Thursday, April 2, 2009


I think Unite would probably agree with me in that you can't possibly make a "best of" for Sizzla. It would take a system that would rival the BCS formula.

For the uninitiated Sizzla Kalonji burst on the scene in 1995 and was one of the integral artists for the late 90's "culture" revival.

Wikipedia cites that he has 45 albums on the books 21 of which have charted on Billboard.

So as you can tell that's quite a catalog to comb through for the "best of."

This one does a decent job, but leans more on the one drop tunes and kind of skimps on the harder riddims. They make up for it with a lot of classics "Praise Ye Jah" "Like Mountain" "Be Strong" and and all of the hits from "Da Real Thing" are in there too.

Run it.


Sizzla "The Very Best Of Sizzla Kalonji" Full Album

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