Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seattle In The Spring

Spring has finally hit Seattle, but then again it's raining today so maybe not.

Went to the Mariner's game for no real reason other than to have an excuse to eat hot dogs. I mean let's face it baseball is snorrringggg.

It's Clarence bitch!!! Oh and Wild Bill.

Junior is back sans gold chain, but back none the less.

From this far away you may as well be on mescaline. $8 dollars doesn't get you much.

Expect to see this Squishy character in a production on here real soon.

Sammy Sosa.

Fixed gears are like rollerblades. Once the "magic" wears off you're gonna be sorry. Also I'm well aware that a good percentage of my friends ride fixed gears which is cool. Don't get all "saddle" sore because I'm not talking about you guys. Well sort of.

One thing I love Seattle is the industry district at night. Looks mean.

Greasy little street children.

This is how a good day ends. Sketching with Clarence, Carrington, and Carl.

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  1. Damn dawg, aye like can I get up in your black book, dawg? HAHAHAH