Thursday, April 16, 2009

King Kong

I remember very clearly when I first heard King Kong. I was at Lou's Records chilling with Kofi and he asked me if I listened to Nitty Gritty. I told him I hadn't but I'd check him out since Kofi usually steered me to good records back then. I went and grabbed a double player of Nitty Gritty and King Kong. I popped it in and was sort of bummed. I thought I had been duped into some weird dudes with some warbling voices who just sounded really weird.

I kept listening to those albums and after a while I realized just how good King Kong and Nitty Gritty (for that matter) really were.

This album was done by Bobby Konders for his Massive B label and has way too many classic riddims to name.

When King Kong comes in with "Call Mr. Madden/ tell him to build me a million coffin" it's pretty much a wrap.

As far as I know King Kong is living in Ethiopia, but still does dubplates and performs from time to time.

King Kong "Rumble Jumble Life"

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