Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Graffiti Vs. The Internet

Here is a perfect example of why the internet makes graffiti better.

Dude painted the retarded dude from the best rap battle of all time.

How cool is that?

People love to talk about how graffiti was better before the internet as if it makes a huge difference. Why?

Should we bitch about how cell phones ruined the way people "used" to call each other? It's pointless.

The internet is the single greatest medium invented in the last century. Just accept it.

Sure there are some cons in having anyone's graffiti accessible with the click of a button, but that is the way it is and will be.

If you just pay attention to your own shit you're probably better off for it anyways.

Instead of "googling" yourself all day why don't you get awesome like Enue did and paint some retarded mc next to your rap sprays?


  1. the internet hasn't ruined graffiti but it has damaged it..that is a fact.
    you had to put in work before the net, which is what made you a writer and made the whole scene mysterious and romantic...nowadays toys get all there knowledge online which is seeing the decline in regional styles because everyone copies the same euro/NY shit that they see all over the net.
    there is no longer north or south london styles it all just looks like shit from brooklyn or copenhagen...i'm not bitter as you say shit changes but the culture has been damaged by the net.
    when toys started to track me down on facebook to ask if i wanted to go painting i knew something was wrong.....before the net taking off, or becoming so extreme you would go years without meeting your favourite writer or maybe never meet them at all and that was the beauty of it.

  2. Sounds like it must have been hard for toys to find you with your graffiti facebook and all