Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wretch 32 f/ Badness & Ghetto "Ina Di Ghetto"

It's really hard picking who to take serious in grime music when you live in the states.

They all sort of kind of act and look the same when I do a quick scan of videos. Not that you couldn't say the same for rap because that ain't any different.

I like the chorus on this one though.

Also as a bonus here is a list of grime mc/crew names that I came up with in less than 45 seconds:

- Twiggy Mental
- Wicked Ed
- Blasty
- Mash Dem Posse
- Bad Boy Garvey
- Get Flat Crew
- Snake Eyez
- Skitzy Frenik
- Arsenal
- Well 'Ard
- Scorcha
- Chill Winston (my fave)

On my life I knocked it out in 45 seconds flat.


Wa gwann!


  1. skippy,

    ps i love shadrack..

    i follow dem on the tweet and they ask me "WHAT SET YOU FROM?!"