Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chat Roulette

I forgot that I haven't posted about Chat Roulette.

It is a treacherous world, but for those brave enough to enter there is good laughs at the end of the rainbow..if you make it there.

Char Roulette is very simple.

You simply get connected to someone in a video chat randomly.

That's it.

Some random person who has also logged on will be connected to you.

The catch is.....

Most of the time it is some dude showing you his schlong.


Fuck if I know. I guess weird dude's like showing their dinks to people on the internet.

The most fun you can have really is to just rip on people to their face. Sure it is juvenile and somewhat mean, but sometimes you get into some funny conversations or you can even catch a homie on there if you win the chat roulette lotto.

Try it for yourself.

Not at work because you will most surely get a huge boner on your screen (no homo).



  1. I went on it for about a week, then I had I had to ask myself just how many cocks I was prepared to look at before I found someone worth chatting to/looking at.
    I gave up. Best moment for me was when we saw the gif of the guy hanging by his computer, we all thought it was real for a good minute, then without getting down from his noose he called us losers and pressed next.

  2. Those gifs suck because you get excited and then you realize it's a fucking loop.

  3. after a painful ordeal of too-many-dicks-to-mention visually , i then got a strip show from a hot chick . . . made up for the earlier mental scaring- didnt see her face tho-so the romance/magical mystery was still there