Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rap Sprays Contest Winner

And there you have it.

This design was sent in by Kel.

Not Kel 1st, but a dude named Kel.

Of all the entries this was easily the most unique.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing I think it is completely wearable.

When you're an adult it is really hard to wear a shirt with wild styles, drippy tags and such plastered all over you. You can wear this and no one is going to notice it in the slightest and if someone does than they are probably on the level.

Like I said I will make about a dozen of these. If you actually want to buy one send me an email, but I don't plan on making a lot of these.

Thanks to everyone that sent in entries.

I will be posting everyone's designs up this week at some point.


  1. Pretty fuckin' serious. And I don't know why i's talkin' 'bout it for. Congratulations and nice pick.