Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lazy afternoons...

Picking a winner at breakfast.

When the sun comes out in Seattle so does the wildlife.

Kyle and Billy a.k.a Bad Boys 2

I saw Mr. Series for a hot minute during his visit. He looked like this.

And here we have a nice subtly racist Rasta plush monkey.

We skate rain, sleet, or snow.

Green is for the money and gold is for the honeys.

J.R is pushing to become candidate for the cool uncle that gives you his Penthouse collection on your 13th birthday.

Do I want the gangster skull, money sign, or sick ass snake? Decisions decisions.

Some weak ass mark ass b*tch ass animatronic alligator.

Playboy Flaco a.k.a Crystal Florentine a.k.a Bradley Cummings

This is called the Dress Yo Dam Self Sunday outfit. Lenox opted for the Transformers pj top, jeans, and blue chucks.

I don't subscribe to the kids shouldn't have candy philosophy. That's lame. I don't feed him that garbage everyday, but c'mon. If my parents tried that sh*t when I was his age I would have shit in their shoes while they slept.

So I bought us a bag of gummy and sour treats and all of sudden Lenox whipped out this lollipop from his pocket that he had jacked from the store. I was proud.

How can you be mad at a face like that?

Straight lampin' in the cognac lounge position.


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  1. i would have opted for the ax, that thing is awesome!