah, I used to be Thug Life 100% my duns. Now I just drink ginger ale and hang with Baby Zeus.

Shout out to my Texas readers. Hook em'!

1 comment:

  1. is shit is a perfect example of what happens when you raise people on wwe wrestling then turn them on UFC. Plus you gotta love all the people of color in the spot are truly enjoying themselves and have no interest in stepping in. Even the employees seem more concerned about the state of the fries than whats going down on the ground