Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Augor Juxtapoz Interview

I just read the new feature on Augor MSK in Juxtapoz. Unless you've been in Guantanamo Bay then you already know who Augor is and what he has done in the graffiti world. A lot of people hate on him for whatever reason.

I've painted with dude before and he was humble and just a flat out nice dude. Although he still owes me a Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl's Jr. which I can forgive him for.

The article has some great insight into how he pulls off his billboard missions i.e There Will Be Blood, Dark Knight, etc.

Juxtapoz doesn't post interviews from current issues on the site so you have to check it out the old fashion way.

Augor Blog

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  1. Wow, this is awesome. Especially considering I've known Augs since he was some random kid that wanted to be in CBS. Now he's doing artsy interviews. BIG THANGS!