Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Young Jeezy

Not everyone is into trap rap. I myself tired of it a while back, but there are some albums that I personally think are actually too good to be considered just trap rap.

If Tony Robbins used metaphors for selling cocaine and ways of distributing said cocaine to motivate his audience he could pretty much just read the lyrics verbatim from this entire LP.

Hell, I could give this cd to my Moms and she would know how to run a trap empire. It's like the anarchist's cookbook for dope.

However, the aftermath from this release and its subsequent commercial popularity also led to a few suspect trends.

The first and most egregious was the legions of fat kids at bus stops rocking "Snowman" tees with sh*t like "I Got That Snow Mannnn" emblazoned on the back.

No dude. You don't have that snow, man. You do not sell that white "gurl" and the only thing you're "holdin" playboy is a half eaten Three Musketeers bar in your hand.

Secondly, a lot of dudes re-appropriated Jeezy's adlib vocal style and sort of ruined the novelty of it all. People like Oj Da Juiceman, Shawty Lo, and a whole slew of others have made careers off of Jeezy's adlib style. People bite it is inevitable.

So hate on this one all you want, but I'm gonna bump this one for a long time.

If this song doesn't pump you up before a mission your heart is pumping Kool Aid.


Young Jeezy "Thug Motivation 101"

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