Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poor Life Choices

I almost forgot to mention the PLC in my new additions to SDTW post. For those outside of Seattle it may not hold the same importance, but it is still a good hoot even if you don't know the criminals/victims/perpetrators in the pictures.

Poor Life Choices is the brainchild of Phillip Pheed. Pheed's other blog is mostly about eating food and design/video projects he does, but PLC is a whole other beast.

We all make Poor Life Choices, but to see them documented back to back, day in and day out, is really eye opening.

On PLC you will see unedited debauchery in all it's finest. I pray to whatever god you believe in that I do not end up on the site because it will probably mean that I will be serving time in County.

For those who dare bookmark PLC:

Poor Life Choices

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